Saturday, January 05, 2013

Australia Calling, last episode for 2012.

We apologise for missing this one folks. 

 Australia calling - 30,000 illegals coming and each one will cost you $165,000 The catastrophe that is Australia's collapsed border security is plunging further into the abyss. The Federal Government has been told to expect 30,000 illegals next year and each one of them costs the Australian taxpayer $165,000. Meanwhile, about 140,000 Australians, mostly children, are homeless and hungry and the supporting parent benefit has been cut by $100 a week. If the money that is being pissed away on foreign aid and the asylum seekers was spent on building public housing it would build a home for everyone who is currently homeless and revive the economy in the process. Do not hold your breath, though, because to the internationalist Fabian Marxists of the Labor Party do not give a damn about the working class. 

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