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Another 'Fort Street Boy' remembered...

The concept of the ‘old school tie’ and the ‘old boys network’ might be denied by those idealistic or naïve fools who insist that Australia, unlike the Class bound Motherland of England, is an egalitarian wonderland but the stark truth is confirmatory to the original premise that Australia does indeed have a ‘shadow government’ of well-connected Left Wing elitists who steadily and inexorably advance the hateful Cultural Marxist agenda of genocide against the White Race.
While the unfortunate, long suffering Germans had their ‘Frankfurt School’ it seems we Australians, particularly Sydneysiders, had our own cradle of filth in the form of the Fort Street School that spawned some particularly nasty examples of Left Wing scum. The school currently ranks fourth in Australia in the number of ‘Order of Australia’ recipients among its alumni so it is very much a ‘System/Establishment’ campus producing the leadership elite (controllers/manipulators) of our country.
It is worthy of note that while it is a ‘selective’ school (P.C. grooming starts early at primary level) it is a Government school and is thereby secular and not beholden to any religious or traditional affiliations which might hinder the atheistic indoctrination process. It is currently very boastful of its Multicultural/Universalist principles and Multi-Racial population. In short, it is an exemplary New World Order factory churning out Cultural Marxist Zogbots. 
It would also perhaps be interesting to track the tertiary institutions favoured by the majority of graduates of Fort Street and determine whether they are those most notorious for extreme Left Wing radicalism (they ALL are these days but some are more virulent than others) such as the Sydney UTS, Macquarie University etc or even interstate ones such as the ANU and Monash which are veritable rats nests of Red filth.    
Apart from Sir Edmund Barton, the first Prime Minister of Australia and a founding Justice of the High Court of Australia the Alumni of this Alma Mater include a virtual cavalcade of Left Wing loons with everything from limp wristed Liberal Democrats through Fabian Socialists to rabidly foaming Communists being represented. The following is just a modest example of some of the better known ones
Rodney Cavalier, Minister and Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly (1978–1988), currently Chairman of the SCG Trust
The Jew Ian Cohen, Member of the NSW Legislative Council (1995–2011)
The Jew Syd Einfeld, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Minister and Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly (1965–1981)
Dr (Doc) H.V. Evatt, former High Court judge, President of the United Nations General Assembly and federal ALP opposition leader
The militant Homosexual Justice Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia
Neville ‘Nifty Nev’ Wran, former Labor Premier of New South Wales
Sir John Kerr, 18th Governor-General of Australia, responsible for the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975
We doubt many of our regular readership, even the Aussies, would have ever heard of a certain Norman ‘Haire’ who was the recent subject of an ABC National ‘Late Night Live’ interview by presenter Philip Adams with the author of a new biography on the filthy queer Commie Jew culture distorter. Typical of today’s perverse Anti-Culture, loathsome creatures such as this toxic parasite are lionised and elevated to a Planet Bizarro secular sainthood. Adams gushed with the sort of worshipful prose he normally lavishes upon his God, Gough Whitlam and shared the fawning adulation with Diana Windham the biographer as they discussed the sordid details of ‘Haire’s’ career of evil.     
According to Wiki;
‘Norman Haire, born Norman Zions (21 January 1892, Sydney – 11 September 1952, London) was an Australian medical practitioner and sexologist. He has been called "the most prominent sexologist in Britain" between the wars. Norman was born in 1892 his parents, Henry and Clara Zions, were living in Sydney at 255 Oxford Street, Paddington. He was their unplanned and unwanted, 11th and final child. He was a star debater at Fort Street High School but his plans to be an actor were thwarted when his parents made him study medicine. He was anxious about his sexuality as a teenager (i.e., he was homosexual), but his chance discovery of Havelock Ellis' Studies in the Psychology of Sex in Sydney's public library made him decide that he, like Ellis would devote his life to saving people from sexual misery. He graduated in 1915 from the University of Sydney, and worked in several obstetric and mental health hospitals before his appointment as Medical Superintendant at Newcastle Hospital at the time of the influenza pandemic. When a patient died, Zions was unjustly held responsible and, shortly after, left his homeland for twenty years.
After arriving in London he changed his name to Norman Haire in December 1919 and, within a decade, his status as a poor, Jewish outsider had changed to that of a celebrity with a flourishing gynaecological practice in Harley Street, a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce and a country house. He was a feeling, thinking and doing man, equal parts hedonist and humanist; a tall, fat and flamboyant rationalist who was secretly homosexual and said blunt things in a beautiful voice. He sought out Havelock Ellis who introduced him to key people in the fields of eugenics and sexual reform, including birth control pioneers Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes and Charles and Bessie Drysdale from the Malthusian League. In 1921 Haire became the chief honorary medical officer at their free birth-control clinic - the Walworth Women's Welfare Centre in East London.
In 1923, with a letter of introduction from Ellis, Haire travelled to Berlin to meet Magnus Hirschfeld (a Jewish, openly gay, socialist sexologist) and visited his Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Research). In 1923 he became a fêted speaker at a Cambridge University prestigious society called The Heretics. Five years later Haire captivated the audience at Oxford University when he became the St John’s Essay Society’s most illustrious speaker. They were dazzled by Haire whose three-hour and comprehensive exposition received ‘intensive and appreciative attention’ from an audience that was the largest in the Society’s records.
People flocked to Haire's lectures and eagerly bought his informative books about birth control and sexology. In 1922 he took a leading role in the world's first international conference on birth control which was held in London and he also starred in conferences in lecture tours in American and in Germany, France and Spain and he lectured fluently in German, French and Spanish. He was one of the first to provide the poor with birth control clinics and he convinced Britain's medical profession of the need to learn about contraception and provide it.
Haire managed to combine his medical and theatrical talents and played a small part when Ivor Montagu directed a cast of his friends in a 1928 silent slapstick movie called Blue Bottles (British slang for police) which used innovative special effects. The stars were Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester and it was adapted from a story by H G Wells. Haire was a superb administrator and with Dora Russell he organised the World League of Sexual Reform's highly successful 1929 congress in London which many of the world's avant-garde attended. By 1930s he was so famous that the society author Ethel Mannin commented 'The correct answer to ‘Do you know who Norman Haire is? is ‘Oh, good Lord, who doesn’t’.
However, as the Nazis rose to power in Germany Magnus Hirschfeld fled into exile and, after confiscating Marxist, communist, pacifist, Jewish and other ‘un-German’ books from libraries and private owners, Goebbels officiated at the 10 May 1933 book burnings in Berlin’s Opera Place. Stormtroopers and Nazi youths burnt about 20,000 books (including some written by Haire) from Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Research.
Satisfying people who yearned for longevity made Haire rich. The 'rejuvenation' craze appealed mostly to men and it was really only a vasectomy (women had their ovaries irradiated) but, until the medical claims were refuted, hopeful patients paid high fees to revitalise their sex lives or defer senility. Having popularised the Steinach rejuvenation operation throughout the 1920s, within nine years he had Steinached ‘rather less than 200’ artistic and intellectual men including W. B. Yeats in 1934.
In the 1930s Haire's heart was weakened by rheumatic fever. In addition he became diabetic and was incapitated so severely that he was granted an invalid permit to leave Britain during the Second World War. He returned to Australia, expecting to die or be an invalid but once he began using insulin he was able to resume his medical work in Macquarie Street, Sydney.
In 1941 he began writing a weekly advice column under the pen name 'Dr Wykeham Terriss' for the Australian magazine Woman and continued to do so for a decade despite and strong oppososition by the Catholic Church. At the age of 91 Elizabeth Riddell spoke affectionately about her time as Haire's editor in the 1940s and said they were ‘honest with each other and got along well’.
She is now revered as a poet, author and journalist; she also deserves credit for recognising Haire’s talent and standing by him. Peter Coleman called Haire 'one of Australia's most famous free thinkers and sex reformers' and said the column in Woman was 'probably the most free-thinking series of articles ever written for a mass circulation magazine'. Haire was the key speaker in an ABC radio debate 'Population Unlimited?' in 1944 but was hounded by the security service which suspected him of being 'a secret communist'.
Following this debate, politicians denounced him in parliament and behind the scenes their sabotage attempts segued into a dramatic court case on 22 March 1945. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 4 April that Haire had been charged with assaulting a patient with her ‘red handbag.’ Haire gave a list of his opponents to his lawyers but, amazingly, he did not believe the woman’s charges were part of a ‘premeditated plot’ but said that, once his enemies and Ezra Norton's scandal sheet Truth found out, ‘they decided to exploit it, and encouraged her to make the most of it’. Four days before he was charged, The Sydney Morning Herald noted on 25 April that Haire had withdrawn from rehearsals for his much-acclaimed role as Sir Ralph Bonnington-Bloomfield at the Independent Theatre.
Woman remained supportive and he continued with the articles. He even wrote about abortion and said he had received 1000 abortion requests from Australian women between 1940 and 1946. When some of the readers accused him of being an abortionist, he wrote on 6 August 1945 that he had ‘learned to ignore such scurrilous abuse’ although he worried others might be bored by his frequent warnings. This was a brave stance when Australian newspapers refused to print the word ‘abortion’ and substituted euphemisms such ‘an illegal operation’ or ‘bringing on the periods.’
He returned to London in 1946 and during most of his final years in Britain he bravely persevered in his quest to fine tune sexual morality so that individuals and communities could live as harmoniously as possible. The World League For Sexual Reform was disbanded in 1935 so after the Second World War he established and became president of the Sexual Reform Society and published The Journal of Sex Education to rekindle the campaign for sexual reform.
In 1952, on a lecture tour of the United States, he suffered a heart attack and was forced to return to London where he died at the age of 60. On 31 October 1952 The Times advertised the sale of Haire’s house at 127 Harley Street and published this Wills and Bequest Notice on 10 December: ‘Dr Norman Haire of Harley Street, W and Sydney, Australia, left an estate in England valued at £31,365 (duty paid £2886). He left a bequest to his life-long companion Willem Van de Haght (the former administrator of the Rotterdam Zoo) and left the library of books and other publications to the University of Sydney, and, after other legacies and bequests, the residue of his property to the university directing that it be paid to the Vice-Chancellor to be applied in such manner as the Senate of the university determines for the study of sexology.’ Haire’s executors (his solicitor Philip Kimber and Lloyds Bank Ltd) felt it was in the public interest to ignore his will and destroy his papers.
They decided that since he was a sexologist and there was correspondence from a number of distinguished persons which might have caused embarrassment if it fell into the wrong hands, they would burn everything and did so. They also burnt the Sex Education Society’s records. Fortunately, much of the information has survived because he was a famous lecturer and author who mixed with famous and influential people, many of whom recorded their impressions of him. The contribution this tenacious, humane, innovative and brave man made to birth control, sexology and human rights history are celebrated in his biography
Haire told 'Paddy' O’Connor that he had decided to leave his money to the University of Sydney for the study of sex ‘to annoy the wowsers’
Haire's papers are held at the University of Sydney Library.’
The preceding ‘biography’ (glowing eulogy) is so subjectively sympathetic and so typical for the Jew intellectual it might have been painted by stencil. ALL the key markers are there. Highly ‘gifted’. Heroic. Misunderstood. Unappreciated. Exploited. Persecuted. He also ticks all the boxes for an Enemy of the White Race. Name changing social chameleon. Jewish. Communist. Homosexual Pervert. Pseudo-Intellectual. Dedicated enemy of Western Culture and normalcy. 
The Jews have a sordid history as ‘sexologists’ and agitators for sexual ‘freedom’ and ‘openness’ of ‘expression’. For example, Wilhelm Reich (24th March 1897 – 3rd November 1957) the so-called ‘inventor of free love’ and the creator of the quite bizarre ‘Orgone Accumulator’ was, along with his predecessor and fellow Jew Sigmund Freud, a terribly destructive influence on Western society with his ‘Freudo-Marxist’ psycho-sexual claptrap. Australia’s best known (mainstream popular media whore) sexologist is a certain quite extraordinarily unattractive Bettina Arndt who just happens to be…Wow! What a coincidence! ...Jewish.
Others, globally, who included Alfred Adler, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, Friedrich Pollock, Leo Löwenthal, Jürgen Habermas, Magnus Hirschfeld who were proponents of so-called ‘Humanistic Judaism’ which together with Frankfurt School ‘Critical Theory’ was obsessed with the ruthless ‘Deconstruction’ and subsequent ‘Reconstruction’ (Tikkun Olam?) of what they disparagingly call ‘Hetero-normative’ White Western European Culture. The process is also known in the vulgar vernacular as the transitive verb ‘queering’ and it is one we like here at the Towers as it is more plain, robust and…well…Working Class.

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