Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anthony Main at it again.

News has been leaking out that the resident Marxist king of the burger flickers Anthony Main has been involved in an assault on an elderly lady and many others at the recent Zionist inspired Geert Wilders Australian Tour.

Seems Anthony has a record of attacking anything or anybody he disagrees with.

City of Yarra councillor Anthony Main denies Women'd Day protest claims

AN inner city councillor has been accused of threatening female unionists during an International Women's Day event last week. 


City of Yarra councillor and Socialist Party member Anthony Main took part in a protest against federal Families and Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin who addressed a dinner at Trades Hall last Tuesday March 8.

Victoria Police have confirmed that property was damaged and Ms Macklin had to be escorted from the Carlton building after protesters blocked her exit. Union sources have told that the tyres of Ms Macklin's Commonwealth car were slashed and she left in another vehicle.

Mr Main, 34,  was among about 30 people who were protesting against Ms Macklin's role in the Federal Government's continued support for the indigenous intervention in the Northern Territory.

Trades Hall Council is investigating allegations that Mr Main verbally abused and threatened a number of women, including the council's women's officer Jennifer O'Donnell-Pirisi.

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said that Mr Main's alleged behaviour was appalling, especially as there were children present at the function organised by the ACTU and Trades Hall.
"On a day that's about the emancipation of women, feminism and women's rights, to have that sort of derogatory abuse was unacceptable," she said.

Mr Main denied any abusive or threatening behaviour and said the allegations were payback for protesters highlighting the hypocrisy of inviting Ms Macklin to an International Women's Day event.
"I'm a socialist, a trade unionist and an advocate for women's rights. The idea that I would be out there using derogatory terms or sexist language is just plain offensive and I deny it entirely," he said.
Trades Hall secretary Brian Boyd has declined to comment, but it is understood the council will meet tonight to decide on any action against Mr Main, whose Socialist Party is a tenant.
Other tenants at Trades Hall include the Communist Party, Climate Action Centre, Medical Association for the Prevention of War and Melbourne Bicycle Turf Club.

Mr Main, who is also head of militant union Unite, was elected to Yarra Council in January and is the second Socialist Party member to get a seat on council.

Well anyone who reads this blog or has met this wanker in person is well aware of his bad temper and his disregard for freedom of speech.

Here is a few older articles on this pompous left wing hypocrite.

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It would seem some thick skinned White Nationalists dropped on by to the kosher nationalists get together to grab some happy snaps of the protestors. Here is just a few, good old burger boy Anthony is pictured center with two of his fellow assailants left and right. Any info on these thugs can be emailed to

This is what happened last time the Anthony Mains of the world got into power.


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