Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Australian Jewish Moosad Agent who never was.

Sayanim Stan, just another Moosad agent? Maybe he too will disappear in an Israeli prison?

 Strange things do happen. Seems that Australian authorities are well aware of a few things concerning the following story. One, Australian born Jews are working for the Moosad. Two Australian born Jews are traveling to Israel and enlisting in the IDF. Three Moosad and the Israeli Government do as they please. Nothing new to us.

It really shouldn't be a big surprise to the Australian authorities either.  Hell every time one of us get questioned by ASIO or the Federal police for speaking the truth we always supply them with as much information as we can concerning the Jewish 5th column operating in Australia with impunity.

But these same authorities stood by and let the likes of Brendon O'Connell be sentenced to 3 years jail on trumped up charges invented by a few Jewish youth workers and a Mr fix it from a company called Verint.

Seems no one is safe not even if you are a member of Israels leading terrorist squad the Moosad. The following story reads like something written on a White Nationalist blog. The difference is this one gets more air, enjoy.

"An Australian man committed suicide in a high-security Israeli jail in 2010 after being held for months in great secrecy, Australia's ABC channel said on Tuesday, throwing new light on a case that has rattled Israel.

The unsourced ABC story named the man, known previously only as 'prisoner x', as Ben Zygier. It added that it "understood" the 34-year-old from Melbourne had been previously recruited by the Israeli spy agency Mossad. There was no official comment on the story in Israel.

However, within hours of the report surfacing, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office summoned Israeli editors to ask them not to publish a story 'that is very embarrassing to a certain government agency', Israel's Haaretz newspaper said.

'The emergency meeting was called following a broadcast outside Israel regarding the incident in question," Haaretz said, giving no further information.
Shortly afterwards, all reference to the Australian report vanished from Israeli news sites - including Haaretz itself.

Meretz party leader Zahava Gal-On, responding to the move, said: 'The phenomenon of journalists volunteering to censor information at the request of the authorities is patently undemocratic.  'I had hoped that this would have ended decades ago. In a democracy, censorship is justified only out of security considerations, subject to the High Court, which ensures that it is justified and that there truly is immediate certainty of harming [national] security.'

Such a gag order is highly unusual in Israel, where state military censors normally allow local media to quote foreign sources on controversial incidents - such as an alleged attack on Syria last month by the Israeli airforce.

Ben Zygier, who used the name Ben Alon or Ben Allen after moving to Israel, was secretly imprisoned in Ayalon prison in Ramla in the wing built to accommodate Yigal Amir, the assassin of the Israeli president Yitzhak Rabin, ABC reported.
The 34-year-old was reported to be the son of Geoffrey Zygier, the executive director of the Victoria Jewish Community Council and one of the leaders of the Melbourne Jewish Community.

Ben Zygier was married to an Israeli woman and had two young children. He gave his occupation as lawyer but secretly worked as a Mossad agent. He had reportedly spent a number of months in the Prisoner X cell before he was found hanged. Exactly what he did to end up in prison remains unclear.

ABC reported that the man attended Jewish schools in Melbourne's south east before studying law. His parents refused to be involved in the investigation. ABC said that Zygier's imprisonment was so secret that not even his guards knew his name. 

However, word got out at the time of a mysterious prisoner and human rights groups wrote to the state to demand more information.'It is insupportable that, in a democratic country, authorities can arrest people in complete secrecy and disappear them from public view without the public even knowing such an arrest took place,' the Association for Civil Rights in Israel wrote in June 2010.

When Israel's Ynet website announced Prisoner X had been found dead inside a cell that was regularly watched and supposedly suicide-proof, the story was quickly removed because of a gag order.

ABC said Zygier had moved to Israel 10 years before his death and changed his name to Ben Alon. It gave no reason for his imprisonment, speculating only that it would have had to concern espionage and sensitive state secrets.

Funeral notices from Australia show that Zygier's body was flown back to Melbourne at the end of December 2010 for burial."


Please follow this link to the exclusive story shown on Australian Television .

Question, will anything come of this? I will post a poll concerning this story seeing what you all think. One wonders what he knew, after all it is worth killing him to keep him silent. 


Ben said...

Veritas 6464 has recently mentioned legal action for unspecified reasons that appear to have curtailed his ability to opine via blogger.

Any one know more details.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry we have no idea.

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It might be prudent to exercise a modicum of caution when commenting on that other 'asset' amongst us.... The Darp.

He may feel compelled by vengeance to execute the Samson Option.....and shave his Ballz.