Sunday, February 17, 2013

Update on Dead Australian Moosad Agent.

According to Reuters

"Authorities made no effort to deny reports the man was 34-year-old Ben Zygier, a Melbourne Jew who moved to Israel, became a citizen, joined its military and Mossad, only to be arrested in early 2010 on suspicion of betraying secrets after Canberra began investigating trips he took to Middle East trouble-spots.

But Israeli officials insist that Jews abroad are never used by Mossad against the interests of their countries - a lesson from the enlistment in the 1980s of U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard, whose discovery provoked lasting outrage in Washington.

Warren Reed, a retired officer with Australia's overseas intelligence service ASIS, said the Zygier affair could endanger compatriots who might now be mistaken for Mossad spies while travelling in areas hostile to Israelis.
"This poses a threat to a lot of people, especially journalists who move around frequently," Reed told Reuters.

While all intelligence agencies work with assumed or filched identities, Reed argued, Mossad creates a bigger probability of reprisals by "by being more severe in its actions, given Israel's security predicament".

These actions are reputed to include assassinations, such as of a Palestinian weapons procurer in Dubai in 2010, in which the suspected Israeli hit-team used forged Australian and European passports.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida quoted unidentified Western sources on Thursday as saying Zygier took part in the Dubai operation and offered information on the killing of Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in return for the emirate's protection.
In another twist, Australia's Fairfax Media said Australian security officials suspected Zygier may have been about to disclose Israeli intelligence operations, including the use of fraudulent Australian passports, either to the Canberra government or to the media before his arrest.

Israel has not confirmed publicly that Zygier was a Mossad operative. But Avigdor Feldman, a criminal attorney who met Zygier in his isolated jail cell a day or two before his death, appeared to let slip that he was indeed a spy.
"The Mossad liaison I was in touch with informed me that, unfortunately, my client was no longer alive," Feldman told Israel's Kol Barama radio station.

 While Zygier's family declined all public comment on his case, friends of the dead man recalled his Zionist upbringing and pride in Israel, where he was married and had children."

So what do you think the Australian Government will do? Met our Attorney General? 

 The Honourable (?) Mark Dreyfus QC MP was sworn in as the Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management on 4 February 2013

You guessed it he is Jewish, but so was his predecessor,  Good old Julia Shillard replaced one servant for Israel with another. How convenient. 



Anonymous said...

What happened to separation of State and Synagogue ?

Are there any assurances that politicians who identify racially by the imperatives detailed in 'Judaism' will not attempt to practice the requirements of Judaism using government as an instrument ?

Judaism is implemented by 'jews'. Judaism requires that gentiles be judged by jews and 'punished' by jews for transgressions that offend Judaism or the jewish sensibilities seek to benefit from the licences and entitlements granted to 'jews' via Judaism.

The 'jews' sought to impose Noachide Law on Russia post murdering the Tsar Nicholas 11.

Millions died at the hands of the 'jews'.

Judaism has not changed since then. It is still the engine that drives jews, who are eternal victims, to commit atrocities against others, as is required by their religion and celebrated at Purim.

The Mad Celtic Magus said...

mashiach ben david 424

Look it up Folks.

The Honourable (?) Mark Dreyfus QC MP was sworn in as the Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management on 4 February 2013

Dreyfus was sworn in on the Kaaballistically significant
4 2 2013 or 42 24.... so like FDB and Daily Telegraph another messianic misfit from the point of numerological exactitude. Clearly pretenders to the Title of jewish messiah.

42 and 24 sum to the holocaustic 66 or 6 000 000 and are separated by the number 18 or 666 life or chai for the 'jews'.

Barf two is a messianic misfit. FDB in gematria equates to 6 4 2 yielding the important mumbers 6x4=24 by 2 equals 48, the date on which Israel was made undead and forms an emanation and source for the numbers 424 .

The Kosher outfit, Daily Telegraph, a hive of messianic Mohels bent on circumcising the ability of the Goy to discern or even be interested in the Truth of matters,is represented by 4 20, from which the numbers 42 and 24 are derived according the rules of jewish calculus.

We are attempting to understand the motivations of a malevolent hive mind, Liars and deceivers who finds pleasure in deceiving those who've done the jews no wrong other than being born.

As detailed elsewhere, in gematria the word RED equates to 18 5 4 summing to 18, the number in judasism representing 'life'....So far, life for the jewish 'reds' has meant the death of everyone else.