Tuesday, March 05, 2013

But Wait! There's More Holocaust© fakery and jiggery pokery...

‘Ingogman’ has been Jew Wise for a long time but he rarely mentions the Holocaust©. (The gentle reader will find a link to his site on the right hand side of this front page.) Recently though he’s put up a couple of posts regarding one of the most iconic images of the loathsome Shoah mythos, the so-called ‘naked Jew guy’ who is standing in the foreground of a photograph taken inside a concentration camp bunkhouse.
Along with the other (also faked or, if you prefer, ‘re-enacted’) ‘WWII’ photographs of the Marines raising the star spangled banner at Iwo Jima, the placing of the ‘Red Flag on The Reichstag’ by the raping Soviet butchers or the arch over the gate to Auschwitz bearing the message ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ it is a time honoured and long presumed ‘fact’ that these acts, incidents or scenes actually happened and that the camera does not lie.   
As we have stated before, seeing is not always believing, what it says on the tin isn’t always what you’ll actually get and it is quite true that the Truth is often the first casualty of War. When it comes to the fratricidal and genocidal Second Great European Civil War though, this was honed to a (for its time) fine art. Of course, by current technological standards the fakery was amateurish and clumsy. However it was quite adequate enough to dupe the propagandised, psychologically conditioned and emotionally prepared citizenry of the so-called Allied nations and to even stand up for several decades following the conflict.
Unfortunately for the liars there are still enough intelligent researchers around today who are interested enough in Truth, accuracy and honesty to subject the ‘evidence’ to analysis. To state that very little of these mountains of ‘evidence’ can withstand even the most basic forensic scrutiny is an understatement.
Many within the general White Nationalist movement sneer at the efforts of the so-called ‘Historical Revisionists’, ‘Holocaust Truthers’ or ‘Holocaust Deniers’ saying they cannot win, it is all too long ago or that it makes us all look like ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ nutters, as if we should care one jot what our sworn enemies and their Shabbos Goy think.  
The fact is though that the Holocaust Myth and its status as the ultimate act of ‘Anti-Semitism’ is the very foundation upon which the edifice of today’s Jewish power structure is built. Destroy it, discredit it or even simply weaken it and their entire rotten empire of fakery collapses like a house of cards.
The gentle reader is therefore urged by their kindly Old Uncle Victor to follow the links below and, reading without prejudice the information provided, as objectively as is possible, form their own conclusions. ‘Incogman’ is also an excellent source for news and data concerning Black Crime, Jewish Supremacy, Zionist Hate Crime and other Anti-White atrocities.
Remember, understanding History and assigning importance, relevancy and priority to the interconnected events as well as validating, so far as is possible, the available accounts is essentially and vitally important to our understanding of our current dilemma. Otherwise we wander aimlessly like a man dropped randomly into a desert and expected to navigate his way out.
Not to mention the outrageously lurid tales of Human soap, lampshades made from Human skin, ashtrays fashioned from Human pelvic bones, electrified floors, live babies being used as footballs, inmates used for target practice, Lions and Bears eating camp inmates, escapees living with wolves, inmates daily ingesting and defecating diamonds for YEARS to conceal their treasures from their evil, wicked tormenters etc, etc and on and on ad friggen nauseam...
But seriously folks, many innocent people (Germans and their allies) were tried and imprisoned on the ‘evidence’ of these fairy tales or even executed. ‘Confessions’ were extracted under the most brutal torture which maimed and crippled many for life, all in the name of perpetuating the most extreme wartime propaganda myths ever told. Yet these swine and their obsequious Shabbos Goy have the hide to call Holocaust Revisionists ‘Crazy, Stupid, Evil’. Honestly, who in their right mind can believe this claptrap?   

Is it any wonder the Jews are revered among the ‘cognoscenti’ of the entertainment industry as ‘great storytellers’ and their Hollywood Empire is a guaranteed, gold plated money making machine?
Then there is this informative site:


Anonymous said...

Yea, the wolves would vomit in the cave so the jew boys wouldn't starve.
My favorite has to be the electrified floor though.

Great article !


Anonymous said...

Great post. Any White Nationalist who dishes out the "conspiracy theory" label for revisionists tends to undermine our position. If they fail to see the link between the greatest fable of them all and the status quo then, what the hell are they in this for? To be able to join the dots is a fundamental part of the awakening process where the NWO missive becomes more readily discernible. This is particularly evident upon review of the Revisionists enormous library of great works. Not only do we gain a detailed insight into the lies that make up the feet of clay of the Nuremberg trials, but we are also able to glean an incarnation of those responsible, which is valuable information to be used whenever researching the chosenites and their hideously, twisted and evil agenda. As they say, to see into the future, you first must know the past.

Volksgeist - Newcastle