Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Know Your Product...erm... Past…

Volkgeist Newcastle said...
“Great post. Any White Nationalist who dishes out the "conspiracy theory" label for revisionists tends to undermine our position. If they fail to see the link between the greatest fable of them all and the status quo then, what the hell are they in this for? To be able to join the dots is a fundamental part of the awakening process where the NWO missive becomes more readily discernible. This is particularly evident upon review of the Revisionists enormous library of great works. Not only do we gain a detailed insight into the lies that make up the feet of clay of the Nuremberg trials, but we are also able to glean an incarnation of those responsible, which is valuable information to be used whenever researching the chosenites and their hideously, twisted and evil agenda. As they say, to see into the future, you first must know the past.”
Thanks for the nice comments. Your Old Uncle Victor always appreciates to speak...
It is indeed worthy of note that today’s young ‘uns, particularly the so-called ‘Gen Y’ who pride themselves so much on their technical sophistication,  ‘worldliness’ and attitude (God knows we never hear the end of how ‘savvy’ and ‘sassy’ they are *yawn*) care more about the so called Greenhouse Effect  Global Warming…erm Climate Change scam, peddled by the same tired old, long discredited gurus, than they do about who they are, where they came from an d where they are going based on the dead reckoning orientation of their ancestral History.
The inconvenient fact that most are illiterate and barely numerate fails to raise any genuine concern among the self-appointed ‘intellectual elite’. A child who can’t string a sentence together can program your entire household’s electrical devices and download and utilise ‘apps’ for virtually anything but can’t tell you a single fact about History.
They behave as if they’ve been parachuted (inserted) into some video game and live much of their fashion driven lives as if they are merely a character, an avatar even, that is blown this way and that by the electronic radiation emitted by the ubiquitous Tel Avision matrix, living on the razor’s edge of ‘now’ with zero interest in the past and only concerned with the future insofar as it might bring greater pleasures, easier, faster and more intense than currently available and achievable.   
Of course this suits the System perfectly. These Techno zombie children, with only one speed, full on ‘moving forward’, are what the Industrial Military Complex and the International Banksters behind them, wanted all along from the inception of the Industrial Revolution. Back then the only requirement that drove the education of the Working Class was the imperative for basic technical aptitude among the machine operators. At a bare minimum they needed to possess rudimentary language skills and understand basic mathematics to enable written reports and calculations for plant and equipment maintenance.
All the rest of the stuff subsequently added to their curriculum over the decades such as the so-called ‘Humanities’, the Arts, Literature, Philosophy, History even Geography was all ‘salted’ with whatever intellectual poison was required by the ascendant regime of the time to inculcate the ‘Political Correctness’ and attitude peculiar to the Socio-Economic situation.  
Since that time, we have all been on a very carefully controlled diet and fed only what we are supposed to see, hear, understand or even want to know. Essentially, nothing has changed apart from the hijacking of the game by the Globalist forces of Totalitarian Neo Marxist Liberal Democracy and it is still the insular (and insulated) elites who reap the vast majority of the benefits of ‘modern life’, this modern life which resembles Neo Feudalism more every day.     
This nepotistic kleptocracy that constitutes the current ‘born to rule’ set are though, for all their perceived and supposed power, heavily reliant upon the useful idiots of the rent-a-crowd Marxist Scum to act as their enforcers, although in practice these ‘irregular units’ are more akin to bands of savage, undisciplined thugs rather than any elite praetorian guard. If brute force and ignorance were music they would be a brass band.  
Equally they depend upon the perpetuation of their P.C. indoctrination program via the 'education' curriculum delivered by brainwashed and loyal teachers and professors and echoed by the shills of the Controlled Media. It is a coordinated attack. Our mission? Resist and disseminate the Truth at every opportunity.       

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