Thursday, March 28, 2013

Land of the free no more.


Anonymous said...

TBR: So what is this Central Jewish Council of Greece?

PLEVRIS: The Jewish Council went against me. They said: “When Plevris published this book. . . . after its publication. . . . someone went to the city of Patras and desecrated the Jewish cemetery there by painting swastikas on the Jewish graves.”

I asked “Has the perpetrator been arrested?” He had been arrested, and he was the son of a rabbi!

TBR: So it was reported in the news that he was the perpetrator?

PLEVRIS: Absolutely. He was an agent provocateur!

Anonymous said...

Site in English for Golden Dawn ...

Courage to Care said...

Always blame the pillow that cannot bite back.

A once great Nation devolves into a Land of the Freaks.

So too with Oz.