Saturday, March 09, 2013

Police inaction and Left Wing Hypocrites.

Nice Black Panthers T shirt being sported by the red head drone. Maybe he wants to kill some crackers?
As many are now aware there has been a storm in a tea cup over the recent arrest of a certain homosexual in Sydney during the The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. Care factor naught. Of course members of Australia's own Antifa in particular Sydney Antifa along with other violent gangs such as the Socialist Alliance have held a protest whipping up a shit storm for the New South Wales Police.

Should we give a shit? Well first lets see this for what it is. Video recently released and carefully edited showed an officer of the law using force on an individual while hand cuffed. This video that has gone viral is now being used by Marxist groups all over Australia to stir up trouble. A further video has been released showing this little faggot dishing out his own hissy fit against Police prior to his arrest.

NSW police are now bending over forwards you may say, in an attempt to calm things down. What a pathetic joke.

In the mean time Police in Victoria are yet to do anything about the assault carried out on a elderly gentleman who was attending a speech at a private venue. Even though this gentleman was assaulted by members of the same group (Socialist Alliance)who are behind the recent protest on Oxford Street Sydney yesterday.

This comment on our Youtube channel summs it up nicely. "This has 156 views. The video of the Police throwing the gay piece of shit to the ground has 200k in 14 hours, the world is fucked, no rights for anyone right wing." How true, just take a minute to view this video. Watch how members of the Socialist Alliance treat people they don't agree with.

Now would you like to know what has happened to Anthony Main and his mates from the same group who are now saying the Police have acted in an illegal way in NSW? Well nothing. Even though Crime Stoppers and various Police commands have been contacted and supplied with all the information needed, from at least 10 differing sources, the only move they have made is to call ASIO. 

Yes folks ASIO, Australia's version of the FBI is now questioning the people who reported the crime. You bet we are screwed. Do we still care about the NSW Police? Remember this, The strange case of Dr. John Casey. Seems the Police are screwed also.  Makes you wonder who pulls the strings now doesn't it?

Its funny how the banner wavers from the antifa group in Sydney can always manage to create a new banner to cover any situation. Sadly the pictures and video of Sydney antifa holding the banner saying "all cops are bastards" are not publicly available as the MSM has them under lock and key. The same group who protested at the Sydney Forum joined in for some Marxist fun yesterday, so if you are a concerned NSW Police officer and wish to see some pics of the people holding the above mentioned banner please feel free to search this site for their pictures.


Christian Identity Forum said...

Tracy Grimshaw interviewed the creepy little fag on A Current Affair. I doubt that anyone, except the most rabid leftist, could have watched that interview and not cringed at what a lisping, limp-wristed, mentally awry queer he was. He did nothing to dispel the majority view that fags are sick perverts who belong anywhere but in a healthy, moral society.

Anonymous said...

Despite having contacted Vic Crimestoppers several times of course, nothing has come of this.

It is truly pathetic, considering the assaults took place only metres away from the lineo of police, and one victim actually shouted out for help from them in this video at 0.27 secs, who is Anthony Main's first assault victim

These ZOG troopers just stand there and watch after two crimes were committed in front of them in less than 30 seconds. Really pathetic. More than likely they've been instructed not to make arrests.

Goddamit, if main or those other two scum had manhandled me like that I would have smacked him in the mouth, or at least got them to release me and let me through. I suppose then, not being left wing, that I would I have been the only arrest on the day.

Sorry to hear of the outcome of your reports, Mr Whitelaw and Co, but the results are just so sadly predicatable.

Meanwhile in NSW, the Jews are pulling the strings of their Liberal puppets in Macquarie street, to make it the police actually do Anthony Mains work for him without him having to leave his inner Melbourne squat.

Yes Darrin Hodges, the Jews are our friends and allies.

Anonymous said...

It’s the same tired old excuse from that filthy slut Lora Norda. We all know her. She’s the local bike. As long as they pay and leave a big tip *snigger* she’ll let anyone ‘ride her home’. In the Nanny State of Australia we have the best Poe-leece money can buy. The Police are simply ‘exercising their discretion’ which is code for “We only investigate crimes where Whites and/or Nationalists are the alleged perpetrators” and “We give Red Marxist swill a free kick every time”