Friday, April 12, 2013

Its time to stop listening to the lies and question everything!

Message to the White liberal, White Christian, beer drinking football loving consumers of the world.
Your own ignorance is no longer an excuse, you have been had by the State and the media. You sit at work and gossip about the destruction of whole nations like there is nothing you can do, even if you could. Millions of people just like you are currently living under the threat of invasion, death and starvation just because you believe what the Main Stream Media tell you. The puppet masters are well aware how stupid and gullible you all are.They've done it all before and they are doing it again.

You liberal white folk who shake your head in disgust because the media tells you its ok to hate a certain country or political movement. It matters not that these people marked for destruction have never or would never cause you harm.  You hate and kill for people you are too ignorant or stupid to question Its you who are the racist, the war monger the hater. 

You do as you are told by people your forefathers warned you about, you rage at people you dont understand because you only hear the words of your jailer. 

These people have  no loyalty too you. They have you turn on your own people, your own flesh and blood because its easier for you to agree with your oppressor than make a stand.  You are complicit in this world wide tragedy we laughing call democracy. 

Whats even more worrying is that you would allow your own flesh and blood, your children be sacrificed by these people who create this illusion of freedom. Your children, what future do you leave them if the system you nurture and protect doesn't kill them first?

They know your weakness and play to your emotions to gain more power for themselves, your reward, taking away your freedoms. Its is you who has allowed this to happen. Look around see what you have created.

Just simply say NO MORE.

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