Friday, April 12, 2013

NSW Schools now teaching Holocaust Hysteria.

Things are very desperate lately for hate groups such as Bnai Brith and Chabab. Hell to ensure that young inquiring minds will never question Zionism, and feel nothing but despair for the poor innocent Jew and the Bandit State Israel, New South Wales schools will enforce political indoctrination.


Holocaust study to be compulsory for NSW students

ALL NSW students will be given mandatory lessons on the horrors of the Holocaust under sweeping changes to the school history curriculum. The Board of Studies has confirmed it will roll out a new syllabus that will include studies of the Jewish genocide during World War II. The changes, which will mirror compulsory Holocaust classes in most US states, the UK and many European countries, will come into effect from 2014. The Nazi mass slaughter of more than six million Jews, regarded as the darkest chapter of modern history, has only been available to students in Australia as an optional component in history classes. The Board of Studies will make it mandatory for all history students up to Year 10. "The Holocaust is now a mandatory inclusion in the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority's history overview," a spokeswoman for the Board of Studies confirmed

So the correct thing to do here would be to counter such false propaganda. Maybe people would like to  distribute videos such as the one bellow? Who knows what may happen if DVDs were to show up in high schools all over NSW?


CrackerClayMore said...

Winston's Blog will be compulsory reading of course.

CrackerClayMore said...

To understand the importance of numerology, and thus the holocaust number, 6 million, derived of kaaballah, readers and school teachers should read the above.

They will find that Israel was prophesied to be made undead in 1948.

In Judaism the number 18 represents 'life' or 'chai'... Kaaballah secrets suggests that the jewish messiah is to arrive, living, in 2018. The number of the color RED is 18 and is also the colour of blood which is shed in War, and the number of 'war" is 23 plus 1 plus 18, or 24 plus 18 or 42, the number of the jewish god. If 'by deception thou shall do war', then the jewish god is indeed a deceiver, and g-d is indeed "good".
The jews intend to roll out a carpet made red with goyische blood in a third world war to prepare the way for the arrival of the jewish messiah in 2018, so to expand the borders of israel to their prophesied dimension between the brook of the nile and the eurphrates.

Millions of Russians died at the bloodied hands of Bolshevik REDS post 1917.
Millions more others died in the two contrived world wars before the emergence of Israel in 1948.

As ANZAC day approaches, I for one now know why they fought, and died.

They died for this 'israel' and not for what they were led to believe.

ShadenFraude a particularly 'jewish' delicacy.

The articles of Dr Harrell Rhome quote jewish religious scripture that suggests the 'loss of the 6' had to happen prior to that.

The Australian government allows itself to be used a proxy for jewish propaganda. This constitutes a form of child abuse. It needs to end......NOW but it won't because the invertebrates who run the show ingratiate and prostrate themselves so to receive the vassalular approvals of the malevolents who target the mind of innocents.

But to suggest that the doctrines of jews be kept away from the minds and innocence of goyische children, constitutes, as the jews would wail ...."Anti-Semitism".

This is how far we have fallen. We let predators and perpetraitors near those least able to defend themselves. Some even encourage it, because it might elicit the sanctimonious approvals of the like of the BnaiBrith, a truly Evil organisation of duplicitous subversives, who actively practice the licence and entitlement granted by judaism to deceive those not "jewish".

Curiously, in Australia, the BnaiBrith run a "Courage to Care" program but the best confidence tricksters are ALWAYS your best friend and always care more and mostly about the welfare of those they target for a good fucking over...... don't they ?

Anonymous said...

Holleraust affirmers appear to have a monopoly on the use of publicly owned computers. Why is it so ?

Anonymous said...

Do we have more in common with the German or the 'jew' ?

The answer is self evident really.