Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stupid, Crazy, Evil, Hateful 'Neo-Nazis' in Boston...maybe...

Picture Stolen From Incogman

Who’d a thunk it, eh?
A huge collective sigh of disappointment was heard to emanate from the maniacal shills of the Multicultural Industry the instant those photographs of the suspected perps were broadcast…
For a week now we have all been subjected to the Ultra Left Loons of the Controlled Media, and their obsequious acolytes, speculating (firmly suggesting) this Boston Marathon incident was eminently likely the work of ‘locals’ with a grudge while they simultaneously and hypocritically warned us to be cautious and NOT to ‘profile’ or ‘stereotype’ as we had paraded before us a conga line of contemporary Folk Devils ranging from the KKK through Survivalists, Militias, Anti-Abortion extremists all the way to traumatised victims of Boston’s infamous Catholic Church child molestation ring and, and, and… even on to Tea Partiers…ferfarksake!!!    
It has been a broad, wide spray, high pressure diarrheic stream of deliberately coordinated disinformation and propagandistic rhetoric consistent with the ubiquitous Anti-White narrative promoted 24/7 by the hateful Marxist/Zionist cabal. Hot button catch phrases and terms like ‘home-grown’ (presumably not marijuana) terrorism, ‘Right Wing Extremist’, ‘Reactionary Elements’, ‘Ultra Conservative’, ’Christian Extremist’ and…*fanfare please*… ‘White Supremacist’… ad friggin’ nauseam!
No mention OF COURSE of any possible involvement of LEFT Wing nutters like Marxist, Maoist Guerrilla groups, Anarchists, extremist AntiFa cells etc. Funny innit? Funny how almost every Joe Bloggs on the street is familiar with terms like KKK, Nazi, Fascist, White Supremacist etc but utterly ignorant of the names or any knowledge about entities such as the Red Brigades, the Shining Path, the AntiFa ‘GRAPO’, Sandinista, FARC, RAF/Bader Meinhoff, the Black Liberation Army, the Weather Underground etc, etc This is solely down to the intense Left Wing influence in Academia and the Media that endlessly bleat the Orwellian mantra of ‘Left Wing Good, Right Wing Bad’.  
And the dopey drones, yep, your family, friends, neighbours and workmates, have lapped up this toxic shit-stream of System approved Kool Aid with slavish credulity and urgent obedience, falling over their own feet in a stampede to ramp the hysteria to ever greater heights as every wog and his dog became a self-appointed deputy of ZOG.
WHEN will they ever learn?
Can they ever learn?   
Smarmy, supercilious Jew twats like David Koch and his ilk, forcing crocodile tears to well up in their squinty eyes for the victims, with furrowed brows and expertly rehearsed concerned looks have hand wrung their way through an army of ‘expert’ talking head interviews with the express purpose of milking this incident for every milligram of potential to sink the slipper into Whitey. The airwaves have been filled with talkback commentaries, callers and self-righteous pontificating ‘Journalists’ who appeared to be on some form of quota obligation to mention the term ‘Neo-Nazi’ in EVERY interview. Your Old Uncle Victor is only surprised the Holy Holocaust© wasn’t also invoked. It has all been truly groan-worthy.   
Anyone who claims to have been unaware of this deliberate and insidious diversionary strategy is either a card carrying member of the Walking Dead or actively complicit in the process.  
All this on the Glorious Celebration Day of the World’s Greatest Ever Leader, Adolf Hitler, who was born on this very day, the Twentieth Day of the Month of April, in the Year of Our Lord and Creator 1889. In the most grossly perverse of inversions of the truth he was, and still remains, the most cruelly and unjustifiably vilified Man in History. His greatness, intelligence, prescience and bravery has been utterly distorted by the hateful and vicious Jews, Hollywood and Shabbos Goy as the most evil man who ever lived yet nothing could be further from the Truth.
He was indeed a Giant among Men, the moral cowards, mental midgets, Race Traitors and ‘Liberal Democratic’ lickspittles who fawned over the monstrous Soviet Union and assisted in their defeat of Germany and its satellite states and the subsequent enslavement of Eastern Europe for over half a century.
In a Planet Bizarro where lowlife scum like Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama are ludicrously awarded ‘Peace Prizes’, the Man who laboured for years to unite the Germanic peoples of Europe, by allying Greater Germany with Great Britain, we see his reputation besmirched by a torrent of lies, suppressed facts and obscene distortions of History which claims he had a megalomaniacal plan to conquer the World, no less!
Do some serious research, ladies and gentlemen, and discover the Truth. It really is ‘out there’ and is not as difficult to find as you might think.       


bushranger said...

The whole Boston bombing reeks of Mossad/CIA false flag.

Yes, the Left were hoping dearly for some right-wing, tea party, gun loving, white patriot BUT they are CLUELESS.

Israel runs Washington DC and Israel is sick of waiting for the USA to get boots on the ground in Syria and then onto Lebanon. Israel wants Muzzies as the enemy for the now.

The Left who are so totally devoid of ANY critical thinking are unable to piece the jisgaw together. This is despite it being so obvious that even Blind Man Freddy can see it.

Anonymous said... take on the Boston false flag ,photo analysis

The Mad Keltic Magus said...

. Internet nazis were of course enormously butthurt by Ken Casey’s actions,

Is the "Nastiest Uncle" over at Irish Savant our resident Rabbi On@ndy SchPunk Flien

Butthurt features prominently in NU's dialectical repertoire.

Just thinking out loudly and anecdotally.

The Bostonian Dropkick Murphy's don't appear to care with too much BnaiBrith courage for what's going on in a disappearing Ireland blessed with having the Shatter a significant pusher on immigration legislation.

If they do, speak, they might be branded as "Anti-Semitic' for noticing repeatable and identifiable coincidences that suggest an engineered assault acted out locally but with global designs.

Spicy was big, burly and strong, his Pipes were gigantic, and so was his Schlong. from city to city, mincing around, looking for testicles that have not yet been found.............

Get Jiggy

Perhaps he might think of abandoning his simple minded hedonism and the dimply yet comfortable thighs of 400 pound Porkers for more mature pursuits...
Leave a legacy even Spoicy ? What say you Fella ?

Anonymous said...

"Yes, the Left were hoping dearly for some right-wing, tea party, gun loving, white patriot BUT they are CLUELESS"

Unbeliviably fucking retarded the way everyone was tripping over themselves not to mention the words Islam or Muslim in the days after the attack, even though it had their filthy cowardly fingerprints all over it.

Sitting in a local bar on the following Thursday, some young, white collar W.A.S.P behind me regailed his genius theory that is was "white supremecist gun nuts" who planted the bombs in order to show that America should not be disarmed in order to protect itself from Muslims, and hence stop the proposed gun law reforms (as if they needed that). What utter genius. He must have felt as stupid as he sounded when the usual suspects from the Religion of Peace and Love were found to be the culprits.

This sickening article by the Jew David Sirota (whose writing is straight out of the Protocols of Zion) sums up excatly what your article nailed so succinctly.