Sunday, May 26, 2013


"Tolerance is Suicide." Tom Metzger  
"Enforced Tolerance is Genocide." Tanstaafl  
‘Terrible Tommy’ said a whole lot in that brief, three word statement and Tan’s extrapolation is every bit as true and powerful.  
Tolerance is perhaps the most passively self-destructive concept inculcated into the minds of our people and, considering Whites are the only Race to actually exercise it, the most effective Anti-White weapon since TelAvision.
Modern dictionaries vary only slightly in their current definitions of the term ‘Tolerance’ and almost without exception place the Marxist Politically Correct version first on the page.
Parameters of accuracy in engineering and scientific measurements aside, tolerance, as in tolerating discomfort, injury, pain, torture or even a chronic disease that will ultimately result in one’s death used to be the most broadly and commonly accepted definition and seems, to the logical and well-adjusted mind, the most sensible and correct.
Interestingly, the most commonly mentioned synonyms are implicitly negative terms such as forbearance, long-suffering, sufferance, patience’ and related words include such explicitly and disturbingly totalitarian socio-political terms as  ‘acquiescence, resignation; passiveness, passivity; amenability, compliance, conformism, docility, obedience, subordination, tractability, willingness; discipline, self-control; submission, submissiveness.’
Take particular note of the words passivity, obedience and submission. When used in the Political context of Marxist Social Engineering they are quite chilling and should alarm any who are familiar with the cruel history and gross excesses of    Marxist Communist regimes.  
Some Dictionary Definitions include:
1. A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.
Ambrose Bierce’s darkly humorous ‘Devils Dictionary’ defines a ‘Bigot’ as ‘One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that you do not entertain.’ The Faux ‘Anarchist’ @ndy of ‘slackbastard’ infamy once proclaimed your kindly Old Uncle Victor was “a bigot” which is both comical and insulting considering @ndy’s    own behaviour and ruthless political tactics. Talk about the pot calling the kettle ‘burnt arse’.
2. A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own.
The immutable Laws of Nature are neither ‘fair’ nor ‘objective’ and permissiveness in moral and ethical values can scarcely be regarded as commendable or beneficial to one’s own wellbeing or that of one’s native culture and racial kin. Not to mention that ‘objectivity’ is, in and of itself, a preposterously absurd and wholly subjective concept.   
3. Interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one's own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.
This one is particularly amusing as we are all so very familiar with how brutally dogmatic Left Wing ‘liberals’ are and how their political belief system is itself a dogma of the most intolerant kind. Hypocrisy is an entirely inadequate and simplistic term to describe the outrageously cynical application of their credo.
Also, it is eminently possible to study foreign races, cultures and religions without resorting to cohabitation, miscegenation and cultural racial suicide. Many prominent White Anthropologists and Historians of the past have produced great scholarly works on the peculiarities of the various Races and Cultures from a cool and detached analytical standpoint free from self-doubt, self-loathing and self-imposed guilt for imagined unfair exploitation and ‘White Privilege’.
The White Race appears unique in its capacity for hand wringing naval gazing, self-flagellation and the bizarre concept of collective guilt that must be passed down the generations in an endlessly futile quest for moral redemption. All other Races seem immune from this regardless of their own brutal histories. They have a far healthier and pragmatic attitude to the past. What’s done is done, move on and live for today and tomorrow. Don’t allow your past misdemeanours to be a millstone around your    neck. Never explain, never apologise.    
The (formerly) White West, particularly the Anglosphere, has unfortunately had their brains addled by many decades of Jewish Psychoanalysis and had their consciences loaded with guilt via the Zionist Controlled Media.      
The rather crude observation that once one has the recipe there is no longer a need for the cook to stay is a pithy and succinct riposte to those airheaded Marxist morons who simplistically suggest a benefit to our cuisine as an incentive, and indeed a requirement, for Racial ‘diversity’ and mass, Non White immigration.
Strange also how the more ‘diverse’ we become the more genetically homogeneous and mono-cultural we seem to be as the genetic blending of the inevitable miscegenation pushes us relentlessly toward that ‘Beige World’ of the Utopian Universal Brotherhood of Man peopled by “Coffee Coloured People by the score”.           
4. The act or capacity of enduring; endurance: My tolerance of noise is limited.
‘nuff said…
5. Medicine/Medical, Immunology.
a. The power of enduring or resisting the action of a drug, poison, etc.: a tolerance to antibiotics.
b. the lack of or low levels of immune response to transplanted tissue or other foreign substance that is normally immunogenic.
…all very true…no doubt…
Wilful myopia and manufactured Soviet Nanny State doublethink conditioning to  obvious differences, variations and even dangers, both real and potential, is certainly no indicator of great intelligence, insight, morality, sensitivity or wisdom any more than there is any ‘strength in diversity’ or any other oxymoronic Orwellian slogans. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever. All it demonstrates is the obedient complicity of useful idiots whose brains have been rendered down into mush to support the Jew contrived Globalist agenda.
It is the Racial duty of every genuine White Man and Woman to RESIST the Global Jew Agenda, at every opportunity, and certainly NOT to ‘Tolerate’ it. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once Were Slaves...

Debbie Allen

Like the Leftist loons who tutored them and the Marxist Jews who had inculcated those same Leftists with the Politics of Hate and Envy, the Blacks are only interested in Ideas and Ideology and certainly have no time, patience or even the vaguest curiosity for the Truth and the tiresome facts underwriting it.
On Tuesday the 23rd of April 2013 an arrogant, self-promoting Negress named Debbie Allen appeared on the Richard Fidler (Dick Fiddler) hosted Gay Bee Cee Radio show ‘Conversations’. Fiddler’s stand-in for the show was a certain David Bush who gushed and fawned all over this supercilious ‘groid throughout the interview displaying not a jot of objectivity let alone critical investigative questioning.
The entire affair was much more a ‘this is your life’ tribute than an interview as he not only let her run off on tales of self-aggrandisement but quoted her own claims and those of her promoters over and again to boost her to ever greater heights. It was truly sickening.
It came up during her bragging spiel that, among many other great ‘achievements’ she was (allegedly) singularly responsible for approaching and subsequently conspiring with Spielberg to bring the execrable 1997 ‘Amistad’ Hollywood Anti-White movie fantasy to the silver screen.
Based on an interpretive re-telling (not to be confused with genuine Historical Revisionism) of an actual incident with all the known and provable facts utterly distorted to suit a modern N.W.O. Multicultural audience, this was yet another cleverly contrived piece of Zionist-Marxist Hate propaganda designed to demonise White Culture and Morality while minimising White achievements and grossly exaggerating their failings with an Anti-White narrative which painted the Blacks as good, moral, noble, proud and heroic people and the Whites as sneaky, cowardly, vicious, nasty and cruel exploiters, in other words, a simple inversion of reality.
Apparently this Allen creature attended the Claytons ‘College’ of Howard ‘University’ and majored in Ancient ‘Greek Culture’. This institution is notorious as a State sponsored ‘Affirmative Action’ factory for turning semi-literate Negroids into ‘Academics’ and foisting them and their half- baked intellects onto the real world. The reader would be aware that in these schools the standards are somewhat…erm…flexible and make great allowances for the peculiar ‘cultural traditions and needs’ of ‘African Americans’. The concepts of ‘cheating’, ‘lying’, ‘plagiarism’, do not apply to these ‘African American’ ‘scholars’.
According to Bush, she was ‘fortunate’ to be there under the expert tutelage of a certain Frank M. Snowden, Jr. (17th July 1911 – 18th February 2007) whose Wikipedia entry contains the following: “Snowden was largely known for his studies of black people in the ancient world. He documented that in ancient Rome and Greece racial prejudice was not an issue. Much of this, according to Snowden, is because most of the blacks they encountered were not slaves. Most slaves in the Roman Empire were white. Most of the blacks they met were warriors, statesmen, and mercenaries. Therefore, blacks were not subjected to the racism of modern civilization. He studied ancient art and literature, and he found evidence that blacks were able to co-exist with the Greeks and Romans.”
That rather benign entry is quite amusing in itself but this is not how the interviewer David Bush put it to Allen, who enthusiastically agreed with him without correction, when he stated that she had ‘learned’ from Snowden that Blacks were ‘warriors, statesmen and leaders and that Whites were the slaves’ IN Greece and Rome’. A huge difference and not simply explained away as a slip of the tongue. It certainly was not clarified by either of the clowns involved in this interview.
Harriet Tubman
So, are we to assume these would be the same Blacks who invented the Helicopter?

Are these perhaps the same Blacks who, according to the Tubman Museum, also invented the Air Brake, the Air Conditioner, the Airship, the Automatic Coupler, the Automatic Lubricator, Automatic Transmission, the Bicycle Frame, the Blood Bank, Blood Plasma, the Cellular Phone, Clock or Watch, the Clothes Dryer, the Doorknob, the Dustpan, the Egg Beater, the Electric Trolley, the Elevator, the Fastest Computer, Filament for Light Bulb, the Fire Escape, the Fire Extinguisher, Food Additives, the Fountain Pen, the Gas Mask, the Gastroscope, the Golf Tee, the Hairbrush, the Halogen Lamp, the Hand-stamp, Heart Surgery, the Heating Furnace, the Horseshoe, Ice Cream, the Ironing Board, Laser Cataract Surgery, the Lawn Mower, the Lawn Sprinkler the Lubricator, the Mailbox, the Mop, the Paper Punch, Peanut Butter, the Pencil Sharpener, the Perm Machine, the Postmark/Cancel Machine, the Printing Press, the Propeller for Ships, the Railway, the Telegraph, the Refrigerator, the Refrigerated Truck, the Rotary Engine, the Screw Socket, Smallpox Vaccine, the Smokestack, the Steam Boiler, the Street Sweeper, the Supercharger, the Third rail, the Toilet, Toilet (Railcar), Traffic Signal, the Tricycle, Turn Signals, the Typewriter…etc?

Oh, and let’s not forget the World famous African Space Program…
Wow! After reading that I feel, as a simple White Man, so…erm… inadequate… But, all jokes aside, there is a deadly serious aspect to all this nonsense. The vast majority of the general population no longer read books, even bad ones, and receive their ‘wisdom’ via electronic media. While some might be at least semi-literate and able to read well enough to absorb the gist of any given article they certainly have no patience, let alone desire, to research anything to any degree.
Therefore, we must accept that most people pretty much believe what they see and hear through the Controlled Media and take it at face value. There is no critical thinking or analysis beyond chatting over morning tea with their workmates in an amateur form of movie review after some preposterous Hollywood piece has been on the TelAvision. Why read books or study, when one can just shove a DVD into the player and view a Readers Digest version of an Historical character or event, truncated and carefully edited for easy digestion? For the younger generations of ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ who appear to exist in a digital, parallel, ‘virtual’ Universe it is even easier for the System to manipulate belief and opinion.
All that is required is to render the propaganda ‘entertaining’, ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ by marketing the memes via ‘social media’, ‘reality’ shows and game technology. This is equivalent to Baby Boomer Pop Culture ‘literature’ and protest songs or Generation X Music and tee shirt slogans. The delivery techniques merely adapt to the advancements of emergent technology. Why does your kindly Old Uncle Victor persist in torturing you with such apparently banal and seemingly petty observational articles? Because he firmly believes it is the very ubiquitous nature of this propaganda that makes it the most effective and dangerous strategic weapon in the enemy’s arsenal of dirty tricks. People absorb this diluted, but increasingly concentrated, poison by virtual osmosis.
When incorrect information (misinformation) is conveyed in the manner described above by entities that demonstrably benefit from these convenient (and frequent) ‘errors’ then we must surely regard it as deliberate DIS-information. The clever c*nts would never admit to it in a Million Years but anyone with a working brain knows the truth of it. It is reasonably well understood that ‘Cyber Space’ and the electronic fog of ‘Social Media’ has become an Alternative Reality for many of Gen Y, more real than reality even. The rest of society has also been affected (dumbed down) by the System’s propaganda factories and has moved on from the cynical old saying of ‘If it’s on TelAvision then it must be true’ to ‘If it is not on TelAvision then it didn’t happen’ or ‘If it’s not on Twitter or similar ‘Social Meeja’ then don’t believe a word’…

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mean while back in Zionist controlled Australia.

They all agree, we sold our nation and our people for thirty pieces of silver.
Jewish politician Joshua Frydenberg facilitates signing by 40 Liberal National Party members.

Occupied SYDNEY (JTA) – "At least 50 Australian lawmakers signed the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism. Joshua Frydenberg, a Jewish lawmaker from Melbourne, helped coordinate the signing on Tuesday by more than 40 of his partners from the Liberal National Party coalition in the House of Representatives. “This is a fantastic result given the importance of the subject and the declaration itself,” he said.

The party’s leader, (so he thinks) Tony Abbott, also signed the declaration. Some senators are expected to sign Wednesday.Prime Minister Julia Gillard signed the declaration on April 23, saying anti-Semitism did not end with the fall of Nazism.“It pollutes our world right now,” she said. “In the face of anti-Semitism, there can be no bystanders.”Professor Stuart Rees, a longstanding Israel critic at the University of Sydney, blasted the signatories.“The resort to charges of anti-Semitism regarding the worldwide criticisms of the internationally illegal policies of the government of Israel is an age-old technique to stifle any criticism of blatant human rights abuses,” The Australian newspaper quoted Rees as saying Tuesday.

The London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism was launched in London in February 2009 by global parliamentarians who, among other things, resolved to “expose, challenge, and isolate political actors who engage in hate against Jews and target the State of Israel as a Jewish collectivity.”

Some 200 legislators from 40 countries are believed to have signed the London declaration." Source

So who controls what we say and do in this country. Do you support Israel?

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Yes and we bloody well mean it. How could we let this happen again? How many times will the same tribe pull the same trick and get away with it? How bloody stupid do they think we are? You know while all the Left Wing Liberals,  and folks that's exactly what the modern day radical left is. While they are running around screaming support of multiculturalism hugging a bloody refuge and praising the cradle to the grave Holohoax programing. The rest of the world are well aware of WTF is being planned for us all, and we are not going easy.