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How The Jews were instrumental in the destruction of the White Australia Policy…

A Saner Sentiment From Better Times

Although much of the following subject matter has already been touched on in previous posts such as ‘The Filth That Runs Australia’ it is always useful and educational to review new information as it comes to light and weave it into the fabric of our understanding about how things came to be the way they are in this once great nation of Australia. Constant revision can only lead to greater clarity and awareness.
As you will read, as time goes on and the architects of our doom as a Race grow older and bolder they are almost reckless in their boasting of their ‘great achievements’. These hypocritical perpetrators of the vilest crimes cloak themselves in the garments of sainthood while claiming they did everything for ‘Love’ and love of ‘Humanity’. When one understands something of Talmudic teachings and Zionist Political ideology then those words take on an entirely alien meaning.
Love is only for Jews and Jews are the only true Humans, all others being Sub-Human Goyim. It is not for the hated Goyim this ‘remade’ and ‘improved’ World as outlined in the theme of Tikkun Olam (healing or improving the World).       
Immigration Reform Group
Initiated by J.A.C. Mackie and Kenneth Rivett in 1960, this small 'opinion-forming think tank' of University of Melbourne intellectuals, professionals and churchmen sought to end racially based immigration. Its landmark critique of the White Australia Policy Control or colour bar?  (1960) sold 8000 copies, and was expanded and republished as Immigration: control or colour bar?  in 1962. 'Idealistic but pragmatic', the Immigration Reform Group eschewed military or economic arguments, and argued that discrimination on grounds of race was morally wrong and damaged Australia's international reputation. Group members rejected emphatically a quota system and, aware of fears of social tensions, also rejected an entirely non-discriminatory policy, proposing instead controlled admission of non-Europeans by bilateral agreements with their governments, modest initial intakes, and an occupational balance in selection to avoid creating an ethnic underclass.
The Group appears to have had a significant impact, offering a timely and well-reasoned case for change and proposing to progressives and policy-makers a credible and defensible reform program. Their ideas took hold across university campuses, churches, leading community groups, and Associations for Immigration Reform. Active lobbyists, they had standing and credibility with key decision-makers in the bureaucracy and in the governing Liberal Party.
Jacqueline Templeton
From the ABC website:
Retired Supreme Court Judge Howard Nathan QC
Academic Howard Nathan says Australia's race relations changed ‘immeasurably for the better’
By Jeff Waters
One of the academic rebels who wrote the first manifesto against the White Australia Policy says the country has changed “immeasurably for the better” in terms of race relations.
Former Victorian Supreme Court judge Howard Nathan QC says in the more than 50 years since the manifesto Control Or Colour Bar was written, racism as an entrenched notion in the Australian psyche has disappeared.
The pamphlet, composed at Melbourne University, is widely attributed with being the catalyst for bringing down the policy which restricted non-white immigration to Australia.
“We were a white supremacist nation - that was our view of ourselves,” Mr Nathan said. “(Which was) shattered by defeats in Singapore and so on.”
“By the early '50s it was beginning to wane and wear a little bit thin, but nevertheless it was subscribed to by both political parties as a matter of national policy which was not even debated.”
He described recent attacks on non-white people travelling on public transport or the recent refusal of taxis to pick up Indigenous artists as incidents “at the margins”.
“Those incidents are appalling - no question - and the general public treat them as appalling, whereas before, 50 years ago, they wouldn't have rated a mention anywhere,” Mr Nathan said.
“I'm not saying we're free of racism, what I'm saying is that its entrenchment in our national ideas has been largely destroyed, and that's for the good.
“And when we think of the enrichment this country has had from newcomers from all sources, it can only encourage one to say we are building a more tolerant, less racist... society than we would have had otherwise.”
Globalisation brings about greater understanding
Mr Nathan has been speaking at a special conference arranged by Melbourne University's Asia Institute to discuss immigration since the end of the White Australia Policy.
The Institute's director, Professor Pookong Key (Kee?), says the conference is hearing from a number of speakers who agree with Mr Nathan's assertions that, as a country, Australia is becoming less racist, and not more.
“We have been hearing at this conference about how Australia has changed in a very dramatic manner,” he said.
“We have become so integrated with the Asian region... in economics; in education links, we are very much tied to the region in our strategic interests.”
Professor Key says recent international media reports highlighting racist incidents in Australia were not having a particularly bad impact.
“I think the general perception (of Australia in Asia) has been a very positive one, but even after the end of the White Australia Policy... there have been incidents that attracted adverse publicity in Asia,” he said.
“The Pauline Hanson One Nation Party was one, and then the previous Prime Minister Mr John Howard briefly made some adverse comments about Asian migration.
“But generally speaking I think the general impression has been a positive one and there's a great appreciation that we've come a long way in a matter of 20 or 30 years.
Professor Key agreed that public sensitivity to racist incidents had resulted in an increase in reporting.
“I think the [with] greater intolerance for racist incidents, and with the increased numbers of people from different parts of the world, the interaction is much more intense now,” he said.
“So globalisation I think has brought about greater interactions and one inevitable outcome has been in many cases rather unfortunate encounters.”
In a 2nd of December 2006 article from ‘The Age’ Newspaper by Carolyn Webb entitled ‘Nation's first Jews an 'obsession' for rabbi’ Nathan is quoted thusly:
'Former Supreme Court Judge Howard Nathan said he was “positively delighted and terribly proud” to learn his ancestor Nathan Nathan had come to Sydney in 1800 as a convict, having snatched a parcel from an old woman in Cornhill, inner London. He said ‘These Are the Names’ was important in dispelling stereotypes that Jews were only recent migrants and were all well off.’
So, the good Judge was “terribly proud” that his lowlife London East End Jew ancestor mugged an old lady? Can you actually get your heads around that, gentle readers? The same creature who spouts Leftist claptrap about ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ along with utterly asinine absurdities about Race and Culture that even a sixth grader (free from Marxist indoctrination) could shoot down in flames sneered at resisters of Multiculturalism referring to them (no less than three times during the brief interview) as troglodytes and even went so far as to mention that ‘Trog’ was his favourite term for these ‘stupid, crazy, evil’ Whites.
On that subject, the pathologisation of White identity, White resistance to miscegenation and rejection of Multiculturalism as psychological disorders is a Jew/Leftist tactic that is as effective as it is brutally crude. It is the lowest form of bullying and quite puerile in its origins. Nobody likes to have their sanity questioned and the Jew contrived pseudo-science of Psychoanalysis merely formalises and renders ‘official’ the likes of schoolyard catcalls such as ‘You’re a looney’ or, in this case, ‘you are a primitive and unevolved Sub-Human’.  
Although we are all very familiar with the nastiness and sheer perversity of Jews and their tireless work to queer the customs and morality of the host White culture this aggressive and unapologetic chutzpah is so breathtakingly brazen that even your Old Uncle Victor struggles to process it. Nathan’s natural hubris aside, the only interest served by ‘interviews’ such as this is the perpetuation of the Anti-White narrative and the ‘enrichment’ he mentions in the article is for him, his tribe and their Shabbos goy.
Nathan claimed during the interview that the writer and academic Donald Horne was a contemporary along with Judge Stephen Charles QC in the Melbourne University based Immigration Reform Group and that they and other Anti-White campaigners had moved in the same social circles. The group was predictably comprised of the motley mix of usual suspects. You know the types, the ‘Arty’ set, bourgeois ‘socialists’, militant Feminists and Homosexuals, angry iconoclasts, bitter republicans, academics, self-described ‘intellectuals’ and self-appointed social engineers. He credits this tiny gang of misfits with initiating the entire process that lead to Australian Multiculturalism and I have no reason to doubt it although I am certain the ‘Mob Bosses’ were the top ranking Jews working the puppets from the shadows via front groups like the Australian Communist Party who were very much involved.    
This choleric disposition of this particular arrogant Jew was no more apparent than when he disrespected and insulted the memory of the eminently brilliant Charles Darwin in summarily dismissing the late, great scientist’s social theories regarding ‘bad blood’ as ‘Codswallop’ with, of course, no evidence or facts to support his insult.
In this way he ironically confirms Darwin’s theories regarding poor genetic material. It is obvious Nathan is indelibly stamped with the hallmarks of his tribe, derisive, supercilious, psychopathic, neurotic, self-obsessed and narcissistically self-important to the point of pleonexia.  
He even delights in rubbing in the humiliation of Singapore as ‘proof’ that so-called ‘White Supremacy’ was a lie in the light of the defeat of the British Empire and its allies by the little yellow monkeys. What a simple and reductionist artificial reality these Leftists make for all of us, is it any wonder the Jews invented the simplistic propaganda tools of comic books and Hollywood? No need for the dumb Goyim to think, just react and behave as instructed.  
It is the grossest of obscenities that vicious old nation wreckers and culture destroyers like this creature are permitted to not only wile away their autumn years in great comfort and security but to also regularly snipe at real, ordinary White people from a wholly undeserved position of privilege. Truly, his rotting corpse should be swinging from a lamp post somewhere. THAT would be Justice.   
When questioned about what degree of support the Anti-White Movement had in Australia back in the Fifties when they were starting their war on the White Australia policy he claimed between ten and fifteen percent. He also admitted that they had to   employ Fabian principles such as gradualism and to achieve their goal, victory by stealth, through incremental though steady advances.
Think about that again. This nasty old Jew was totally unapologetic and actually bragging when he described how a small, unrepresentative but aggressive minority ‘elite’ of malcontents engineered the destruction of an entire nation, the hitherto stable and lawful traditional society of White Australia, and treated the overwhelming  majority of Australian Citizens with utter contempt.
The living Hell of Multiculturalism was delivered as a death of a thousand cuts. Nobody asked for it. Nobody needed it. Nobody voted for it. Nobody was even consulted. The Anti-White Hate regime of Multiculturalism was simply imposed on a largely bewildered population. The filthy tide of Multiculturalism rise slowly like the creeping waters of a toxic flood and White Australians stood by and watched it like rabbits caught in a spotlight. If the wages of sin is death, then so too are the consequences of lack of vigilance and socio-political apathy.
Terms favoured by the Marxist Neo-Communists such as ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Social Justice’ should raise a red flag of alarm to any White Man and he needs to understand these ‘noble’ causes never, ever had any purpose other than to ensure an environment where Whites are constantly on the defensive and to serve the agenda of Jewish Supremacy.
Don’t believe, even for one nanosecond, that these principles apply to you as a White person. Despite the fact our people have been a global minority for centuries and are fast approaching minority status in our own lands, the rights to ‘freedom of expression’, ‘self-determination’, ‘ethnic identity’ and ‘freedom of association’ are not extended to us. We are told to give up, shut up and blend in. 
The rights, opportunities and higher living standards which Blacks, Asians, Arabs and others have gained from Global Multiculturalism have been entirely at the expense of Whites and must be understood as both a bi-product and tactic that augments the strategic prime directive of Jewish ascendancy and domination.   
Whites are still crushed beneath the heavy yoke of carefully contrived myths such as ‘White Privilege’ and ‘White Supremacy’ and every year more weights of guilt and self-loathing are added to guarantee we can never again stand upright, free and proud as a self-identifying Folk. What is being done to us is unjust and unnatural. Whites must awaken, remember who they are and act accordingly.