Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alex Gollan the reformed racist, you must be shitting me.

Now I have no idea how we missed this one. In the following video courtesy of SBS you will hear (you wont see this snake} Alex Gollan claim he is a reformed Racist and his name is Nathan.

As hard as it is to believe this person who has his face disguised and claims to be a reformed racist, is in fact the gay school teacher from NSW Alex Gollan. Yes folks you all recall him? HERE is a quick recap.

Now I hear you saying, how do you know that's him, his face is disguised? Well the following should fix that.  So there you have it. Absolute proof that these anti white Marxist haters will say and do anything to sell their poison to anyone stupid enough to listen. Ask yourself how many times have we seen these anti racist campaigners lie and deceive the public?  


Anonymous said...

What wanker runs this?

Anonymous said... has Darps' faeces stained fingerprints all over it. It seems too specifically targeted at White Nationalism in Australia to be too many other people, and the pro-Jew content is extremely heavy.

There is not a single trace or suggestion on it of who owns, runs or sponsors it, and the brave person who owns it has it registered under, which means nobody can trace the owner over the web. No addresses, contact names or phone numbers, they are so convinced of the validity of their cause they want no association with it online.

Having considered the illegality of his former sites, FDB and Darpism, he removed all of the sites' content which threatened his legal career, and it seems this website is his latest foray into the anti-White cause, as he promised to do. Not having any name associated with the site leading back to him will help ensure (so he thinks) that his legal clientel will not know of his previous criminality on and off the web in terms of stalking, harassing and libelling White Nationalists, not to mention his endless admissions to drug use, violence, etc.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes we came across that site a few months back now. At the moment we are just watching. I believe you are correct in your assumptions.

Whitelaw Towers said...

They are supported by the Anti Defamation League of the Bnai Brith. It was on their links page a few months ago, I haven't checked lately.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have links to ADL and BB, does not necessarily mean they sponsor them. They link to the WN images page on the ADL site.

Would not be surprised though if BB financed the site.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that our deeds are what we are.

If that is true......then...

The Anti-Defamation league of the BnaiBrith exist to ensure that the deeds of the jews remain concealed...lest we come to know the true deeds of the jews and thus what it means to be a 'jew'....

As it stands the jews covet the same as the red judas Iscariot......

Fame, celebrity and the desire have for themselves the love and admiration of the people...... The jews, like the tortured judas iscariot, by their shared deeds of duplicitous and double crossed treachery deserve neither.

Anonymous said...

The Shit of the jew is softly spoken evil served weekly out of a bolshevic red double decker bus.

The Urn of Set said...

I've read a far of bit of BnaiBrith schlock.

The exit white power is more of the same.

It is in the same insipid style as the filth that constitutes its 'courage to care' program, a Trojan and virus of the mind designed to be downloaded into those least able to counter it.

It is designed to effuse a benevolent and authoritive air so as to encourage and sustain ignorance in the its targeted recipient.

Unfortunately, there are enablers in the Australian Government who facilitate the BnaiBrith with access to Goyishce innocents.

The desire of the BnaiBrith is to include Goyische children in the jewish religion by having them believe that the origin of the 6 million is something other than by Cabala. Judaism requires they submit as 'noachides'.

I will always regard the targeting of goyische children by jews as a form of paedophilia, in that disguised as 'love' and 'care', the intent is actually to do the kid harm and fulfil a tormented, twisted and demented desire in the perpetrator.

Those who sputter about in red buses may think themselves Harry Potter. More likely, is that they represent Dementors and Lord VildeMort......Things that suck the life out of their audience....
Like most red matter, it creates black holes from which no truth, light or thing of substance can possibly escape..... Only jewish lies, funded and approved by a Kosher ABC flying the Star of David disguised as a lissajous figure, and the seal of the Australian Government, claiming to represent Goyische Oorstaelians remain.