Friday, July 26, 2013

Anti Racist murders children after Mother makes critical statement about immigration.

Yet another anti racist/ antifa doing what they do best.

Two of the children murdered by Dyson Allen, "Anti Racist activist". Four year old Holly and Ella.

Also murdered by this coward two year old Jordan and 19 year old Reece, killed while trying to rescue the children. 

July 24th 2013. Please excuse the translation. Source

BRITAIN. "Dyson Allen, 18, ​​was at a birthday party at the home of a woman when he suddenly heard her trap an immigration critical comment. The politically correct 18-year-old responded then by setting fire to the house's nursery, then four of the woman's child died in the flames."

Above smug faced anti racist child murderer Dyson Allen.
 "Dyson Allen, one of the guests at the party on the floor in the nursery, have now been convicted of four counts of manslaughter. Allen to have set fire to the closet in the nursery where the children slept,  this was revenge as the mother had made a "racist comment" writes the Daily Mail. Everything was her fault. If she had not had this party this have never never happened, said the defendant's mother during the trial when the verdict was delivered, according to the Daily Mail.
Length of the sentence has not yet been determined but the court has indicated that it will be a "significant penalty". Allen had been the subject of a police investigation twice before when he set fire to a grass field and a cupboard in her school".

Now as hard is it is to believe (sarcasm) the Daily Mail who originally called this story for what it is, " Teenager with a history of arson found guilty of killing four siblings by starting fire in a wardrobe in revenge for 'racist remark

Has now changed the headline to, Wardrobe that was torched by a teenage pyromaniac leading to the deaths of four children as their mother held drug-fuelled party."  Now it would seem the Daily Mail cencored this story amid a rather large Immigration Debate raging in Britain. Here is an update from the original Swedish article.

"Update: The Daily Mail's article contained originally a statement of how the attack would have taken place during an immigration policy debate "in revenge for a racist comment". In a later edition of the same item missing this piece but the data remains in the article's URL. Free Times has emailed the Daily Mail to verify that paragraph is correct. The uncensored piece remains in Google's cache ."

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