Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Important announcement! We are our own media! Truetube needs our help!

Here we go again, yet another great idea heading south because we as a community the "White Nationalist" community, just cant seem to help each other out. Truetube was and is our only way to spread videos that represent our beliefs with out being censored by our Jewish overlords and their virtual Libtard army.

Truetube is a video sharing channel that gives us a chance to publish real HISTORY the TRUTH about WHITE GENOCIDE and the TRUTH about many other things that affect our White Nations.  All those things that YOUTUBE so tirelessly ban and take down. Truetube is our reply to the lies and the distortion of facts by the MSM and social engineers.

What a bloody joke we are to our enemy. Its time to turn this around. Truetube has been temporarily pulled because of lack of funds. Many of us including the team at WLT saw the potential of Truetube immediately and set up accounts with PayPal to automatically make donations to Truetube once a month. It took all of 5 min to set up if you have a debit or credit card along with a Paypal account. Its totaly secure, and if you are not happy with how things are you can shut it down when ever you like.  

On average we have 450 dedicated readers on this blog per day. You guys from all over the world are the ones who keep us going by reading this blog. There is yet another unknown number of people who read this blog on a daily basis who watch the videos we also publish from Truetube. Many are our own videos we have produced. Of these inquisitive people, who knows the number of them that see that one thing that flicks that switch to their own awakening?   

Imagine if the 450 of you out there donated as little as $5.00 a month? Thats $2250 a month going to a worthy cause. A cause that doesn't ask you to hand out flyers or show up for a meeting once a month. A cause that doesn't expect anything more than your small donation so they can host what ever it is you would like to say on behalf of your org.

How often has your group had difficulty getting out a message about a gig or a meeting? Well if you contact Mike from Truetube and make an arrangement to pay for some advertising it will be seen by thousands of our folk every time someone watches a video. How many pro White Bands do we all know who need to get the word out for their new CD? It pays to advertise.

Truetube is for all of us, Christian, Pagan, White Nationalist, National Socialist or just the average White guy or girl who cares for their Culture and Race. So please help out. Use the share tag on the upper left hand side and post this to your FB or what ever you use. Re post on Storm Front or on any pro White org you can think of. If its the only White thing you do this month please help out Truetube.

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