Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Media whores and Trayvon Martin.

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Anonymous said...

Great Jobs mate, the whole media is nothing but a bunch of false message bearers for people like Obama and the black community.

I don't who to approach to for some help.

You guys may read that on the ABC recently, made a story about Indian students and workers are committing fraud just to steal our jobs and live here at our expense.

At work, I got this problem with these dickheads at work. One named Jay, an Indian fuck wit who happens to be a supervisor and another a lazy Arse hole Arab named Ayman at Masters in Preston. At 85 Chifley Dr, VIC 3072.

This Indian guy is giving me the shits, telling and fucken giving me a hard time while he and his Arab friends is laying back and smoking while I do most of the work around here while these guys don't deserve to work there. I don't Masters have hired these dickheads.

If anyone visits to Masters in Preston, can help me out here to show these dickheads that they are not welcome in Australia.