Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guess the race…

Australia used to be a safe, polite society.  Kids would play in the street after school, people knew their neighbours and would help each other out.  You could go out on the weekend, have a great night out, and be safe.  But that’s when Australia used to be predominately white.

How much our society has changed.  How often nowadays do you hear about drive by shootings, home invasions with machete’s, and gangs extorting shop keepers.

Here’s a little test.  Can you guess the ethnicity of the groups mainly responsible for the types of crimes listed above?

Of course you can – Middle Eastern, African and Asian.

When you heard about the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, how many of you thought – I wonder when the riots and looting will start.  And you were right, they did - immediately.  Three years and billions of dollars later, Haiti is still a shithole.

When you heard about the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, how many of you thought – I wonder when the riots and looting will start.  Absolutely no one.  And you were right.  Even the most die hard, brainwashed liberal would have to admit this.

When reading a news article about a violent crime, how many times do you guess the race of the perpetrators before it is revealed, and how many times are you right?

The following news report is about a woman who was bashed until she was unconscious, while on a bus in Melbourne early this morning.  Guess the race…..

A woman is in hospital after a group of up to nine people beat her until she was unconscious on a full Melbourne bus.

The 26-year-old St Kilda woman complained to the driver after the rowdy group boarded the bus in the city, because they were being boisterous and knocking into other passengers.

After she complained, one of the women in the group threw a drink over the St Kilda woman then punched her in the face, police say.

Other group members then dragged the woman to the ground where they punched and kicked her body and head until she was unconscious.

Several other people had also complained to the driver about the group, which was standing in the aisle because the bus was full.

The group fled after the bus driver opened the door on Swanston Street.

The victim was treated at the scene and taken to hospital for treatment where she is in a stable condition.

Police say the group of six or seven males and two females boarded the NightRider in the city about 2.30am (AEST) on Sunday morning and are perceived to be of African appearance.
Well blow me over with a feather, whoever would've guessed it....

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Anonymous said...

"are perceived to be of African appearance."


Only perceived to be nigs... For it was not an objective fact that they were African. Neither victim nor witnesses really know what Africans look like!