Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just another random violent killing? Hell no its a war if you didn't already know.

We just haven't had enough time of late to cover this but thankfully our racially aware brother in the Jewnited States has done it for us. Hats off to you Incog Man.

Source Incog Man.
Multicult Monsters Kill Aussie Guy “For Fun” 

A popular Australian living in America on a baseball scholarship, Christopher Lane, was shot down on the streets of Duncan, Oklahoma, last week while visiting the parents of his beautiful White girlfriend, Sarah Harper.

The guy went out for a quick jog and happened to run past a house where three yellow-belly punks were hanging out, “just chillin.” Seeing him run past, they thought it might be fun to do a fast driveby; so they jumped into a car, found him down the road and shot the White guy in the back with a .22 pistol, killing him.

The trigger-man was 16 year-old Chancey Luna, a black power militant wannabee, who has a White, coal-burning whore mother (just like Obama). With his black gangsta pal, James Edwards (seen clowning around with a rifle in a video HERE), together both face first-degree murder charges. Wigger Michael Jones (possibly mulatto), is charged with accessory after the fact for driving. According to police: “The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.’”

Just stop and think a second: If it was three White guys who thrill-killed a black basketball player here on a scholarship from Kenya, the media would be screaming bloody murder all over the place (even if one, or more, were Hispanics like George Zimmerman*). Race hucksters and extortionists, like “Reverends” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, would get prime TV time to spout White-hate and call for black protest marchers to gather from all across America; with transportation costs paid for by major corporations — eager to please the “Reverends” — and maybe even Eric Holder’s DOJ. You think I’m BS-ing you? Hell, the Media Jews even gave Sharpton his own cable TV show.

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Noachideous said...

"The enemy is like a woman, weak in face of opposition, but correspondingly strong when not opposed. In a quarrel with a man, it is natural for a woman to lose heart and run away when he faces up to her; on the other hand, if the man begins to be afraid and to give ground, her rage, vindictiveness and fury overflow and know no limit."

Sometimes the Christians make correct observations. However, Their portrayal of JC as an eternal victim adorning an unfolded tefillinian cube wearing a Saturnian crown of thorns is repugnant, holocaustic and jewish. It makes a mockery of a life of throwing jews from the places their presence defiles.
More likely JC, wedded to Truth was the Sun in Law of Saturn the LawGiver.

The above quote is consistent with the assertion in Sex and Character, that judasism is feminine. It is why they will not stop until stopped, much like holding the arms of a violent NutJob Female, she will accuse you with a spittle flecked charge of "Assault" and "Hatred".