Saturday, August 17, 2013

The really important news....

As usual the really important issues have been in the media lately.

Oprah Winfrey was unable to buy an expensive handbag in Switzerland.  This must be due to racism of course, and has made headlines all around the world.  By coincidence she had a movie to promote when she made the accusation.  And by further coincidence she pulled a similar stunt crying racism in 2005 when she had another movie to promote (that time is was evil Hermes in Paris not letting her in after the shop had closed and they were setting things up for a function).

The crocodile tears are still falling over the injustice of poor sweet innocent Trayvon’s “1/2 hispanic but portrayed as white” evil killer being found not guilty of murder (the fact that Zimmerman accidentally killed him in self defence seems to have gone over the heads of the professional race card carriers).

But have you heard about Jonathan Foster?  The 12 year white old boy tortured to death with a blowtorch by a black woman?

No, we didn’t think so. 

On Christmas Eve 2010, Jonathan should have been preparing for presents and family.   Instead, he was tied up with string, and slowly being burned alive by a blowtorch in the hands of Mona Nelson who had kidnapped him from his home hours earlier.  Her trial began this week.

Read more about it here and here.  But you won't find much about it in the mainstream media.

Where are all the liberals organising protests demanding justice for Jonathan?  Where are the tears? Where are the demands to do something about the complete imbalance of crimes committed by blacks against whites?

There isn't anything.  There is nothing but a wall of silence.

The media deliberately plays down anything to do with race if it’s a black against white crime.  It’s not just in the US, it’s in Australia as well.  If you read an article where they are looking for the suspect of a crime and they don’t give a proper description of the person they are looking for, you can guarantee it was a non white against white crime.

Well we won’t ignore the crimes committed against our folk, no matter where they are in the world.

RIP Jonathan Foster.  You won’t be forgotten, and there will be justice for you.


Bushranger said...

Although this horrible HATE crime has been ignored by the MSM many alternative news sites have run the story and the associated hypocrisy of the MSM and liberal scum.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up , when it's whitey there's a photo fit up the same day , watch the home invasions on the news that are getting more frequent , sexual assaults also , one of the newcomers harassing a blind shiela in Sydney I think, the other day, charmers are they not . I see Gillard has set herself up with a $1.8 million beach front pad in Adelaide , I bet that's nice and secure , at our exspence