Thursday, August 08, 2013

We are the canary in the coal mine.


When I think back over the years, its easy to recall how many prominent White Nationalists and National Socialists have been lampooned by state media and anti racists. So when does a conspiracy theory become fact?

Its all rather strange when you think that subjects like the "out of Africa theory" is treated as factual by MSM although it is just that a theory. Yet everyone else with a theory, no matter how educated or qualified it may be are ignored if it doesn't fit an agenda. 

Now sometimes just being ignored doesn't cut it, and people who promote a theory are deemed rather dangerous although they have more credibility and supportive evidence than the State or Media could ever doctor up.    

Not long after 911 many of us were concerned about what the media wasn't saying about World Trade building 7. This led many of us to look further into other strange facts such as the dancing Israelis and Israeli spy rings in the U.S. Oh how the media would laugh at many of us and attempt to discredit anything we have said because we did not follow the spin doctoring from the MSM.

Fact is either the State and its agents that had accused many of us of being paranoid and conspiracy theorists, are either totally ignorant or complicit in a lie that has killed approximately 2 million people and counting world wide.

While us evil "Nazis" and home grown "White Nationalist Terrorists" were calling for a full investigation into 911 and the "War on Terrorism",  the so called Socialist Left and Zionist Christian right pushed to silence the wars critics and extend power to our corrupt governments to take away our rights as citizens.

The same can be said for the current situation facing the Western World with wide spread mass third immigration.

In Australia we spoke out about the impending flood of boat people. We explained that the trickle would soon overwhelm our capability to slow it down or stop it. We explained to many that as long as we continue invading countries and sponsoring the war on terror the people fleeing and the people willing to come to our country and do us harm would continue.  For this we are called Racist.

So here we are, still speaking the truth. Still being persecuted for trying to warn our own people of their impending doom. Still being labeled by the State and the Media. In the end no matter how much paint you put on a turd its still a turd.

Now will they listen to what happens when a Country totally given into the destruction of its culture and people allows a Media and State to be completely dominated by a Left Wing Ideology such as Sweden?  Can they see that this is just the start,  and many Western Nations in Europe and around the world will follow the same path, some faster than others.

Can they see the desperation in the state apparatus to silence its critics. Will they ever ask why it is the powers that be are so deliberately destroying our culture heritage and race. Will they discover only to late that Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White?

So here we are...

2009 total of 62 boats and 2,727 invaders the most since 2001 when there were 43 boats and 5,516 invaders

2010 total of 135 boats carrying 6,507 invaders and 327 reported smugglers.

2011 total of 68 boats carrying 4,513 invaders and 152 reported smugglers that have come illegally into the country during the year.

2012 total of 277 boats carrying more than 17,000 people. 

2013 total until August the 8th stands at 15,610 invading parasites. Numbers sourced from Australian New Nation.

These numbers do not include immigrants flown into Australia by the Government, nor does it include students who are currently studying at Australian Universities who inevitably get citizenship. That in itself is a  scam/story that is never covered. 

Heed the warning from Sweden! 

Muslim Stockholm riots - Sweden is really enjoying Multiculturalism

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