Monday, October 14, 2013

Queensland, no longer the Sunshine State. Queensland the Stalinist State, slides behind the Iron Curtain.

From left to right we have the relatively unknown Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie, the Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman and the man they obviously studied under, Joseph "I killed and  interned over 20 million people" Stalin.

You may have missed all the news from Queensland Australia, but in the last week things have taken a drastic turn for the worse under the Occupying force named the Liberal National Party and its secret Police known as the Queensland Police Service.

Under the guise of a bikie crack down the Attorney General and members of his secret police are pushing through parliament laws that will find everyone in the state of Queensland with out the right to receive bail, to associate, or to travel in numbers larger than three with out being questioned.

In sweeping legislation that will get the rubber stamp from parliament this week, Queensland will officially become a Stalinist Dictatorship. In the short term this will only affect members of Outlaw motorcycle  Clubs "OMC". Yet this legislation being forced through has no sunset clause that will see it revoked after the "bad guys" have been placed in jail or run out of the state.

In what can only be called sheer arrogance the State has even admitted that these laws will affect innocent people. Leaving us with a Police commissioner saying  "we have nothing to fear if we haven't done anything wrong". 

In the past few days stories are creeping out on Social Media sites of people who are now being targeted by Police, in what the Police claim are only intelligence operations. No warrants needed as they, the Bikie Task Force are only answerable to the Premier.

Business owners of tattoo shops, motor cycle shops or people who are associated with anyone remotely connected to OMC's are having their rights denied and their homes raided. People are being strip searched by the side of the road and interrogated by armed policemen in front of their small children, and this is before the new legislation comes into place this week.

As I type, Queenslanders riding motorcycles are being openly targeted by Police in what they say is only intelligence gathering but amounts to discrimination. The presumption of innocence no longer exists, if you are riding a motorcycle the State has told you, they are sorry for the inconvenience but in the long term you will thank them. Sounds like a script from George Orwells 1984

 Lets have a sticky beak at what they will have done by this time next week. Keep in mind that these laws and legislation are not biker specific and can be used against anyone once introduced.

Denied Bail.

Members of criminal motorcycle clubs charged with any offence, no matter how minor, will be denied bail under tough new legislation to be introduced in Queensland Parliament next week.In a move that has outraged civil libertarians, state Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the presumption of bail in court proceedings would be reversed. "We're going to have a presumption against bail for criminal motorcycle gangs," he said.

Having your personal belongings destroyed.

OUTLAW motorcycle gang members will have their bikes confiscated and crushed under the State Government's promise to introduce the world's toughest laws to eradicate Gold Coast bikies. "We'll crush what has become a symbol of intimidation, fear and violence, just like we'll crush their criminal enterprises. To much "Sons of Anarchy" anyone?

Forced to confess something, anything or face Jail. 

New legislation will be introduced into Parliament on Monday to increase coercive powers of CMC. Under the laws, anyone who refuses to answer questions will face a mandatory jail term Premier Campbell Newman defends measures, says bikies will be forced to give up information. Civil libertarians fear "extreme" powers will be abused.

QUEENSLAND police officers have been ordered to intercept every bikie even if the rider is doing nothing wrong.

The “toughest laws Australia has ever seen” will pass through state parliament without any scrutiny. “These laws, once there, will be there forever,”

Army could join Police crackdown! Yes using the army on its own people. These truly are terrifying times.

Under these laws that will be passed, people riding in groups of three or more WILL be targeted. People who have had any and they mean any contact with a member of an outlaw MC will be questioned. If they do not answer the questions they are asked they will be jailed. If you are arrested over any matter even if it is for littering you will be denied bail and held in custody until your court date. These laws and legislation do not say Only if you are a Patch wearing member of an outlaw MC. They can be used at any time on anyone.

So how can they get away with this? Simple the media is silent on the issue of who these laws will affect. The public who has been fed a constant diet of "Bikie Violence" on the news, think that they need these laws to protect them. Sound familiar? "war on terror" anyone? All the media has to do is add this little bit to any story, "suspected bikie connections". They have been using that one on every violent story for about a week now. 

So how much will this cost? What is the price we will be paying for our own internment? 20 million dollars folks. While our hospitals are hopelessly under staffed. While our suburban streets and country towns suffer from serious under policing.

20 million dollars to convince you that they are fighting "organised crime" while 'crime ghettos' and 'no go zones' exist because the police do not have the funding or resources to protect property and people. 

Yes people, ask yourself why are we paying for a Police force that over looks crime that affects you and I every day? Why are we paying for a Police force with our own taxes, that will routinely harass and intimidate innocent people? Why are we paying for a Police Force that is obviously a servant for the State and not here to serve the people?   

Now please don't get the staff at WLT wrong. We in no way wish to support a gang of "Nike Bikies" from Lebanon with their Gold Chains and steroids. We will be honest, 90% of the current clubs in this nation deserve to be put away for what they are doing to our youth and our nation. This is exactly why they have been chosen for extermination by the QLD NKVD

Public support for OMC is low; very low. Unlike 20 to 30 years ago when the clubs still had control of their own destiny and they frowned upon drug use and dealing.  Previous to Milpera and the Middle Eastern take over, clubs like the Comanchero's  rules clearly stated, Rule 5- Any member found guilty of selling, distributing or using hard drugs, will be thrown out. Rules such as that were more common than many would know. If clubs had stuck to these rules and not recruited from Middle Eastern crime gangs, they would not have found themselves in the position that they are now. In fact, if they had hung onto tradition of the Outlaw 1%  they may have been the first ones to stand up and fight against such draconian laws.

As with all groups there is always a few bad apples. A good example would be every Police force around the world. The OMC should be handled with good policing. There is sufficient laws to do just that. But for the state to do this they would then have to take on the Middle Eastern and other Ethnic crime gangs that operate out of Sydney. The state would have to discriminate against an ethnic minority. In this day and age, that will not fly. So they target the weakest link. those who the public still think are an all Anglo group. 

Its a win-win for the State. They use the media to whip up anti bikie hysteria to bring in laws that they know can be used against the greater community. These laws will be used every time the State feels threatened in the future or needs to shut down a noisy minority. Will we see the likes of EX M.P  Rob Messenger using these laws to shut down groups Like Blood and Honour or the Southern Cross Hammerskins? My guess is yes.

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