Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stalin would be proud. Queensland " Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill".

 So it would seem the Stalinist regime in Queensland can simply insert any name they believe is criminal into their new bill. No court process at all. Simply insert Joe Blog association and your on your way to the Queensland version of Guantanamo Bay. No place in the Vicious Lawless Association Bill does it say bike clubs.

It does say this.

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013 

Definitions In this Act—association means any of the following—(a) a corporation;(b) an unincorporated association (c) a club or league;(d) any other group of 3 or more persons by whatever name called, whether associated formally or informally and whether the group is legal or illegal.

Get it? Anyone in a group of more than three. Now I'm no bush lawyer, but I am pretty certain this bill can be used on practically anyone. 

Now for some extra news.

Queensland version Guantanamo Bay
The Queensland Premier Commissar  Campbell Newman was very excited to announce on his Face Book this morning the following. 

Members of outlaw motorcycle gangs jailed in Queensland will be sent to a bikie-only prison facility where they will be denied access to gym equipment and kept in their cells for 23 hours a day. 

The centre, to be established at the ultra-secure Woodford Correctional Centre, will form a core part of the Newman Government's attempt to drive outlaw bikie gangs from Queensland. 

Convicted gang members imprisoned at the facility will also be denied televisions and be subject to a more stringent regime of drug testing and searches. 

All calls unrelated to their legal representation will be monitored and their mail opened and censored while visitor contact will be restricted to one hour a week. 

He was very proud of that one. Keep in mind there is NO mention of Bikers in the Bill.  Read it again if you must. This Bill can apply to anyone. Anyone who has committed an offense in Queensland and belongs to a club, group or association. 

Any of the above  can be criminalized by the state without any formal court proceedings. Possibly you and I, especially if we belong to a Nationalist Party or even dare I say any Green/Left wing org that pisses off the State at any time in the future. 

If you are found to have committed an offense you will be denied bail. No matter how small the offense. Then if you are found guilty of this offense you will be instantly given an extra MANDATORY 10 years in a Maximum security prison specially built for you and your fellow club/group comrads. 

Oh did we mention NO parole? Oh and a provision has been written in to make sure the courts do not allow parole unless the individual sings big brothers tune and co-operates. Sounds like Nuremberg.  

But hey, "Premier Campbell Newman" said law-abiding motorcyclists had nothing to fear from the 'world's toughest legislation' but asked for their patience if police asked to see their credentials".

Again Joe Blog watching the news and reading the paper still believes these laws are Outlaw Biker specific. Believe me after reading some of the comments on Newmans Face Book in support of these laws, I think we should all be a little worried about Joe Blog from Queensland. Comments such as, 'put all the bleeding hearts in prison with the bikies.', or 'the people who are against this law must have something to hide.'  Scary stuff folks.

So there is a list of clubs the Government has declared Vicious and Lawless. These are just penciled in as required. This is the only time Bikers are mentioned, along with the fact that they will have their Bikes crushed. 

This childish act of breaking your enemies toys truly makes you wonder WTF have these guys been watching? Personally, I believe they know exactly what they are doing and that this childish act is just a symptom of their arrogance.

Here is the list of declared enemies of  Ingsoc and Oceana, sorry we mean Queensland.
.the motorcycle club known as the Bandidos • the motorcycle club known as the Black Uhlans • the motorcycle club known as the Coffin Cheaters • the motorcycle club known as the Comancheros • the motorcycle club known as the Finks • the motorcycle club known as the Fourth Reich • the motorcycle club known as the Gladiators • the motorcycle club known as the Gypsy Jokers • the motorcycle club known as the Hells Angels • the motorcycle club known as the Highway 61 • the motorcycle club known as the Iron Horsemen • the motorcycle club known as the Life and Death • the motorcycle club known as the Lone Wolf • the motorcycle club known as the Mobshitters • the motorcycle club known as the Mongols • the motorcycle club known as the Muslim Brotherhood • the motorcycle club known as the Nomads • the motorcycle club known as the Notorious • the motorcycle club known as the Odins Warriors • the motorcycle club known as the Outcasts • the motorcycle club known as the Outlaws • the motorcycle club known as the Phoenix • the motorcycle club known as the Rebels • the motorcycle club known as the Red Devils • the motorcycle club known as the Renegades • the motorcycle club known as the Scorpions.

Here is a list of address you better stay way the fuck away from. If you don't you are off to prison. On second thought Im not going to publish them as some of them are legit buisneses, with people who have families to feed.  There is some 40 places listed all over Queensland.  


Sadly I haven't mentioned much about the businesses the state just put out on the street. Because under these new laws the above clubs and their members, along with any associates are no longer allowed to operate tattoo parlors and other such businesses.

So whats been going on all this week leading up to today? Well read the following; All over QLD/Oceana the secret police have wasted no time in letting every one know the State means business.

For a long time, I have taken care to not speak ill of police around my daughter and have avoided choking on my words while always telling her police are employed to protect society and to arrest bad people. My thinking has been the lass is an aware and intelligent child who will form her own opinions of police and of other worldly matters, devoid of my biased influence. Her mind was made up today (Sunday, October 13, 2013). Three plain-clothes police, with openly carried side-holstered handguns, entered my house today and despite their (quite frankly) reasonable demeanor, scared my little girl so badly, it took most of the day to settle her down. It really hit home, how it had affected my child, when, an hour after the police left, I found her hiding under my bed with her favourite soft toy for protection. It took me several minutes to convince her to come out. Well done, Queensland Police Service. That’s quite a solid day of winning the hearts and mind of the next generation. BIKIE TASKFORCE I suppose I should explain why police were even at my home, today. It was the new anti-bikie taskforce, but they didn’t identify themselves as such. Not at first. The one who bothered to wave his badge at me expressed his task was to perform a weapons audit. Well damn. Under Queensland law police can audit your weapons (enter your property) without any need for a warrant. You have to let them. Or, you can hand in your guns and license, and be able to tell them to go away until they have a warrant or other legal cause. “Uh, I was audited only a few weeks ago,” I said. I actually was. “Yeah, well this has been scheduled...” “Come on in, then.” The three filed in and we walked to my lounge room. My daughter, who had walked to the door with me, was back in the lounge room and seemed spooked. She bolted through a gap between myself, police and the couch and ran for her bedroom. She was making a weird sound like a cross between crying and saying “urghhhhhhh”. I called after her. She ignored me. I went to follow but she came bolting back out with her favourite soft toy and tucked herself into the corner of the lounge where she had her back to the wall (in a corner) sat in the fetal position and hugged her toy tight. I could not get her to talk to me. She wouldn’t get up. I could only reassure her that everything was okay and that I would talk to the police. One offered to her “We won’t keep dad long.” I have to say the police weren’t acting obnoxiously, as I would have expected – the cynical side of me suggests, over and above having met the attitude test with the “correct”, um, attitude, my young daughter and her response may have softened the demeanor of the police – but I am only surmising. They patiently waited while I tried to undo my daughter’s fright. She clearly felt their presence was some sort of violation and she was frightened. No doubt about it. Back with the three police, guns were clearly not why there were in my house. “Are you still a *name removed* ?” one asked. Immediately I felt like I had been kicked in the sternum. I had to concentrate hard to avoid shaking. I wasn’t scared. Well, maybe I was. But I was definitely angry. The reality of what was occurring in my home hit me like a freight train. I had just become one of the many civilians to be swept up in the ludicrous new regime of policing in Queensland… and I wasn’t even on a bike or in a group. Today proves all the “hysteria” about the crackdown, in my mind. “I’ve never been a *name removed*…” I started to say. “Oh, I mean *2nd name removed*” he hastily corrected. “Never been a member of them either.” The quizzing continued with me being asked if I was a prospect, nom, associate – all rightfully denied. I was asked about working for an OMC-“owned” security company – a company which, admittedly, does have a small number of OMC members working for it, as they have no convictions and hold Queensland Security Providers Licenses. Apparently this means the firm is actually owned by the OMC. Laughable. But I digress. At some point I asked what I should have asked immediately. “Why are you asking me these questions?” They were very clear in their reply. It was squarely to do with the crackdown in the wake of that Gold Coast brawl. One of the police had occasionally referred to a wad of paper of which the font page had a thumbnail image of me – it looked like my weapons license photo. After a few minutes they asked about discrepancies on the weapons audit a few weeks earlier and wanted to see my latest list. I’ll spare you the full details. Here is the summary. The mismatches were acknowledged at the previous audit to have been at Weapons Branch’s end. It was confirmed I needed to do nothing however two separate sections within that branch needed to catch up of some paperwork as to precisely which weapons were registered to me. I had police-issued paper work (PTAs) for everything not listed and a licensed gun shop’s form to account for the whereabouts of the one “missing” weapon which was in for repair. The three in my home today were lacking the details, still, for some weapons. Somewhat astoundingly, not the most recent weapons I had acquired. I suggested, after witnessing some serious head scratching, that we just open up the safe and they take a look. They merely counted the firearms. Didn’t check what was actually there. I showed PTAs for the weapons not listed (again, not physically checked) and as we went to leave the room I keep the safe in, one asked, “Um, so where do you keep the key?” Without double checking I can’t be sure, but last time I checked, only the licensed people are allowed to have access to a private weapons safe in this state. Police do not necessarily have a civilian weapons license. Telling him would be akin to an unlicensed wife having access to a gun safe – an offense wives and husbands have been charged for thanks to a helpful wife (usually, according to anecdotal stories at shooting club meets) opening the safe for an audit. Good trick question, that one. Despite all this I was confused for another reason. My safe has a pin-pad and lacks a key backup facility. One of the other police pointed this out, to my amusement. In the lounge room again, and the real reason for the intrusion was revisited. “Now, you know about what’s happened at the gold coast, yeah…” I suggested we talk outside and away from my daughter’s young ears. There was a veiled warning to stay away from any bikies I knew so as to stay off the police radar. In fact, they were really quite open about what their intention had been. “We are rattling all doors”. No surprises there. The tact turned to asking about other people I know, have worked with or for, and why I no longer speak to certain people. Lots of leading questions, clearly fishing, about their supposed drug use or drug dealing, steroids and the like – all things I have nothing to do with and have not had for more than a decade, in any capacity. The main person they were interested in was recently arrested and charged over a drugs offense. He and I had fallen out about a year earlier. They seemed really keen to know what the falling out was about. I decided to tell them. The reason had nothing to do with illegal activities. They seemed disappointed by this. More questions. More “no”s and “I don’t know”s – they were asking about people I didn’t know, hadn’t seen in months or years (or at all) and about activities I knew nothing of. It was all very leading and was clearly a fishing exercise. When I denied knowledge of a matter, a peripheral question would be asked a moment later designed to undermine my denial by eliciting inadvertent acknowledgement of knowledge. I had nothing to tell them, but it still felt uncomfortable. Something about OMCs and organised rides was eventually mentioned to which I responded, “I can’t even go on those rides – neither of my bikes are registered.” The female officer spoke up this time. “Probably not a bad thing, at the moment,” she said. WHERE IS THIS ALL GOING? I have done nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide. But it is nonsense to say, therefore, I have nothing to fear. I am terrified. Police already can enter my home, which they don’t need to do, to interrogate me about things I have nothing, really, to do with. They did it today. A sunny Sunday, at lunch time, while I was at home with my child. It seems, further more, even police will tell you not being a road motorcyclist at this time is the safer bet. What has happened to my State? It has all gone wrong. 

Now are we all on the same page?

I bet we would all like to know how all this came about? Well word on street and its well sourced, does not mention organised crime, drugs or any other Sons of Anarchy crimes. 

It would seem after a rather large fight involving OMC at Broadbeach Queensland, a few Patch members had themselves arrested. Well a certain club then traveled to the Police Station to show support for the members held under lock and key. Much like what happens when the police arrest Indigenous people all over QLD. The only difference being the Station wasn't burnt down or Police injured. 

It seems the Police didnt like this show of unity and had a sook. Just a bit of bad luck for the OMC, they are white and the wrong minority. 

Yes it always come back to race. 


Christian Identity Forum said...

This is miles off topic, but what's the deal with the Australia New Nation forum? It was hacked almost two months ago by a group claiming to be Muslim fundamentalists and still hasn't been fixed.

If the owners don't intend to bring it back, they should get their web host to remove it completely. Why give the ragheads, who probably hail from Tel Aviv, such good publicity?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Not sure about that story my friend. Its a server problem as in they need a new server. I could be wrong but thats the first Ive heard of this.

Bushranger said...

Sad state of affairs in Qld mind you nothing has changed. I remember Jello Biafra and the DKs stating that Qld was a police state back in the early 1980s.