Sunday, September 08, 2013

Australian Elections and what can we expect?

Absolutely NOTHING! 

But we can offer some comedy for the morning.

Anti Racist big mouth pushes his agenda and gets bashed and robbed by the people he claims to protect. Poetic Justice many of us would say.

Syria, dirty deads and our Tyranicle Governments in the West.

For those of you who have either been asleep or simply to bloody stupid to figure out our leaders are pushing to start WW111,  here is a few interesting facts that the Jewish run media wont tell you.


The bulk of the evidence that Assad has committed the chemical attacks comes from “Israeli intelligence”, despite mounting objective evidence that it was the other way around. The statement of Carla Del Ponte, Member of Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic ,caused the mobilization of the Zionist pseudo-democratic bloc within the UN, who soon after issued a statement that there is no time to find clear indications as to which side unleashed the chemicals
Del Ponte , it is worth noting, had previously served as a Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Ms Del Ponte stated that a gathering of physical evidence as well as eye witness testimonies point to the fact that it is the American, Israeli and Turkish backed rebels that have done the chemical attacks blamed on Assad, specifically the use of the nerve gas sarin. When this conclusion was gotten to, the Zionist controlled media buried the news, and instead chose to focus on the positions of dissidents and ‘Western’ forces, which without a shred of evidence pinned the attack on Syrian president Assad
The development proves that this chemical attack was little more than a staged provocation to establish an excuse for globalists to openly invade Syria. The United States, France, Turkey, Britain (despite parliamentary resistance to a strike) and Israel continue to insist on the guilt of Assad
On the other hand, Syria’s representatives to the United Nations refuted the accusations of the Zionist bloc. The Syrian representatives stressed that the chemical weapons were manufactured in Turkish territory, with equipment supplied by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, and smuggled into Syrian territory to be eventually used by the rebels.

Now for a Quick Q&A


Unlike many of the other Arab / Muslim nations in the region, Syria is not a puppet of the US / NATO “globalists”. President Assad himself has said “Syria will never become a Western Puppet”.  Even during the Soviet-US “Cold War” days, Syria was ‘non aligned’, and sought good relations with both the US and the USSR

It’s no secret that since the days of the British conquest of Palestine, Israeli expansionists have wanted to expand Israel’s northern border up to the fertile lands of the Litani River basin in southern Lebanon. Control of the Litani River is important to water deficient Israel.
A Lebanese political and military organization known as “Hezbollah” has successfully thwarted these Israeli ambitions.  Contrary to US and Israeli propaganda, Hezbollah is not a ‘terrorist’ organization. Its main backers are Syria and Iran. If Syria and Iran fall, so will Hezbollah.

The Syrian War is NOT a “civil war” at all. Assad is quite popular, especially among the Christian minority which he protects. Even those Syrians who do oppose Assad want the foreign terrorists out of Syria. What we are seeing in Syria is actually a proxy war between the US-UK-Israeli-Saudi Axis on one side, and the Russian backed Syrian government on the other.
The majority of the “rebels” consists of foreign terrorist mercenaries (Al Qaeda), once again trained and equipped by the Saudis and US intelligence.

After two years of fighting and 100,000 dead Syrians, the Syrian Army (with help from Hezbollah fighters) was routing the Al Qaeda death squads and just weeks away from ending the conflict.
That’s when Israel began bombing Syrian targets! Israeli bombs, combined with pressure from the American-Israel lobby, US “neo-cons”, and Senator McCain, nudged Obama into action.
No! Syria refused to take Israel's bait because Syria does not want war. Not only does Israel possess more than 200 nuclear bombs, but Assad knows that an attack upon Israel would be treated as an attack upon the mighty USA itself. So you see, Israeli’s feigned “fear” of Syria and Iran is laughable!

In June 2013, with the "rebels" almost defeated once and for all, Obama announced increased military aid to the terrorist “rebels”. He then stated, openly and repeatedly, that if the Syrian government were to “cross a red line” and suddenly use “chemical weapons”, the US would have to act.

Well, that’s just it. He did not use chemical weapons! It not only defies logic, but there is no forensic evidence, at all, to support Obama’s and Senator Kerry’s claim. We now know that the claim itself was based on Israeli intelligence reports! If indeed there even was a  chemical attack, the only beneficiaries would be the "rebels", their CIA handlers, and the warmongers of Israel.
Yes! It is the exact same template. In 2011, foreign "Al Qaeda" death squads invaded Libya, a stable and peaceful nation. When Libya's popular leader, Muamar Qaddafi, tried to put them down, the propaganda press falsely accused "the dictator" of "killing his own people." Destructive US air strikes were used to support the terrorists on the ground.
Qaddafi's convoy was attacked by US jets. The "rebels" then captured Qaddafi, tortured him, and murdered him on camera! Days later, a sadistic Hillary Clinton gloated and cackled, "We came. We saw. He died."  Russia (and China) were incensed by this brutal US led aggression.
Libya today is lawless and in ruin.
Toxic Warfare - Rebels caught with sarin gas amid Syria arms supply scandal.

These Are the People Who Obama, Kerry, Cantor and Boehmer Want You to Support. Christian beheading Islamists, cannibals, murderers and an international assortment of al-Qaeda linked terrorists: this is the motley gang of criminals that Barack Obama, John Kerry, US House Speaker John Boehner, and House majority leader Eric Cantor want the American public to support in Syria, says a report by The New Observer

It is largely thanks to the power of the Internet that the wider public are able to see for themselves the shocking rogues’ gallery of evil which the Obama regime and its allies are supporting with supplies, and now wish to support with direct military action.

The New Observer has earlier reported on the large number of foreign Islamist extremists who make up the ragtag collection of criminals in the completely misnamed “Free Syrian Army”—but since then, the atrocities and crimes committed by these extremists have shocked decent people across the globe.

On May 15th, 2013, a video was released by the “Free Syrian Army” in which one of their commanders cuts out the heart and liver of a soldier and eats the heart chanting ”I swear to God we will eat your hearts out, you soldiers of Bashar. You dogs. God is greater!” the man says. “Heroes of Baba Amr … we will take out their hearts to eat them.”

The report goes on to show three shocking videos of “Syrian Rebel” activity, including an awful beheading, cannibalism and the mass shooting, execution style, of bound and kneeling prisoners by the groups that Obama wants the American congress to support with a military strike.

The videos are too shocking for us to display on this site, but those who are of strong constitution, can watch them on the original article here–but be warned, they are of very graphic content.

So here we are, and even if the U.S congress listens to the 80% of Americans who are dead against this escalation towards World War 111,  the Black man in the White House with his various Jewish advisers looks to have found another way to circumvent Democracy. How Marxist of him.


WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time in more than two years of a bloody civil war, President Barack Obama has declared Syria a national security threat that must be answered with a military strike — and in doing so he is warning Americans as much about the leaders of Iran and North Korea as about Bashar Assad.

America's credibility with those countries will be an immediate casualty if it stands down now on Syria, administration officials say in making their case for U.S. missile strikes.

The recent chemical weapons attack killed 1,429 people, U.S. intelligence officials say. Other estimates are somewhat lower.  

The administration is alone in claiming such a high death toll, citing intelligence reports but refusing to be more specific. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which collects information from a network of anti-regime activists in Syria, said over the weekend that it has been compiling a list of the names of the dead and that its toll reached 502.

 By claiming Syria is a threat to National Security he has now given himself the authority to attack with out the backing of the congress and the people of the United States. 

As strange as it may seem Russia is now the country that represents Nationalism, calm response and diplomacy. One could almost say Russia is more Democratic than we are now. On the other hand the US and its allies in Europe resemble Stalin's Russia complete with its Jewish henchmen.


Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How would you manage without the holocaust?

This video definately falls into the WTF category.  Have watched it a couple of times now and still don't know quite what to make of it.

Natali Cohen Vaxberg is an Israeli jew who did this skit called "How would you manage without the holocaust? " She seems to be disliked by the jewish establishment, so it must be OK then....

When I watch it a few thoughts come to to mind.

1.  Only a jew would get away with doing this, and with the video mostly unheard of.  If anyone else did it, they would be very publicly hung, drawn and quartered.

2. It shows the very bizarre behaviour of "just start to scream abuse if things don't go your way".... these people have no shame. 

3. Hebrew is a very painful language to listen to (don't worry it has subtitles).

It tells a few home truths though.. watch and enjoy... (or at least go WTF???).