Saturday, November 16, 2013

Golden Dawn Murders

Nearly everyone reading this would have already heard about the murders of the two young Golden Dawn members, George Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis.  

We salute these two brave young men, struck down in their prime by evil cowards.  But their memories will live on, and their deaths will inspire many to take up or continue the fight.

The internet is rife with rumours.. Was it a hit by the extreme left, the government, or mossad?  To be honest, we have no idea, it could reasonably be any of them.  Or all of them together.

But we do know one thing.  Europe has been a pressure cooker for decades, waiting to explode. The cracks are very obviously appearing now.  You cannot force the unnatural, nature will win in the end.  

You cannot force European people to accept their genocide by non white mass immigration.  

You cannot obliterate the tribal instincts of wanting to be proud of your people and your nation and wanting to defend them. 

You cannot make people slaves to debt and international bankers.   

You cannot expect a sick society that promotes homosexuality, feminism, race mixing and the breakdown of the family unit to not want to heal itself.   

You cannot expect people to accept a corrupt and overbearing entity like the EU bearing down on them.   

You cannot keep down people that want to be free of this tyranny.

Nationalist parties are rising up and becoming strong all throughout Europe.  People are waking up.  

Cowardly acts like the murder of George Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis only expose the sham that is labelled “democracy” and highlight the extremists that are only interested in enforcing their own agenda upon you, and will do anything to completely obliterate any opposition to them. As far as they are concerned, you really don’t have a choice, it will be their way or else, and anyone thinking otherwise is deluding themselves.

Just look at the “gloating” of some of the “nice fluffy lefties” about the murders:

Declan Taylor, who lives in Perth WA, wrote “A bullet going through their heads is the only brain activity these guys ever had”.

I wonder how tough little Declan would be if he actually met some Nationalists in real life, and just wasn’t a keyboard warrior posting on facebook.

Rafi Alam declared “Good riddance to dead Nazi’s”.  So.. someone should be killed because they have differing political viewpoints to you… wow, and they call us the mean and nasty ones….

According to his facebook page, Mr Alam is an editor at Honi Soit, which is the University of Sydney’s weekly student newspaper. Well, he seems to have the sort of integrity that modern journalists are made up of nowadays.

James Godfrey is calling out for more murders of people, based on their political beliefs… “2 down, too many to go”.  Will the police investigate this as a hate crime?  We doubt it. 

Well seeing as Mr Godfrey claims to live in “Le Tampon, Big Beaver Michigan"… he is probably safe from retribution as I don’t think many decent people would want to go there.  What a class act...


Jacob Lynagh says that it’s “score one for the good guys I think…”.. Right, so the murderers of two innocent young men, cut down in their prime because they want to defend their country are the “good guys”.

Hey you tough keyboard commando's, you are all scum, and should rightly be shown to the world as to what you really are.  Lucky for you we are here to do exactly that.

Hail the Golden Dawn!