Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ukraine Protesters Toppling Communist Statues

Whitelaw Towers is still trying to work out exactly what is going on in the Ukraine, so this blog entry isn’t really about that.  All we can work out is that there are major factions at play.  In simplistic terms, it seems to be about those who want Ukraine to get away from an alliance with Russia and join the evil EU, those want to stay with Russia (who has its own interest at heart, not Ukraine’s), and those who want Ukraine independence, away from the two other major powers (and then they need to sort out their own corrupt Ukrainian politicians).  We wish the last group all of the best, as that would be the best thing for the Ukraine, although how they will keep the other wolves at bay we are not quite sure.  Full credit to those who have taken to the streets fighting.  I wish other whites in our complacent western societies would do the same.

What we would like to write about, on a cheerful note, is the spate of communist statues (mostly of Lenin) that are being pulled down around the nation, now that people are free. Funny how that is the first thing they are doing. They are so keen someone has even created a map outlining where all the statues have come down from.  The communist party has been outlawed in at least three of the regions where the Nationalists have taken power.

To us this is a wonderful sight.  Communism (in all its “ism” forms) is pure evil.  A sick jewish invention, and poison for white people.  Over a hundred million people have been murdered under this ideology.  And their supporters are in our media, our parliament, and very strongly represented in our universities.  Absolutely sickening.

But the tide is turning on you… watch out… Payback is a bitch.

Stunning map reveals 100 statues of Soviet leader have been toppled in Ukraine

Statues of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin are being toppled in a revolutionary frenzy sweeping Ukraine, it emerged today.

After Viktor Yanukovych's rule came crashing down on Saturday, protesters have turned their attention to the 1,500 Soviet icons that still remain across their troubled country.

Around 100 of the so-called 'reclining Lenins' have reportedly been destroyed according to an interactive map released by Euromaidan, the opposition movement organisers.

Read the rest here...

Sit back and enjoy the pictures.... (from the UK Daily Mail)

This map shows the scale of protests against Ukraine's remaining Lenin statues. Each sign shows an icon that has come down

 Dozens of these Soviet icons have been pulled down across the troubled country

 Far-right activists with the group Pravy Sector are shown pulling down a Soviet statue in the town of Zhytomyr 

A statue of Lenin lies toppled and smashed in the Crimean city of Zuya


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, Whitelaw.

Bollyn says that the Ukrainian Crisis is provoked and has been fomented by the Neo-Con Kagan family, and he names many of the instigators, including Soros. I think there is a Diamond who is another jewish media producer who is heavily involved.

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine