Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whitelaw Towers is back!!!!!

Aahhhh sea breezes, lazing on the beach having a drink, 


well maybe not....

Fresh air, hiking in the mountains…
Fishing on a lovely lake….
Cutting down a ski slope…

Whitelaw Towers has been on holidays, for a well earned break.  It wasn’t anything planned, so hence no formal announcement, but it just sort of happened.  More time spent with friends and family.  Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. 

Thanks to all who wrote to us worried and concerned.  We are OK, better than ever in fact.  We are now back with a vengeance with recharged batteries and rearing to go.
We will continue to report on the white genocide happening around the world through forced “multiculturism”.  Focus on the jews trying to destroy our white societies and culture. Educate people about National Socialism, the best ideology to save the white race. Expose those who attack loyal white nationalists, who care about their families, race and the world they live in.  And tell the world about the people who have the guts to fight back against the system, people like you and me.
Check in regularly to see what we have to say.  And if there is anything happening in your area that should be advertised or exposed, or any activism that you have done, drop us a line and tell us about it.

To get us started here is a photo of a memorial held recently at the Shrine of Remembrance in Brisbane to commemorate the bombing of Dresden on 13-14 February.  Forget the crap that the allies call “war crimes”, the bombing of Dresden and many other German cities were true war crimes and a real “holocaust” – burning by fire.  The direct targeting of civilians was inexcusable.  When will someone be held accountable for these crimes, instead of putting put up memorials to “Bomber Harris” and singing the praises of the cowards that bombed and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

We may not agree with what everyone thinks or believes in (and to be honest, we are not quite sure about the Dresden to 9-11 connection, we think that Dresden should just be commemorated on its own), but hey, these petty differences don’t matter.  At the end of the day we are all on the same side, and anyone that has the guts to get out there and actually do something should be applauded.
So it’s great to be back.  Here’s to fighting the good fight and winning!

Whitelaw Towers


Anonymous said...

welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Good work guys looking forward to your future posts..