Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is James Hutchings Andy Fleming Slackbastard? Pt 2 - The Slackbastard doth protest too much, methinks....

Oh dear.

YouTube has removed our James Hutchings video.  The reason....apparently it made poor James feel either harrassed, bullied or threatened....or gay or weak.. or something like that.

Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.....cry me a river.

James is more than happy to go undercover and find out whatever he can to attack Nationalists and "Nazis",  But when he's found out and publicly shamed about it, the big tough anarchist goes crying to the authorities.... what a fucking weeny.

Don't worry James, we found someone to stick up for you.  We've contacted Chris Crocker and he promises to do a "Leave James alone...." video just for you....

Warning:  If you are able to sit through this entire video then you have a stronger stomach than us

Anyway, if you missed our video on "Is James Hutchings Andy Fleming Slackbastard?", here it is:

You can also view a high definition/better quality version of it here on TruTubeTV.

And for those of you who want to have their own "James Hutchings" porn at home, you can download a copy for yourself, a high definition mp4 (about 150mb) version, or a WMV (about 60mb).

Now, various sources (including ourselves if the truth be told) have accused Slackbastard of being a variety of people.  As we have said elsewhere, we may or may not have been wrong.  We are not saying that James Hutchings definately is Andy Fleming Slackbastard... just that based on all of the evidence that has been presented to us he seems a very likely candidate for the position.  

And we consider it our civic duty to pass on this information to you, the intelligent reader, to make up your own mind on the matter.  What could be more fair than that?

But apparently James Hutchings doesn't see it that way.  The coward who wrote about infiltrating the punk music scene in Melbourne to secretly expose "Nazis", and who writes a blog about what a tough anarchist he is, has screamed to YouTube about his fear and hurt feelings to have our video taken down; he has threatened both Stormfront and The Australia First party with legal action about posts that have been written about him.  And he seems to have a group rallying around the Slackbastard blog and Facebook page, swearing that Slackbastard isn't him. He is even going to be interviewed on a radio show on 3CR to prove that he can't be Andy Fleming. Wow, James will do anything to plug his apalling writing, won't he. What a publicity whore.

We have never seen a reaction like this any of the other times that Slackbastard has been "outed".  It looks like they are trying to do some serious damage control.  Are we just a little bit too close for comfort on this one?

Or to paraphrase Shakespeare.... The Slackbastard doth protest too much, methinks...

Slackbastard has also insulted the intelligence of the people who work at 3CR Radio.  In our first video our intrepid investigator phones 3CR and asks to schedule an interview with James Hutchings of the SUWR show.  Now James doesn't work on the SUWR show, Andy Fleming does.  But the radio station knew exactly who we were talking about, and offered to get in touch with James Hutchings for us, so that he could be interviewed.  

Slackbastard has countered this by basically saying that the people who work at 3CR are stupid, and that "the person who answers the phone is in all likelihood a volunteer who has zero knowledge of who hosts the SUWA Show and if he’d asked to leave a message for Jasmine Hodgkinson the result would’ve been the same...."

Well, we have no knowledge of the intelligence levels of the people who volunteer at 3CR, although we may have to agree with Andy on this one that they probably aren't very smart.

However we didn't speak to a volunteer. We spoke to the Station Manager.  

We suspect that she might know who is involved with the contents of the radio programs on the station that she manages.  Here is an extended version of the 3CR audio which we didn't put on our original video:

 You can view a higher definition version of the video here on TruTube.

You can also download it from here (approx 21 mb).


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Is James Hutchings - Andy Fleming Slackbastard?

Most of you reading this would be aware of the blog and facebook site “Slackbastard”.  This is written by an anonymous blogger(s) who calls themselves Andy Fleming.  This person enjoys hiding behind their mask of anonymity, and writing particularly scathing and nasty things about anyone they disagree with.

Andy is a fervent “anarchist”, whatever that actually means.  Apparently Andy hates “the system”, and in particular “Nazis”.  What Andy’s actual definition of a “Nazi” is, we are a bit unsure.  But from what we can make out, it appears to be anyone that disagrees with no rules or government interference, no borders, anyone that is a nationalist, anyone that disagrees that we are “one fluffly bunny race of equal people”, thinks that race mixing is bad……and that “smash the fash” is good….whew!!!

“Andy” may be more than one person.  They certainly must have contributions from a team of people around the place, which they then pass publish on the blog.  

Andy Fleming “Slackbastard” has been “called out” a few times by people in the past, and they may have got it wrong. Or not. 

Rather than make accusations, we thought it best to put the case forward for the most primary candidates for "Andy Fleming", and let people make up their own minds.  We will update this site with information about other anarchist activists.  It may not happen overnight (this information gathering takes time), but it will happen.  

If someone is not actually “Andy”, we don’t think that really matters.  All the people who will be identified are unpleasant individuals who are hostile to  Nationalists and actively work both publicly and privately to destroy them.  So the world should be aware of who they are and their activities anyway. 

So for everyone that “Andy Fleming Slackbastard” has attacked, outed, helped to lose their jobs, poked fun of.. etc etc.. over the years, this post is dedicated to you.

The prime candidate for “Andy” is James Hutchings, an anarchist living in Melbourne.  

 You can find the evidence that has been gathered supporting this theory in the following video.  A more detailed text version with extra information will be also be published soon, both here and at the andyslackbastard blog.

Please watch the video and make up your own mind.

The video can also be found at TruTube.TV