Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Brendon O'Connell Is Back, and He Is Not Happy.

Well he doesn't seem very sad either. In fact he seems to have a rather good grasp of the situation. 

This guy got an extra helping of gonads when they handed them out. Truly inspiring.

Now lets get this straight. Brendon does not subscribe to WLT or any other WN, NS page or beliefs. In fact he is just a man who has sacrificed more than any other in the pursuit of truth and justice. None of which will be found at any Australian Legal, Political or Law Enforcement agency. 

We tip our hat to Brendon and wish him well. Now that's news.


Anonymous said...

Wow! He looks good and is as fired up as ever! I'm glad the system didn't break him.. Keep it up mate!

Anonymous said...

Whitelaw, Brandon is back and He's still giving good information which should not be overlooked. - Flanders

"The legislation I was put in jail under was in fact first enacted in the Soviet Union. In fact, it was the very first piece of legislation they enacted -".

Comparing the text of #1: "COMMUNISTS (1919):
“Incitement to hatred and hostility of a national or religious nature.”

To the text of #2: "Western Australian Labor Party (2004):
“77. Conduct intended to incite racial animosity or racist harassment
Any person who engages in any conduct, otherwise than in private, by which the person intends to create, promote or increase animosity towards, or harassment of, a racial group, or a person as a member of a racial group, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.”

"Now you see why Freemasonry is known as "Judaism for Gentiles".

Anonymous said...

Good article from the occidental observer

and are promoters of gay marriage and mass third world immigration etc etc etc etc
I never had much time for Bob Carr, well about the same I have for the rest of them but he seems to have redeemed himself here and yes Brendon O'c certainly has a pair, topman .

Anonymous said...

This is on the rise all over Europe, Italy just rescued 4k from the Mediteranean and took them to a port some where south of Sicily to be processed, at the end of the day they are in and will make their way to the countries with most benevolent welfare, look out UK and Sweden.
The mob in the video are pushing themselves into a Spanish enclave in Morroco, the police there tried pushing them back with rubber bullets till the red cross bleeding hearts said you can't do that, so again, there in, 10's thousands more lining up to do the same thing, someone is going to have to put their foot down or Europe will be no more.

gisellewilding said...

In late 2000, just before new laws came in re racial vilification etc. I could not get an intervention order against a man who drew a knife on me (and had done other horrific things) as his barrister, Joe Schepis, said to Heidelberg Magistrate Perosa Spanos,I had to be delusional as I went to church and believed in the Holy Bible.I was interrogated as to how many hours a week I studied the Bible (my first experience of the justice system) and other things beyond belief and mocked. There was nothing else on me not even a speeding fine. I lost. Later in the dock as they were trying to jail me (drugged and foolishly pleaded guilty) in the County Court Judge Nixon and OPP prosecutor Jew Alex Albert mocked me over posts I had done re CIA and drug smuggling and corrupt Victoria Police taking bribes from the other side (who I exposed for trying to steal millions and got away with it).All true. I do not hide my name.