Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Anti Antifa News. Lots of Butt Hurt over at Slackbastard.

A common problem I hear. 

But to be serious, good to see the Antifa has nothing unless backed by the CFMEU. I guess assault charges that are pending against CFMEU officials who assaulted Pro Golden Dawn supporters a few weeks back, may have something to do with the NO SHOW. No playing "capture the flag that day".

So last Saturday Australia First held a meeting in Sydney to discuss relevant issues concerning Immigration and other pressing matters. This was a public meeting and openly advertised. Plenty of time to organize a counter protest, see below.

 A call to arms from the lunatic left based in Sydney.

Of course @ndy had a crack at summoning his band of mercenaries.

So how did it go? Well form our side it was rather good. Considering the threats made to the venue and the very possible threat of violence from corrupt CFMEU members, over 80 people attended throughout the day.

On the other side the "Butt Hurt" and silence has given us all here at WLT a good belly laugh. Certainly the Antifa Rooster @ndy has had to spend some time as a feather duster this time around. Even admitting defeat. Something he dammed well better get used to after what happened in Brisbane a few weeks back. 

The violent actions of the CFMEU at the behest of @ndy Slackbastard (James Hutchings?) and this previously unknown woman has truly fired up a few, and dragged a few out of semi retirement. 

No one likes a cocky coward @ndy and that buddy is a suitable description of you.

So what else has @ndy been saying since the non event? Well lies of course.  He just cant help showing the world what his tribe is well known for. This would have to be one the stupidest lies Ive seen come from them in a few months. Lucky he has the media in his pocket, as I expect they will in the future lay claim it was true because @ndy published it on Face Book,  with no proof of course.  But his fellow idiots fell for it. 

Gota love the whole there is a Nazi or Klans Man on every corner when Antifa are around.  In fact this so called Imperial Wizard was in fact a  nationalist and self appointed comedy relief from Sydney.  Going by the name of  Sheik Rattle and Roll, piss take obviously, he is often spotted at these types of meetings dressed as an Arab. Nothing wrong with a laugh, unless you are some type of violent homicidal maniac. That brings us to the 17 antifa and other various tools of the state who turned up on the day.. 

I truly wonder sometimes. Imagine the screams from the Left if we started saying the only good commie, Marxist, Zionist take your pick, is a dead one? Imagine if we carried banners that proclaimed it in public? That's news, unless you are the controlled state opposition.

So the other banner using some very naughty words had the NSW Police intervening on behalf of the public. It was soon put away. Sadly the death threats remained. I guess they knew that the last of the Nazis finished being a problem to the Australian Public at the close of WW2. Of course the war still rages just like in Orwells Novel 1984 in the minds of these idiots.  By their selection criteria nearly every white Australian who served during WW2 was themselves a Nazi. Hopeless lot these antis.

Of course no protest is complete with out good old Ian Rintoul. Some of our long term readers will remember this bloke and his mates from 2006 and again in 2010 Here. Its hard to believe but he has actualy accused us of working for the Abbott government. Best check the link above for some insight on who works for the state.

My god its hard to take these people serious at times. Until the Brisbane demo no body truly did. But they decided to change the game. Advancing from stalking, ruining peoples lively hoods,  using their friends from the Greens, The Australian Labour Party and the media, to outright violence.  Very silly move. My god there will be some blow back from that once the charges are laid. We cant wait to get our teeth into that.

The only real recorded actions from antifa was the throwing of a paint bomb at an Australia First members private vehicle (no arrests again)  along with a car load of Lebanese pulling up twice making death threats. Probably @ndys mates as his lot has used them before, Here. (again no arrests) Im sure if any of us stepped one foot outside of the law, not only would we be arrested,  but have our private residence raided and our families and identities splashed over every MSM outlet in the country. 

On another note we see Golden Dawn have done rather well in the EU elections. The biggest shock is the NPD, nice work Germany. Keep an eye on France also this should be interesting. Our guess Israel is already planning something big for poor old France. Other wise folks keep up the good work. 


Anonymous said...

Of course you failed to highlight the real secret weapon of the anti-fa: pink pants, like that guy with Rintoul is wearing. Without 'em, he loses his mojo.

Anonymous said...

James Hutchings can't even get a job let alone destroy the right.

Anonymous said...

I think the fat guy behind the guy with the megaphone might be the greens candidate for Penrith further investigating needed??

Whitelaw Towers said...

It would appear you are correct. Thanks Victor.

Anonymous said...

This is how Hutchings aka @ndy sees himself in his wet dreams

It would have been half interesting for him to be revealed as a Rabid Rik, not just the boring looking, quite CONSERVATIVE looking (excuse for) middle aged man he his