Monday, May 26, 2014

Anti Antifa News

Well it should be called comedy gold. Please always make sure you visit the original source at Anti Antifa.

"Saturday, 24 May 2014 James Allen, Antifa Sydney After the poor turnout of Antifa in Doonside yesterday I found a guy who claimed to have been there.
James Allen seems to be quite the attention seeker too. He claims he stole an Anti Antifa shirt off a Skinhead.

Thats a laugh, seeing as how I personally took that photo. James is obviously a liar, and out to gain credibility from his Antifa mates. 

Antifa? Hahaha! "

Further news from the girls over at Antifa Australia and its self appointed leader @ndy Slackbastard. In an article that may well have been written by the Pro Israel State Funded leader of Antifa Australia @ndy, we found this rather interesting comment. 

"AViet • 2 months ago andy my brother. your the man! wish i was living in melb. ill protect you till the end! we hope to contact you 1day and put some plans in place. i know alot of people whos down to pound! fuckin skinheads! bitches only good when they outnumber you. there fuck all in adel. get wrecked all the time. pussy out when the numbers are even. lots of thrm are burried in the woods, asians. africans. middle eastern. everybody who has a brain. get together and fuckin unite!!! somebody make a website. expose them. infomation. pictures. address. work place.hang outs. car detail, etc. make a forum. have different sections for each state, make it so we can access it with phones. keep it simple set that up and we will be on the front line choping there fucking heads in."

We will have more hilarity for you this week once we get some pics from last Saturdays protest from Australia First in Sydney.  The total absence of the CFMEU or the ETU in supporting Antifa in countering has been noted. The "Butthurt" from @ndy is rather interesting along with his lies of an attendee being dressed in a Klan robe. Stay tuned.  

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