Saturday, May 03, 2014

Support the Golden Dawn Protest Brisbane.

As many are now aware the "Support the Golden Dawn"  protest has been and gone. For those who attended along with the members of The Australia First Party Brisbane, we say thanks. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in courage and dedication. 

So how did it go? Members of Australia First along with supporters started to arrive at around 11.00 am. By then about 20 to 30 counter protestors had already taken position on two of the four corners at the mustering point. On one corner was a mixture of Jews, Marxists, Communists and Antifa. On the other, Union Shop Stewards numbering about eight. All up about 20 to 30 in total. Along with these counter protestors was Channel 7 news camera men and one reporter, and everyone's favorite Jew John Saffron.

The numbers from the counter protestors was about average going by the past few years of Antifa countering Australia First in Sydney. All seemed normal as we simply expected to hear the same old chants and same old rhetoric. 

After about five minutes the first of the threats started to be reported. These threats all coming from one man in particular, "Joe Myles" Union official from the CFMEU who is pictured below in the Blue Jacket. 

These threats consisted of "you cunts are all dead" "none of you fucking cock suckers are gunna walk away today". He also yelled out several times through out the day  along with other CFMEU members "Nazi Faggots" "come over here and suck my cock Nazi Faggots". I suspect the real "faggots" pictured below on the day may not have been so impressed.

This is typically the sort of counter protestor we see regularly in Australia. 

Certainly stands out among the workers behind him. Im sure they spend  heaps of time swapping stories on how to tie off scaffolding and pour concrete.

Along with Joe Myles was another CFMEU official yet to be named pictured below. 

This brave individual seen holding a flag he just stole from a member of Australia First while he was being beaten, was nothing but a foul mouthed big shot who could truly use an upgrade in life skills. We will look into this guy further down the track. 

About now the strange mix of the great unwashed, along with a few CFMEU members called over by UNION officials started to surround and split up members and supporters of Australia First.

Members and supporters of AF then had to push their way through all the while being grabbed and pulled back in. Thats when the following individual showed up pictured below.

Now this guy was a real anti racist. Stopping one supporter, this lump of shit who actually smelt as bad as he looks said the following in front of the crowd. "Hey bro you white boys are out, I am your future bro you better get used to it". This was said in front of at least 20 people including John Saffron. He was applauded by the majority white crowd. All happy to be celebrating their own demise.

So after the five members made it out of the crowd, they were advised by the QPS as to the whereabouts of the others. As they walked across to them, followed by a very threatening and antagonizing group from the CFMEU and ETU unions things heated up. Our friend pictured above  holding a stolen Eureka flag along with another individual pictured below, assaulted one of the members of Australia First.

This guy wearing his employers shirt "Lack Group" punched a member of the public at least five times on a public street while at work. This was witnessed by the Police and the Channel 7 news reporter and his camera man. The camera man actually dropped his camera down so as NOT to capture the moment. 

While this was happening, Joe Myles and other CFMEU individuals ripped a Eureka flag from another supporter who the victim was trying to help. All were dragged to safety by other supporters of Australia First and Golden Dawn. No action has been taken by QLD Police at this time.

It must be noted all the assaults were carried out on those who certainly didn't lack courage but lacking in size and the ability to fight back effectively. They conveniently left the bigger lads alone.  

The rest of the march consisted of being stalked by two Jews (pictured below) not including John Saffron. 

 Robin Taubenfeld an American Jew. So very annoying this one was with her camera. She was quoted on the news accusing the police of protecting us. Yet she stood in our face all day taking pictures. Maybe she thinks we couldn't see her with her powers of invisibility. I think the Police presence may have assisted her.

This crazy guy stood for the most part by himself all day. On the back of his shirt he had a black power symbol. John Saffron claimed that this guy wasn't Jewish. Maybe he is just bat shit crazy?

At any rate QPS who by now were very cranky and demanding AF remove masks and roll up flags (while 5 meters away the exact opposite was happening) advised them to shut the operation down. They then said they would escort them around the block and they would then have to make their own way out.

They sure as hell didn't lie, as they marched them into Musgrave Park a senior officer said "you are on your own now" and all the Police pulled out. So they made their way towards the Greek Consulate evading the CFMEU. Only a hand full of members could make it into the Consulate that was by now impossible to gain entry because of a heavy Union presence, so the picket was called off. No its not what the media said now is it, surprised?  Well if you are reading this blog and still believe the media is honest you best learn fast.

So by the end of the day not a great deal was achieved. Up till then two members of Australia First had been assaulted. One suffering a broken finger and torn muscle around his shoulder. The other bruising to his face from being punched. Two flags stolen and plenty of other laws broken by the CFMEU. No arrests had been made on the day.

Antifa and all the other Left Wing ding bats who managed to stand behind the CFMEU all day, mustered up about 20 protestors. The CFMEU Construction Forestry Mining Union along with the ETU Electrical Trades Union made up the vast majority. The mustering point was situated between two construction sites. So the Unions closed the sites down to facilitate the attendance of the workers. Once there, members of both unions behaved in a such a way that left us to think that it was a planned political assault. This protest had nothing to do with Race or politics but all to do with a corrupt government in Greece that is locking up democratically elected members of Golden dawn.

Im sure there will be much written over the Union involvement in coming days, a lot more. 

Now I would like to leave it there as the day ended rather well with them all finally back together for a debrief  and a cold beer at a pub just outside of Brisbane city. Unfortunately someone was followed by members of the CFMEU. After the majority had left, a group of six or seven males entered the venue rushing up behind those who stayed and attacked them. It has been reported to us that this group was led by a CFMEU official also known to us. Three members of Australia First including a 70 year old Greek Australian needed hospitalization after this cowardly unprovoked attack. That is about all I am at liberty to say at the moment. Needless to say we know who did this and steps are being made to bring about justice.

So who involved the Unions?


Anonymous said...

Great Work guys! I'm really impressed how you fellas handled yourselves in the middle of these animals. I wouldn't be to hard on the trades drongos that only showed up cause their union handlers told them to. Those Union leaders are in big shit now. Gutless wonders.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the blue hoodie looks like a pregnant female

Anonymous said... seems this joe myles thug likes breaking the law....and wasting union members funds...

Anonymous said...

Lying butthurt scum buckets.. 200 of us ran your boys of home crying in their maxi taxi.... Losers should have expected us!!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Please point out the lies. Im sure over the next few months we will see.