Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yet another creature exposed by Anti Antifa Australia. Say hello to Loki.

Nice work fellas, as always please visit the original link and save it to your favorites. HERE 

Brisbane Antifa "loki".

This guy, well what can we say. He's a 30 year old green P plater who lives with his parents in the quiet suburb north of Brisbane, Burpengary. He's in a shit band called 'whiskey and speed'. He's totally tough and all that too. Must be all the homemade dinners his mummy makes him in between all the sex, drugs rock and roll. 

His band also said this.

Round of applause for Antifas dipshit of the year!


Anonymous said...

The more everyone exposes these lefties the more they will disappear just like andy/james does to good Nationalists. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Let the antifas have a look at this

Europe has woken up

Anonymous said...

you're slow at posting up good links

let the antifas have look at this, above that is

Anonymous said...

Whiskey & Speed openly call you out and ask you to confront them at a show and you pussies never even try. Keep being internet hard-cases, it sure is making me respect you.

Anonymous said...

You guys are fucking stupid. I will gladly punch you in the chest because of this.
fuck off and die.

anonymousey said...

>mfw when you white dog boneheads think posting information like this will achieve anything
>i have no fucking face, as i can't stop laughing at all your mad

face it fascist, you and your inbred community are obviously all talk. remember the last time you posted d0x of a member of whiskey & speed stating that you guys were going to show up at their next show to cause trouble? i do. what did that amount too? absolutely nothing, as usual. that was at least two years ago now.

exposing the identity of people who don't really give two shits about what you do with their personal information while hiding your own identity out of fear of being exposed as the racist scum you are is kind of pathetic don't ya think? considering none of us who identify as antifascists have anything to hide.

i think there's five members of whiskey and speed - i'm not a member and i'm pretty sure they have a fairly large local fan base. assuming you are one of (or associated with) the FIVE fascists scumbags who actually had the balls to show their faces on Russel st on May 2nd, we can safely assume we out number you, at least 5:1. this doesn't even include the local antifascist collective that have absolutely nothing to do with said band who are literally eagerly awaiting the day you brainless boneheads actually come out in the open, without the protection of the state. i won't even touch on how entrenched antifascist ideals are in the trade unions at the moment, you already know this.

face it whitey, you are literally a minority group. not only as a European person, but as an organised hate group. you can continue to 'expose' antifascists all you like, it just strengthens our numbers as more and more people become aware of your violent and oppressive ideologies. keeping in mind that the majority of your followers and the majority of the scum that reside (read: hide) on stormfront are illiterate sub humans, who fail to even grasps the correct basic usage of the english language (which is kind of ironic isn't it?).

yours truly,

ps. Odin and Thor are pretty angry about you slandering Loki like this. best check yourself before the gods wreck your shit. you'd think you filthy christian scum bags would have learned by now to not fuck with the pagan gods, geeze.

Monk deScyber said...

Oh man. Really? You guys are adorable. Or is it deplorable. Depladorable. Yes. That one.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of fucking pieces of shit. I hope you find a nice little hole to rot in for eternity you fucking bigoted pieces of fucking shit. LOKI ROCKS.

Anonymous said...

He pays the rent on the house his family lives in, lives with his family to helps look after his younger siblings.

He also own a house that he rents at low rate to large family that would not otherwise be able to afford. And when his mother car broke down, he bought her one the next week, cancelling plans to fund an international tour for his band.

Doesn't smoke, but does party like a champion.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Making threats from behind a screen and demanding we front at your request with little or no notice. Now that truly is laughable and the actions of a real hypocrite.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Please note. We at wlt have no idea about any of this "i think there's five members of whiskey and speed - i'm not a member and i'm pretty sure they have a fairly large local fan base. assuming you are one of (or associated with) the FIVE fascists scumbags who actually had the balls to show their faces on Russel st on May 2nd, we can safely assume we out number you, " nor have we heard anything. In fact we had never heard of this band or Loki until a post on his FB was show to us concerning his attendance at the Golden Dawn Rally with Antifa. Secondly we can assure another misunderstood anonymous poster that there are no Christians writing for this blog. So we think it highly unlikely that our ancient European gods will be upset with us for trying to keep our heritage and race relevant in a world full of anti European rhetoric. This has been fun, please keep the comments coming.

Monk deScyber said...


In that case, I posit to you, oh slanderer of the keyboard warrior, to put your money precisely where your mouth...fingers?...whatever you use to, or are. The grammar got away from me there.

Show up at the next show. Tout your views amongst the fans. Show us the courage of your convictions. Show us you really do have the might you claim to, the power you seem to think you wield.

Or remain safely behind a screen. You know. Like you just accused some others of doing. And please don't be silly enough to label me a KW. I posted up with my name and everything, and I'll happily attend the next show, as my testicles are both gigantic, and made of pure steel. With lovely brass accents.

By the by...wouldn't it be Profa, as the opposite to antifa, as opposed to anti antifa? It's difficult keeping up with all the hip slang you youngsters use nowadays.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Here is some more hipster usage of words. LOL. I believe a lot can be said by saying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey & Speed post their show info months in advance, you pansy. Nut up or get out of My country because, at the moment, you're only success is making white people look dumb and weak.

Anonymous said...

There are four members of the band, you racist shit-eaters really suck dick at being right about things. But we all knew that based on your ideology.

I'd say rock up to a show, but you'd probably be escorted out by police out of fear for your own safety (so tough!), just like at that shitty little hate-rally you guys "organised".

I'll save you all the hard work of browsing Facebook, my name is Nyssa and I would love to be added to the list of people you hate. You guys have a photo of my boyfriend's pubic region on the photo bucket thing... I assume it's for next time you're looking at a man's pubis really close and want to make sure they're not an anti-fascist.

Anonymous said...

You apparently also believe in starting a fight on the internet and then avoiding it in real life. Instead of showing up to a gig and calling W&S out face-to-face, you put one of their pictures up and make fun of them on the internet. And why? Because they are better and more successful at getting their message across you are. You are the weakest form of pussy.

Whitelaw Towers said...

All I'm seeing are words on a screen. Maybe you should take a deep breath and try and enjoy the moon light tonight. Shouldn't you be on your way to the valley by now? Now seriously I've considered your hospitality and your suggestions. First I doubt you have the right to claim this country as your own. Second your constant chest beating is rather annoying and truly the actions of someone who has no fucking idea. But it may be amusing for others to read. Now go rest your head before you bust a vein. Please be sure to follow the original link from this article. I'm sure anti Antifa would like some extra traffic also.

Whitelaw Towers said...

My god comedy gold. Again for you dumb shits. This article was copied from another site. The link to it is at that top. It clearly says thanks anti Antifa. Now I have no idea wtf pictures you are talking about. I sure as hell don't have a "photo bucket thingy." If you wish to be put on a hate list may I suggest you get a job and start paying tax.

Anonymous said...

*Typed the fascist* If you want a proper beating then post a time and address where we can meet and prove who's stronger. I'll just let you check the W&S show dates, that way you've got a range of times and places you can be when you get bashed. By the way, that's an open invitation to you and ALL of your dipshit, white-power friends. We will be waiting.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Oh dear, more chest beating, name calling and assumptions. High grade stuff.

Anonymous said...

You hate tax-payers, too? Who DON'T you guys hate?

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd follow yours and Anti Antifa's (horrible name, by the way) example. You post a pic of a guy, call him names and hide behind a keyboard amd screen. I guess it is safer than publicly stating your name and where you'll be every weekend for the next 8 months. I can see why you do it. No chance of an actual confrontation in our houses, is there?

Anonymous said...

You guys hate employed tax-payers? Who DON'T you hate?

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! This'll show him. He'll never hate on nazi's again after this vicious textual beat-down! You totally called him on his life! He left his FB profile open to the world and you guys were strong enough to copy and paste that information to another site.

Seriously, impressive stuff. Fascists for President!

Monk deScyber said...

Guys, this one is clearly just a troll. Let it go. He will not respond to any such calling out of himself or his compatriots, as he cannot. If he were to make a physical appearance and be denounced, he looses credibility. By remaining here and using words and nothing else, he can maintain what he had to begin with.

We cannot threaten him because we cannot touch him, as long as he remains safely behind a screen.

So let's stop eating his bait, and let him remain precisely where he is.


antiantifaaustralia said...

Classic Antifa... Where did anyone say we wanted a fight with this guy? Nationalists profile antifa so we can later on use it as a guide if someone is attacked, stalked or worse.

Too much acid for those Antifa freaks.

antiantifaaustralia said...

I guess the same can be said for the Antifas hero @ndy then yeah?

Anonymous said...

You might get attacked because you and your buddies are rascist pigs in a multicultural society. Australia was colonised by migrants and now we tend to have a problem with people like you. Maybe don't keep a database of the people you piss-off. Maybe stop fascists instead.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yep they think we work along the same lines as they do. In the end this idiot is just trying to get street credit for a truly shit band. He just can't grasp the fact that it was someone who knows him that tipped everyone off. We didn't go looking for anyone. Apparently his larger than life personality gets up people's noses not just on stage. It's the same all over the world. Spoilt well to do middle class kids who in twenty years will vote for some safe Conservative party so they can buy that new ski boat.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't want to be attacked you shouldn't have posted this. It's a personal attack on a very popular Brisbane personality with a known hatred for you useless scum. This is the first punch; don't be mad when the response is a tad more aggressive.

Anonymous said...

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Mick Herring (Fuck Anonymous Cunts) said...

I'm a member of Whiskey & Speed. More than happy to have some fascist company at any of our shows or rehearsals. That's if you actually have the balls to back up your piss weak words with some action. We're not hiding, you can find us easy enough. So come say hello. We look forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...

'If he were to make a physical appearance and be denounced, he looses credibility.'

face it, if any of these douchebags showed their faces AFK, they'd have their heads kicked in. they know this, so they pretend they are upholding some kind of integrity by remaining anonymous. it's a load of shit - and it's only a matter of time before we find them, name them, shame them and then give them what they want. none of the people they 'expose' are afraid of being exposed, which is totally contrary to the scum who hide on stormfront and the dipshit running this crappy, insecure blog.

again, we openly call you out to stand up for your beliefs. for once, support your insults and personal attacks with actual action. if antifa is so weak and incapable of destroying you (like they seem to do any time you fuckwits decided to stand around on a street looking pathetic), why don't you actually stand up for your so called 'nationalist' beliefs? why don't you actually show the country what you actually believe in? are you afraid of something? like being exposed as the racist scum you are to your employers, colleagues and general community?

i would be too, being a racist fuckwit is deplorable personality trait. especially in a society like our own, which regardless of which pieces of history you choose to ignore, is a multicultural one.

i just noticed the dumb cult-like-mantra on this site. so to the dickhole who posts this trash, tell us in the next blog post what exactly you as an individual white person has to be proud about. NOTE: you can't use pieces of history you had nothing to do with as an individual so all your stock standard 'i am a proud whitey because of something someone is my bloodline supposedly did (with no actual proof)' responses won't work.

protip: pride is reserved for things you as an individual achieved

Loki said...

Hey the Loki here here. This is the best thing ever. I'm so proud to have won fuckwit of the year. It's my highest honor to date. My first nomination and my first win and to think I didn't even know I was in the running.

Our open invited extends to all our gigs should you ever want to come and explain to us just how wrong you are. All show dates are on the band page.

Thank you again for my victory

here is a new photo from my acceptance speech

Whitelaw Towers said...

Dear Whiskey and Speed. If that is in fact who has been spamming our comments section. Please note anonymous comments from people claiming to be members of Whiskey and Speed will no longer be published. If you wish to make further claims, best put your actual name on it and who you speak for.

Now lets get this straight. We truly do not give a shit about you Loki. Your real name and a shit load of personal details were handed to us by a person who sympathizes with our cause. This person who also knows you personally has simply had enough of your anti BS. This info was then sent onto the people who live for outing wankers like you, and we simply copied and pasted a few days later to this blog. It was your claim that you were at the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane on your FB Loki that was sent to us. Bragging of the violence carried out by the hired muscle the CFMEU not antifa. Bragging on how great it was to silence people legally protesting the illegal detainment of members of a political party. Protesting the MURDERS of its members and the rampant rise of LEFT WING VIOLENCE. Some people take an interest with things like that.

The reaction or should we say rhetoric from you and your shit band is simply staggering. But as I have now learnt after looking into you lot personally, I should expect as much from any stage show.

After watching one of your videos, I will admit that there is some musical talent labouring away in this band looking for some decent lyrics and or direction. Yet all I saw was a cheap arse drug fucked band of spoilt children trapped inside an adults body. Your obvious disrespect for women in your lyrics and the drug culture promoted by your band only shines a light on why your details were sent to us in the first place. This band and its members are everything that is wrong with today. You are the pin up boys for the middle class youth trying to be a radical. You are a product of the system you hate so much. You are the controlled descent, what we call Cultural Marxists.

Now its not likely that there will be any confrontation on a grand scale. No skinheads rocking down to the pub to smash some antifa punks or vice versa. But you guys know this. This is all a part of your stage show. You know as well as I do Matt that all venues have CCTV and I would presume security providers, especially in the Valley. Considering the Marxist State government and its new VLAD laws I highly doubt any White Nationalist or Skin Head would be that stupid to show up in numbers only to end up on some state hit list pushed along by a left wing agenda.

How we progress from here is not your call. We make the decisions on what we feel needs to be done. We certainly will not be joining you in promoting your shit band by doing as you have asked. If this is indeed members of Whiskey and Speed making suggestions and claims along with threats. It must be noted that no threats have been made from this blog or any other White Nationalists, as comments above have claimed.

One thing we have learnt over the years is that you should be very careful in making public statements that you could not possibly act on. You are not antifa, you are not even political from what we can see. You are a cheap act on the stage and in real life. Your personal behaviour along with the band encapsulates every thing that is wrong with society. That's fine, people need to vent and everyone grows up one day.

If you insist on being total dicks about this, as we suspect you will. May I advise once again, action speaks louder than words. Life isn't a Marvel Comic. Careful, you may upset the real pagans and Odinists who frequent this page. That's a whole new shit storm buddy. No body likes their religion disrespected. No body likes their beliefs turned into a carnival show.

Antiantifaaustralia said...

It was dipshit of the year... Bellend

Anonymous said...

I noticed this piece of shit at the anti-Reclaim Australia protest on Saturday. A subhuman monster like that is kind of hard to miss.

Anonymous said...

GAS IT !! Fucking Lefty Tramp. 88,/14 From England.