Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is it just another false flag, pardon the pun.

This is a real cracker. Yet more proof of Australian Antifa using State sponsored lies. This time its our old friend and long time State sponsored Anarchist @ndy Slackbastard.  AKA "James Hutchings." in some circles. 

It would seem the mouth piece for the Globalist Elite has totally dropped the ball once again. We just lifted this from The Australia First Face Book page.

"The Slackbastard Facebook page once again shows the capacity for lying and fabrication that goes with the whole ‘Antifa’ movement.

This time it’s Ilias Kasidiaris of Golden Dawn ‘posing’ in front of an about-face World War 2 German naval flag, complete with swastika. Slackbastard trumpets that these people are the allies of Australia First Party.

Indeed, Australia First Party has called for an end of the political imprisonments of Golden Dawn members of parliament.

Now Slackbastard says he has us. Scroll down to the ‘damning’ shot.

What does this photo-bomb mean to Slackbastard? That somehow Golden Dawn is some sort of fascist revival meet with fetishists drooling over the banners of an ‘evil’ and unable to form modern nationalist policy and ideology without reference to this ‘evil’.

Or something like that. We think that’s the game that media and ‘antifascists’ like to play.

What is the truth?

The photo is a photo-shop forgery. Golden Dawn shows how it was forged. It is the second forgery put against Golden Dawn since the false imprisonments of the Golden Dawn members of parliament began last September. The first one was an arms cache photo-shopped off a Syrian Islamist cache of 2012. Another forgery was produced in 2012 of Golden Dawn members raiding a hospital to expel illegal alien patients.

We provide the link here.

Once again Antifa is exposed.

Will the Slackbastard site correct the mistake? We doubt it. That is how the game of antifascism is played."

Above, yet another False Flag from the ever more desperate anti fascist brigade.

Below from the Golden Dawn website. Translation follows.

Elias Kasidiaris revealed in tonight's broadcast of the new photo montage of newspaper editors specializing in koptoraptiki (remember teleportation Chrysafgiton from Heraklion in Crete Panarcadian Hospital in another ridiculous photomontage of the same newspaper).The "editor" and koptoraptoudes estimated that the original photo was lost after seized. Not calculated but that copy was kept in the office of the agonist as frame.In real image persons depicted holding a Celtic cross, propaganda does not fuss so much as a swastika. But it is worth seeing the 7 points that reveal the photomontage and koptoraptiki:1) The right hand of the person kneeling holds the flag to the right of the picture is the extinguish.2) On the bottom right corner of the flag remains normal 'cloudy' color (contrasting with the bright red of the flag was then).3) On the right side of the flag has added a white film (apparently to hide the tissue present in normal picture).4) The flag with the swastika 'inflate' although there is no air (even if there will cut the bodies of people who keep the flag).5) The flag with the swastika is backwards (for the observant ...).6) The night has become day (normal photo was dawning, but the photomontage has highlighted to be more impressive).7) The newspaper editors published the black and white photo in question, while the color was edited as to not be noticed above the visible changes.Read more:

What can we say that hasn't already been said?

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