Sunday, July 20, 2014

Exit Left Wing Intelligence Collecting.

Well here is one for the books, and a warning to all who have joined the "White Power? Discussion Page" on Stalk Book AKA Facebook.
At first glance this page would appear to be a legitimate page to the uninitiated. When we say first glance we speak of the people who stumble into White Nationalism and have no idea of what it truly represents. 

As we see the page is called "White Power Discussion Page" it immediately sets off alarms with anyone who has been involved in White Nationalism and has an understanding of how the Left use tag words to discredit. But for the many thousands of people on Facebook who accidentally stumble across this page, they mistakenly contribute and inadvertently expose themselves to this group.

Exit White Power came to our attention a few years back now. It had a funny habit of turning up in search engines when ever you searched for this blog on Google. Just recently under the Abbot government they had the funding cut to run their little propaganda operation. 

When Exit White Power first appeared, they linked themselves to groups such as the American ADL and the SPLC. They have conveniently removed these links along with comments left on their page from the ADL congratulating them on the fine work they are doing in Australia.

After receiving an email from one of our readers we decided to watch this page for a few weeks. It left us thinking how stupid do they think we all are? One look at the web site reveals that these so called Australians just interested in understanding White Nationalism are nothing but liars and frauds.

The page is so easily mistaken for a legitimate WN page. Even anti racists who accidentally came across it after seeing it in their news feed on FB, voiced their disgust at such a page being available for all to see. Evil racists don't ya know.

One wonders what they are doing with information they are collecting on the many unsuspecting contributors who still have no privacy settings on their Facebook? Pictures, employment details, real names are all being collected by these Sayanim.  

At best we can only hope they are using this page to pretend they are relevant? Therefor able to source funding for their fraudulent operation from a desperate government trying to make us all think that race is a social construct and multiculturalism is good . 

One look at the lame arse criticism of White Nationalism and the ridiculous explanations given on beliefs and White Nationalism in general are straight out of the ADL armory. They truly have no idea, and peddle age old propaganda that in itself discredits them.  

Sadly the people who have contributed already have feed these antis a glimpse into average Joe and how he attempts to understand White Nationalism. They will base all their findings on that and nothing more. I doubt there is one real White Nationalist or National Socialist on that page. But fear not, true representation isn't what they are looking for. You have been warned.



Anonymous said...

I think a rule of thumb is to expect that Facebook in general is a data mining source. I stay off it, and suggest others do, too. Social media is just not an acceptable meeting ground for WN. In fact, the entire Net is arguably good for only two things: corporations and government surveillance.

Anonymous said...

I read through some of their discussions and I found it funny how their discussion moderators ask "who is White", but later down the page say "Yeah that's a good point that white people have colonised lots of other countries."

See. This is one of the points we try to re-iterate. These people ask "who is White" and claim "race doesn't exist", but than will blame "Whites" (who don't exist and who they themselves aren't able to define) for "stealing land".

Simple: For me, "white" is a blanket term for anyone of wholly European descent. Whether you be ethnic Italian, ethnic Greek, or ethnic Swede etc. Even the "white mutts" who have several heritages are still wholly "white". Why? Because Europeans are genetically similar; and we cluster together -- as proven by recent scientific evidence (which you can Google the papers for). "White Culture" is another blanket term for all the ethnic cultures of Europe (Greek, German, Hungarian, Russian, Irish, Spanish etc).

There is a s lot of 'foot-shooting' happening on that page. Point of view from people who later contradict themselves; and an absolute ignorance of genetics, biology and of mankind's history -- because only White people "stole land". *Cough* Ottoman empire *cough* Mongol empire *cough* Moorish invasion *cough* Barbary slave trade *cough* Hunnic invasion -- not to mention the many African, Asian and Arab tribes at war with each other -- stealing the land and women of whom they defeated.

They should also realise that all ethnic groups on Earth have ethnic 'nationalistic' tendencies. The Japanese see themselves as superior to the Koreans and Chinese -- which is why there are immigrant debate regarding Chinese and Korean in Japan right now. The Japanese, in other cases, see themselves as superior to Whites to. Ethnic tribal conflict is a recurring theme through history. All peoples on Earth, even to this day, possess ethnic pride and even 'ethnic superiority'. Singling out White people (or White Power, as they call it) exposes their double standards and their own racism, but inferring ethnic or racial pride is something invented by -and therefore unique to- White people. If they one ounce of objectivity in their bodies; they would use the page to discuss Racial Nationalism in Australia on the whole.

As it stands, I'm in full agreement with WhiteLawTowers: this page is using a discussion about "white power" as a front to collect information on White Nationalists.

Cowards. Using deception as a means to gain. Shame on all of them; and shame on ExitWhitePower. I thought you people were of the moral high-ground.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Stay the fuck off Facebook altogether, especially if you are going to expose your political allegiances along with your personal info (and that of your family and friends).

Which brings me to bring this anti-White Facebook page I found tonight to every WN's attention, "Let's fuck with the racists of Australia First".

Enjoy :)

Sophie said...

Good work, Whitelaw Towers.