Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some great headlines....

Usually reading the newspapers is pretty depressing stuff.  But once in a while, it can be fairly cheerful.

Some happy headlines from todays' news...

Israeli football players attacked with flying kicks by pro-Palestinians who invade pitch during friendly match in Austria

  You can read the article here

Hatred driving a new exodus: Synagogues attacked. Shops in flames. And terrified Jewish families fleeing to Britain. As an Israeli envoy says it's like the dark days of 1938, a chilling dispatch from Paris

Travelling by tram through Paris, a boy heads back from school with his sister when a group of teenagers spots that he is wearing a Star of David pendant. They surround the pair and start shouting: ‘Dirty Jews — you have too much money, too much power, you should get out of France.’


You can read the article here


Israel should be investigated for war crimes in Gaza says UN, as it warns that they have not done enough to protect hundreds of Palestinian civilians

You can read the article here

Although the articles end up with the usual "oy vey.. poor innocent jews...." slant, it's still pretty good reading to us.

Time and time again in history the Jews have pushed people too far, and people rise up against them because they have had enough.  You don't get thrown out of over 100 countries over the years for no reason.  People don't just wake up one day and go "gee, I have absolutely nothing to do today, so lets be mean to some Jews and throw them out of our lands". 

Although it's a shame that the wheel has to be reinvented so many times, the Jews mask has fallen once again, and people are waking up to what really hides behind their "poor innocent victims" facade.

It's music to our ears...

And some inspiring words from someone who well and truly walked this path before us...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like in Britain and France they're getting a first hand taste of the multiculturalism they helped create and encourage - outside of Israel, that is. That's because many of the attackers in most cases are Muslim, hence the large amount of Jews observed (allegedly) at Geert Wilders speech in Melbourne.