Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Zionists Have The Floor.

Well we could go on about Antifa throwing a bag of fake severed heads with names of prominent and not so prominent  activists over the fence at the Australia First Headquarters last week. We could even go on about how they placed a banner on the front of said building calling for the murder of White activists. But for now I feel the focus should be squarely on those dirty bastards in Israel and their evil followers around the world.

Yeah we will do a write up next week on the events that occurred last weekend.  

Now in Germany at the moment, German antifa are bravely guarding Synagogues after some individual yesterday pissed at seeing kids torn to bits by Israel, chucked a home made petrol bomb at one of temples of hate and evil. No damage was reported but it did make world headlines, along with footage of Antifa standing guard to prevent another terror attack on their masters. Once again showing who they take their orders from. I will leave the rest to David Duke, a true champion of the truth and clearly a man with compassion.


Anonymous said...

I want to make it clear that the precise location of this Jabaliya elementary girls' school had been communicated to the Israeli military authorities 17 times, as recently as last night - just a few hours before the attack. They are aware of the coordinates and the exact locations of where these people are being sheltered.
UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon

Anonymous said...

And outside of not-so-stern language the UN lays down and lets those under its protection get massacred. They are the Jew-N, that's what makes it all so laughable.