Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where has the real @ndy Slackbastard gone?

Funny stuff, we have been asking that question since his writing style changed and his bad temper suddenly arose, after some evil people claimed @ndy was in fact James Hutchings.

Seriously, its never been so obvious. What got our attention was @ndy actually speaking out against his masters Israel. For all these years @ndy has ignored the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. But all of a sudden....

Then it gets funny,

Members of @ndys tribe react...

and then its all removed. Funny stuff. The real @ndy must of shit his pants when he saw this. Sums it up in a nutshell. So where is @ndy/James? Maybe he got called back to Israel to defend his tribe against kids playing on a beach?


Update. And back again lol, 1700hrs 20/07/2014. This should be good, I think he reads this blog.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Its obviously someone else running the blog or Slackbastard (james) has become anti semitic.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime the civilian death toll in Gaza has exceeded that of MH-17, with roughly the same amount of children. But the Zionist West remain obsessed with starting WW3 with Putin. Convenient timing, maybe too convenient.