Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Anti Antifa Updates.

With all the threats of violence, murder and assault from Antifa of late, we thought we better update our Queensland friends on a new one. 

Below, Andrew Dove from Toowomba Queensland. A beautiful town from what we hear.

 Like many other sad and brave bastards that post on @ndy Slackbastard Face Book, old Andrew pictured above posted this not so subtle message to the evil fash.

What on earth could he mean by posting such a thing? My guess maybe he is a history buff and is down with the Antifa history lessons. 

From "The Razors Edge" posted on WLT back in 2011. 

"The following extract from an account of Sir Oswald Mosley’s foray into Scotland and the badlands of Glasgow illustrates the common thread found among many contemporary accounts of the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties, namely that the Razor Gang leadership was dominated by Jews of the meanest and nastiest type.

“Support for Mosley came from all sections of Scottish society. In the same month as the Shettleston Town Hall meeting he was nominated for the rectorship of Glasgow University. Although Mosley failed to win the contest his candidature was supported by the well-known writer George Bernard Shaw. Indeed, Shaw's view of the contest shows that even in the 1930's, Glasgow University was inhabited by the same kind of creatures which prowl its corridors in the present day. He wrote, "They only show that our seats of learning and culture are the only places where representatives of learning and culture are invariably at the bottom of the poll, and the vulgarist available party careerist at the top."

The red scum were not prepared to allow Mosley's popularity to continue to spread in the face of their campaign of lies and hatred. A new way of stopping Mosley in Scotland was needed and this they hoped could be achieved by recruiting among the Jewish-dominated razor gangs of Glasgow's Gorbals for allies in a new anti-Mosley alliance.

After a giant open air rally on Glasgow Green (the Times newspaper estimated the crowd at 40,000), Mosley and his leading officers were attacked by a 500-strong gang of razor-wielding Communists who went on to fight pitched battles with the police. It was this event more than any other which was to precipitate the major change in Mosley's political life. On his return to London the New Party executive was hurriedly summoned. Mosley was brief: "We need no longer hesitate to create our trained and disciplined force. From today we are Fascist.” From issue 2 of Highlander, PO Box 85, Glasgow, G51 2DS

When the violent ‘fashion’ of the Razor Gangs spread to Britain’s capital this savage treatment of ‘facial reconstruction’ was tagged, with a similarly grim sense of humour, a ‘Chelsea Smile’. Again, this activity was rife among the vicious gangs of cutthroat Jews in London’s East End."

Thats interesting, Andrew from Toowoomba must think that violence is the answer towards people that do not follow his political stand. No surprise there. This guy is hard core antifa/anarchist. As his simply stunning tats show. 

This guy is one serious dude. 

Behind the fucking key board taking hard core selfies.

At any rate its real easy to see what this guy does for a living in Toowoomba. A simple search reveals an awful lot. My guess he is also in the CFMEU.  As he is in Camp managent services, when hes not serving up meals at the Sports Club. There you go you hard man, think your pretty tough posting BS on FB. Well your anarchist and antifa mates are thin on the ground in Toowoomba you idiot. 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Anarchist Collective, just another word for Cultural Marxist.

 Andrew Mcnaughton AKA Andy
 Cameron Greggs AKA Cam
 John Stern AKA Aketus
 Andrew Lancaster AKA Andrew Nicholson AKA AndyCat
Dave Fregon AKA Dave, owns NetAXXS 

Dave Fregon AKA Dave, owns
Andrew Mcnaughton AKA Andy, technical director
Cameron Greggs AKA Cam, owns (biggest anarchist in Sydney from the looks)
John Stern AKA Aketus owns and built anarchobase and contributes.
Andrew Lancaster AKA Andrew Nicholson AKA AndyCat owns works for 3cr makes Indy films.
Like a trip down memory lane. Just a heads up for them, more in the coming weeks.  
Rehash, Friday, December 22, 2006

No Quarter

No doubt many White Nationalists will feel some discomfort at the manner in which the Whitelaw Towers staff made the decision to infiltrate and expose the Queensland Anarchist Movement and its direct connections to the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. The very underhanded tactics themselves are anathema to White Men who normally take on their adversaries face to face with courage and honour.

Unfortunately this struggle with Fight Dem Back and their associates has never been fought along conventional political lines but rather, at Mathew Henderson-Hau’s own initiation, it has been based totally on personal smear, so-called “name and shame” and dis-employment tactics. To use a sporting analogy, they play the Man and not the ball.

One of the most resilient myths that was created by, and has persisted among, the Leftists is that the White Nationalists started the practice of identifying their political enemies and broadcasting their details. This is an absolute lie. While some groups, such as ‘Redwatch’ in the U.K. might have done this, and this writer has no way of knowing for certain, it is definitely the case that here in Australia it was the Left, and FDB in particular, that initiated the trend just over two years ago. The White Nationalists have merely been forced to fight fire with fire through the mirroring of the Left’s tactics.

Being abject cowards these Reds have no concept of honour. Some White Nationalists foolishly approached this conflict like a Man employing Queensbury rules in a barroom brawl, putting themselves at an immediate and devastating disadvantage. Unlike White Nationalists who are inherently honourable and fair these Leftist creatures are utterly without compassion and their hatred of anything representing decency and normalcy is without bounds.

The Left has shown itself over these past two years or so to have a reckless disregard for so-called collateral damage. The livelihoods of good, decent, law abiding and tax paying White Australian Men have been targeted with the specific intent to cause hardship to them, their dependents and their loved ones. There can be no justification for this disgusting tactic and any claims to be “acting in the public interest” or to “protect the community” are deliberately contrived lies intended to mislead and divert attention from their own criminal activities.

In some cases even the spouses of certain White Nationalists have been named on the Internet regardless of their total non involvement in politics, children have been mentioned, though thankfully not named and companies employing White Nationalists have been vilified in an obvious attempt to intimidate and stampede them into sacking their employees to avoid the unwanted “fame” and “controversy”.

Before the actions of Whitelaw Towers are judged too harshly I urge all White Nationalists to remind themselves of the sheer vitriolic hatred and viciousness with which we ourselves have been pursued. While on one level it might appear tempting to cut them some slack due to their tender years and obvious naivety one must realise these little cowards such as ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘Rollo’ will grow up to be bigger and more dangerous cowards.

On the question of mercy, so far as this writer is concerned, quite simply, there will be none. There will be none because for the White Race to survive there can be none. We are locked in a struggle with an enemy for whom compromise is an alien concept. There can be no deals because they cannot be trusted.

It is only natural and perfectly understandable for those White Nationalists with children of their own to feel a certain degree of compassion or even pity for some of the youngest Anarchists and Communists and to make allowances for their behaviour. They are young and are simply showing the natural propensity for youth to “rage against the machine”. This empathy is however dangerously misplaced and wasted upon these particularly nasty types who have displayed not a shred of common decency themselves. They are moral damage cases who channel their hatred into anti-social behaviour.

What might appear to some as simply crude, tit for tat, revenge motivated by bitterness and a sense of vendetta is really the righteous dispensation of justice in the true sense of the word. This is the first phase, with more to follow, in the lengthy process of bringing these deviant and perverted sociopaths to book for their crimes. There will be no respite from this campaign until every last one of the Fight Dem Back Criminal activists and their supporters are exposed along with the full details of their crimes. This writer will not take another backward step until their all Websites are shut down and their membership prosecuted and gaoled. Take that as a mission statement.

Ultimately, this is but one small, though quite significant, victory on the road to total vindication for the White Nationalists. They will not be resting on their laurels but rather, taking heart from this success, will pursue the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters with renewed fervour

Exit White Power Discussion Page? Oh wait who are these guys?

 All Together Now + Exit White Power = White Power Discussion Page.

Yeah probably old news, but we have been a little busy doing other things.

Exit White Power. Now a few years back anytime you searched for this Blog on Google a strange and obscure page would appear at the top of the list. Exit White Power, at first it seemed to be some type of Hipster anti racist page. We looked into it, read their material, laughed at there flagrant over use of links and info from the Anti Defamation League. The best course of action we decided was just ignore them. Well for the most part it has worked. 

Back then we naturally believed it was just an operation most likely staffed by and created by the now defunct Fight Dem Back. After all FDB had by then become more of an embarrassing burden thanks to the work from this blog and many others.  Yes we still assumed it was full of FDB dimwits, just minus their fearless leader and staunch CFMEU supporter Mathew Henderson Hau.  

Well you know we forgot about them, until one day while looking in at our favorite Anarchist @ndy Slackbastard we saw a sad plea for help. It would seem the current government of Australia took away all the funding for poor little Exit White Power.  This made us very sad.  Not really caring that much either way, we just laughed and moved on.

Then one day while traveling around Face Book we stumbled across a sponsored Page that called itself "White Power Discussion Page." Thinking as many others have and still do, that it was a legitimate page, we started to have a read. It didn't take long to see that the page was a deliberately misleading propaganda page set up to spread false information on the modern day WN and NS supporter. A honey trap to collect info and disseminate total bogus assumptions from the left. 

Seriously so much of what was read there was so outdated. It truly makes one believe that anti racists refuse to look any further than the Jewish garbage fed to the world since the close of WW2. So much of their information is sourced from Hollywood stereotypes and Marxist propaganda, conveniently feed to them by Marxist professors at prominent Universities. Totally mind blowing and just a tad 1984.

Debate after debate asking questions like how many real White Nationalists or National Socialists have contacted you? How many have you personally saved from the ravages of being a racist? If you have saved any or been contacted by any, how many were dedicated racialists and not 15 year old kids dicking around? Their answer? What answer, a video of some so called Nationalist from Sweden no one has even heard of. Hell they could at least have used the well know show man and con man Johnny Lee Clary. But I guess even they know he is a fraudster lol. 

So we look around to see who the runs this FB discussion page. Here are the guys on the page that speak for the White Power Discussion Page. Seriously even calling it that will just attract the average poor white guy living in the middle Logan. Hardly the guys that represent White Nationalists and National Socialists in Australia. 

Obviously fake names. But a few on their friends list are legit, thanks for that. So who do these guys work for. Well Exit White Power of course. There is a link from their page. 

So come on, who the hell are these people? Public funding, well tax payer funding. Hipster cartoons to halt the march of racism. So follow the snake down the hole and you find?

So when asked over at White Power Discussion page to please explain.

They just play stupid and then remove it.
So who are these people? Well at least one I think I recognize from the good old days of chassing FDB around. But seriously look at them. Putting aside stereotypes if possible......

Ambassadors for All Together Now, HERE

Board of Directors, HERE

Management Committee, HERE

Expert Reference Group, HERE

Of course Supporters, be sure to note this one folks and act accordingly. HERE

Maybe you are looking for a job, fresh out of Uni and full of antifa courage? Look no further. If you can market a dog turd they have a job for you. 

Yep it all comes down to advertising, the destruction of the White European peoples. Pushed to the edge by some hipster lefty. 


Of note also would be the numerous racist anti white comments made by non whites on this FB page. 

Comments like above are instantly taken down with admin stating that "flaming will not be tolerated". They then go on to leave racist comments from White Folk for all to see. Its all about marketing. Stirring emotions to get a reaction. This truly is a well oiled Orwellian group. My guess when the Labour Party get back in they will get there anti white funding. For now all we can suggest anyone do is remember faces and keep following them down that hole until you find its source.