Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Anti Antifa Updates.

With all the threats of violence, murder and assault from Antifa of late, we thought we better update our Queensland friends on a new one. 

Below, Andrew Dove from Toowomba Queensland. A beautiful town from what we hear.

 Like many other sad and brave bastards that post on @ndy Slackbastard Face Book, old Andrew pictured above posted this not so subtle message to the evil fash.

What on earth could he mean by posting such a thing? My guess maybe he is a history buff and is down with the Antifa history lessons. 

From "The Razors Edge" posted on WLT back in 2011. 

"The following extract from an account of Sir Oswald Mosley’s foray into Scotland and the badlands of Glasgow illustrates the common thread found among many contemporary accounts of the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties, namely that the Razor Gang leadership was dominated by Jews of the meanest and nastiest type.

“Support for Mosley came from all sections of Scottish society. In the same month as the Shettleston Town Hall meeting he was nominated for the rectorship of Glasgow University. Although Mosley failed to win the contest his candidature was supported by the well-known writer George Bernard Shaw. Indeed, Shaw's view of the contest shows that even in the 1930's, Glasgow University was inhabited by the same kind of creatures which prowl its corridors in the present day. He wrote, "They only show that our seats of learning and culture are the only places where representatives of learning and culture are invariably at the bottom of the poll, and the vulgarist available party careerist at the top."

The red scum were not prepared to allow Mosley's popularity to continue to spread in the face of their campaign of lies and hatred. A new way of stopping Mosley in Scotland was needed and this they hoped could be achieved by recruiting among the Jewish-dominated razor gangs of Glasgow's Gorbals for allies in a new anti-Mosley alliance.

After a giant open air rally on Glasgow Green (the Times newspaper estimated the crowd at 40,000), Mosley and his leading officers were attacked by a 500-strong gang of razor-wielding Communists who went on to fight pitched battles with the police. It was this event more than any other which was to precipitate the major change in Mosley's political life. On his return to London the New Party executive was hurriedly summoned. Mosley was brief: "We need no longer hesitate to create our trained and disciplined force. From today we are Fascist.” From issue 2 of Highlander, PO Box 85, Glasgow, G51 2DS

When the violent ‘fashion’ of the Razor Gangs spread to Britain’s capital this savage treatment of ‘facial reconstruction’ was tagged, with a similarly grim sense of humour, a ‘Chelsea Smile’. Again, this activity was rife among the vicious gangs of cutthroat Jews in London’s East End."

Thats interesting, Andrew from Toowoomba must think that violence is the answer towards people that do not follow his political stand. No surprise there. This guy is hard core antifa/anarchist. As his simply stunning tats show. 

This guy is one serious dude. 

Behind the fucking key board taking hard core selfies.

At any rate its real easy to see what this guy does for a living in Toowoomba. A simple search reveals an awful lot. My guess he is also in the CFMEU.  As he is in Camp managent services, when hes not serving up meals at the Sports Club. There you go you hard man, think your pretty tough posting BS on FB. Well your anarchist and antifa mates are thin on the ground in Toowoomba you idiot. 



whitestorm72 said...

LMFAO! This guy is a joke! What a muppet!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, another old anarchist who thinks he fights oppression. He's irrelevant. Sports club steaks are shitty too.