Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exit White Power Discussion Page? Oh wait who are these guys?

 All Together Now + Exit White Power = White Power Discussion Page.

Yeah probably old news, but we have been a little busy doing other things.

Exit White Power. Now a few years back anytime you searched for this Blog on Google a strange and obscure page would appear at the top of the list. Exit White Power, at first it seemed to be some type of Hipster anti racist page. We looked into it, read their material, laughed at there flagrant over use of links and info from the Anti Defamation League. The best course of action we decided was just ignore them. Well for the most part it has worked. 

Back then we naturally believed it was just an operation most likely staffed by and created by the now defunct Fight Dem Back. After all FDB had by then become more of an embarrassing burden thanks to the work from this blog and many others.  Yes we still assumed it was full of FDB dimwits, just minus their fearless leader and staunch CFMEU supporter Mathew Henderson Hau.  

Well you know we forgot about them, until one day while looking in at our favorite Anarchist @ndy Slackbastard we saw a sad plea for help. It would seem the current government of Australia took away all the funding for poor little Exit White Power.  This made us very sad.  Not really caring that much either way, we just laughed and moved on.

Then one day while traveling around Face Book we stumbled across a sponsored Page that called itself "White Power Discussion Page." Thinking as many others have and still do, that it was a legitimate page, we started to have a read. It didn't take long to see that the page was a deliberately misleading propaganda page set up to spread false information on the modern day WN and NS supporter. A honey trap to collect info and disseminate total bogus assumptions from the left. 

Seriously so much of what was read there was so outdated. It truly makes one believe that anti racists refuse to look any further than the Jewish garbage fed to the world since the close of WW2. So much of their information is sourced from Hollywood stereotypes and Marxist propaganda, conveniently feed to them by Marxist professors at prominent Universities. Totally mind blowing and just a tad 1984.

Debate after debate asking questions like how many real White Nationalists or National Socialists have contacted you? How many have you personally saved from the ravages of being a racist? If you have saved any or been contacted by any, how many were dedicated racialists and not 15 year old kids dicking around? Their answer? What answer, a video of some so called Nationalist from Sweden no one has even heard of. Hell they could at least have used the well know show man and con man Johnny Lee Clary. But I guess even they know he is a fraudster lol. 

So we look around to see who the runs this FB discussion page. Here are the guys on the page that speak for the White Power Discussion Page. Seriously even calling it that will just attract the average poor white guy living in the middle Logan. Hardly the guys that represent White Nationalists and National Socialists in Australia. 

Obviously fake names. But a few on their friends list are legit, thanks for that. So who do these guys work for. Well Exit White Power of course. There is a link from their page. 

So come on, who the hell are these people? Public funding, well tax payer funding. Hipster cartoons to halt the march of racism. So follow the snake down the hole and you find?

So when asked over at White Power Discussion page to please explain.

They just play stupid and then remove it.
So who are these people? Well at least one I think I recognize from the good old days of chassing FDB around. But seriously look at them. Putting aside stereotypes if possible......

Ambassadors for All Together Now, HERE

Board of Directors, HERE

Management Committee, HERE

Expert Reference Group, HERE

Of course Supporters, be sure to note this one folks and act accordingly. HERE

Maybe you are looking for a job, fresh out of Uni and full of antifa courage? Look no further. If you can market a dog turd they have a job for you. 

Yep it all comes down to advertising, the destruction of the White European peoples. Pushed to the edge by some hipster lefty. 


Of note also would be the numerous racist anti white comments made by non whites on this FB page. 

Comments like above are instantly taken down with admin stating that "flaming will not be tolerated". They then go on to leave racist comments from White Folk for all to see. Its all about marketing. Stirring emotions to get a reaction. This truly is a well oiled Orwellian group. My guess when the Labour Party get back in they will get there anti white funding. For now all we can suggest anyone do is remember faces and keep following them down that hole until you find its source.   



MrStanleySass said...

158Their deliberate obliviousness to the kind of bigotry engendered (and by their neglect I suppose encouraged) in other ethnic groups really does tell of a Semitic bias at play. Were it the opposite case, I think I'd be more relaxed, but the truth is that we White Nationalists -- this so called "White power demon -- are but a fraction of the population. We're so tiny that if were a publication they wouldn't bother auditing us. But again, no problem with "black power". No need to talk of "yellow power" since the Asians are getting nice and fat on our lamb. Overall, I guess what I'm saying is that this obsession puts them in the purview of zealots.

whitestorm72 said...

It just goes to show that they are worried that we White Nationalist's will eventually show them up for what they truly are, hence the constant attack against us! The more they attack us the more they get our message out for us!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting thread on this topic;