Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ISIL, just a bunch of blokes with a cause.

Well folks, this new @ndy is turning out to be the most interesting one so far. Over the years we have seen dozens of examples of @ndy AKA Slackbastard and antifa supporting terrorism. It doesn't matter how big or small the murderer or terrorist is. They just need to fit the agenda of the anti fascists. 

In fact antifa's fixation with Islam and Terrorism goes all the way back to the beginning of WLT. The first example was back in 2006 and again here
Not long after Cronulla @ndy and his gang of antifa and anti racists made deep inroads with the Islamic community. Using these new found friends, they attempted to have a BBQ hosted by White Nationalists shut down with force. Now forward to 2014 and we see just how cozy the relationship is.

Look, there is plenty of evidence linking Australian Antifa in particular @ndy with getting in bed with the Islamic community. 

Strange considering that most Muslims in Australia practicing their cult support Sharia Law in one form or another. Not to mention how they treat women, along with other cultural practices that simply do not fit into any modern civilization, left or right. It seems that antifa has given Islam a huge get out of jail and free parking card.

Obviously they have something else in common? Im sure you can work it out?

A recent discussion on the Slackbastard FB page, leaves you with no doubt that these idiots don't need the Red Brigade to push them into battle at the point of Bayonet. They will simply march forward with out a care in the world like a bunch of eager suicide bombers. Instead of carrying the Koran, they will be be carrying a book by Marx.  Anyway Slack Bastards take on these friendly Muslims.

Yep, what did you expect anyway?

This new @ndy truly does step it up. A far cry from the @ndy that worked closely with ASIO and the Federal Police to hunt down White Nationalists. Or does he still work for them? Further reading HERE

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whitestorm72 said...

ISIS\antifa= same same!