Monday, December 08, 2014

Just another sack of s*&t. Victorian WLT corespondent writes.

 Say hello to Johny Redpunk. Just another antifa hypocrite.

 It seems our friend Johnny Redpunk is in support of Campbell Newman's Anti bikie Laws! Well so much for him apparently working at anonymous a anti government organization as he displays proudly on his Facebook Page.

Also it seems this Antifa Crusader thinks it's ok to vilify a peaceful religion like Islam. Denying their prophet and calling him barbaric, but on the other hand defending so they can build a mosque in Penrith. 

 Ready for the Antifa trifecta, here our dimwitted friend Johnny also managed to offend some homosexuals lol..

Hard core as our little Johny. 


Anonymous said...

Someone should inform the Muslims that antifa are undercover Islam bashers

Anonymous said...

Seen that guy bagging out nationalists for covering their faces. And he's name is anonymous. You can't make this shit up!