Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr Rob Sparrow "You're the voice" of Andy Fleming: Gotcha!

Andy Fleming is dead. The search is over. The cynics will argue, “But you’ve said this so many times before”. They will inevitably ask, “Are you REALLY sure?” Meanwhile, the other side will predictably protest, “That’s NOT Andy! You're just silly nutzis! You’re about to endanger a good man’s career!” To ALL of that we say, “Yarblockos! Big bolshy yarblockos to thee and thine.” And of course we’d be speaking Nadsat, the teenage argot created by author of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, and we are free to do so because…

Yep, just because.

See, the indefatigable investigative crew of Whitelaw Towers Detective Agencies ™ have had our work done for us by a good old fashioned whistle-blower (by the way, a big THANKS to that anonymous person). The search ended with a private message to our chairman. Thereafter a certain self-seeking nitwit got hold of a piece of evidence and was wrongly accredited with its discovery (by himself, eh GAP) but that’s irrelevant because the important thing is that the message gets out there. Still, Shermon Burgess, you're a self-promoting dill who has taken credit for something that wasn't yours to take credit for.

Andy is no more. There is only Rob Sparrow
Here then, we offer our first piece: the VOICE comparison.

And thus, the differences between the two voices are simply the fact that on JJJ Sparrow is talking via telephone and then being broadcast over air, while on the other he is directly in a studio...

It is the same person, NO question. And if you WOULD question, then you're up against the unlikely margin of magical universe probabilities. For instance, this Sparrow comes from a militantly leftist family with a brother who's an anarchist writer that just happens to be mates with Andy Fleming’s former partner Cam Smith; he writes leftist screeds; and he’s rabidly quoted by his online persona in the shape of the crew he has manning the ‘Andy Fleming’ persona of Slackbastard.

Sparrow even ADDRESSED THE MELBOURNE ANARCHIST CENTRE. We have him here, in Melbourne, with his poofy ear-rings, and then we have Andy, in Melbourne, a militant anarchist… And now for the final ‘coincidence’ they just happen to sound EXACTLY THE SAME. Hmmmmm.

How do you think a BLOGGER like Andy ever got to be a much-quoted and interviewed source in the first instance? Do editors of major news organisations generally have their stories attributable to anonymous non-achievers posting on the sub-ether of the Internet on the matter of subterranean politics? NO, they DON’T.

Do FRENCH ACADEMICS co-author academic texts with non-peer reviewed non-academics? NO THEY DON’T. Do celebrated journalists and authors typically hang out with unpublished, unaccomplished nobodies simply because they happen to like the cut of their political jib? NO THEY DON’T.

Thus, the rest is irrelevant. Andy is dead and finished as far as we on the Aussie Nat Right are concerned. But things are about to get mighty hot for Dr Robert Sparrow, who must now answer for his double life as a political agitator to his Monash University superiors. And sucked so very much in, Robert Sparrow and Co, because you’ve ruined so many lives in your quest to crush an alternative discussion on politics in this country.

And we shall NEVER forget, or forgive.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You know who you are.

A big thanks from the WLT staff. Someone is going to pluck that Sparrow. 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Legend Has Left The Stage.

Two in one week, a very sad way to end the year. This one is a rather hard one to accept, as the Staff at WLT are rather big fans of Motorhead, in particular the front man Lemmy Kilmister. Gone but never forgotten.

Lemmy Kilmister has died at the age of 70. Motorhead confirmed his death, saying their frontman passed “after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer.”

The band added that they “cannot begin to express our shock and sadness; there aren’t words. We will say more in the coming days, but for now, please … play Motorhead loud, play Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy’s music LOUD. Have a drink or few. Share stories. Celebrate the LIFE this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself. HE WOULD WANT EXACTLY THAT.”

His final illness followed numerous health issues over the past few years, most recently this summer, when a lung infection forced six shows to either be curtailed shortly after taking the stage or canceled outright. In 2013, Lemmy suffered a hematoma and had been fitted with a defibrillator to correct heart problems. Throughout all his scares, he maintained his sense of humor, saying “Apparently, I am still indestructible” back in August.

Read More: Source.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Once Again From The Bunker.

Thought we may get in early again. Many of you will be to busy in the coming weeks with family and friends to bother about the politics of the world. Enjoy this time with those you love and trust, we will be here when you get back.

Each year we post the same Christmas video in honor of one of our bravest comrades, who just so happened to be a bit of a softy.  

Although I will admit, it will take many of you back to a happier time in your life. A time when the world was just that little bit safer and happier than today.
So no matter if you are Pagan or Christian, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas. Hopefully this year we will get around to writing a wrap up of the last 12 months before it ends.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Liberal takeover of the patriot movement

Mike Holt: the man who shares Star of David underpants with fellow Liberal stirrer Howard Crawford
 If you have had cause to profile the online presence of political saboteurs Mike Holt and Howard Crawford you will note that both of these thick old boots have something in common — their thuggish natures.

Each of these Liberal party wreckers — who are out to trash the patriot movement by getting inside and corrupting it — are bullies and sociopaths and it is no accident they share these manic traits. In selecting them for the task at hand, their Liberal party superiors would have made these characteristics prime criteria for their selection.

Their purpose is to subvert groups on behalf of the Liberal party, which cannot risk having their political turf seized from underneath them by the patriot movement. The mainstream Liberal machine may seem to have moved centre-left, but its voter base will always be conservative. But are conservatives seriously patriots?

Let’s be clear on this, we here at Whitelaw Towers Hedge Fund and Conservation Group ™ are nationalists. We suggest blood and nation come first, while a patriot puts their country above all. A conservative, however, really places personal interest first. All their theatrics involving flag-waving are aping patriotism because conservatives are Tories and are all about private wealth and status. They claim to oppose big government, not on the grounds of any seriously overarching concerns for personal liberty, but because it would mean paying more tax — and they will do all that they can to minimise that.

A large-L Liberal would happily sell the Opera House to the Chinese to convert to a fishermen’s laundry if it meant a new yacht for the gerbil who brokered the deal. Yet, why then is it that so many poor fools believe that conservatism amounts to patriotism and that by blowing a vote on a Liberal candidate they are somehow opposing those forces that offend their sense of national identity, like Islam for instance?

This is because the Libs do such an underhanded job of destroying those groups, parties and movements that have the potential to march to the hustings on those issues. It is well documented what became of Pauline Hanson when One Nation threatened the Liberal party by sweeping up disaffected supporters. And those were supporters disaffected because the Liberals always make patriotic sounds while moving the country closer and closer to the globalism that is eating off the face of the Australian identity as effectively as hydrochloric acid. Here was Howard, back at the start of the noughties, signing us up for the War on Terror ™, while bringing in record numbers of haji migrants.

This is the REAL liberal party. Yep, the same Liberal party fielding Moslem candidates so that they can be sure on getting THAT vote… Meanwhile, back in the day Tony Abbott had a slush fund together to go after Hanson, a fact that to this day that stupid woman won’t recognise. Because Tony was a headkicker, and that is the quality that the Liberal back room men saw in Crawford and Holt. Their job is to disguise themselves as patriots, get inside the movement, then spread dissension and corrosive ideas. It was Howard Crawford who created this notion that nationalists are “Nazis” and by drawing a completely flawed and fallacious connection with Hitler and the Grand Mufti makes the assertion that those on the racialist spectrum love Islam because according to his fabrication of history, Hitler did (which anyone with a C- in Third Reich history would know is utter balderdash, but hey, these guys deal with people that don’t bother checking out history).
The love of ZOG is powerful in Howard Crawford
Yep, so inside the patriot movement — and heavily promoting Zionism — it has become an acceptable position that anyone opposing Israel is a Nazi and therefore loves Islam. It is schoolyard name calling, but the boofhead Crawford found it works on the more intellectually vegetative members around PFF and those other shitty Zionist organisations. But what has really happened is — and this is the real kicker — that the larger face of this “patriot movement” has been converted almost without notice into a satellite support base for fucking Israel. Yes, the same Israel that — along with the United States — starts all the illegal wars that generate the mass migrations of Moslem populations in the first place. Imagine that the short-lived ultra-racialist “Squadron 88” who were handing out badly written anti-Semitic flyers in Malcolm Turnbull’s own seat in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were being controlled by Lib stooge Howard Crawford whose public position is so virulently anti-Nazi because Nazis "like Islam". Yet, Crawford made a comment on the Party for Freedom Facebook page to an Australia First Party member who organised a protest against Harvey Norman for promising jobs to Syrian refugees when it won’t even hire any unemployed Australians that he was a fool because Moslems deserved Aussie jobs and that is what will keep them from 'radicalisation'… and this from a self-described “patriot”…
A Squadron 88 flyer

Crawford calls himself a "patriot"

Crawford and Holt rub each other's slugs on FB

Having deployed Squadron 88 against the nationalists who were showing signs of coalescing with the patriot movement Crawford and Holt used their influence on Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to sure-up their support and condemn anyone within the patriot movement against multiculturalism and opposition to Israel. Burgess even made a video or two affirming his backing for both. So now we have a situation whereby “patriots” wave the Israeli flag — the flag of a foreign nation — at patriot rallies (because Israel is against Islam, get it?) and “Nazis”, this being a catchall for anyone advocating against White Genocide (which Folkes once rallied against too, cheekily enough, at Sydney’s Town Hall when he held a protest on behalf of White South Africans) are unwelcome and publically spoken again. Which moves the position of patriotism, or “nationalism” as Crawford and Folkes claim ownership on into the neoconservative sphere that the Liberals inhabit.
            That sure was easy, wasn’t it?

            Under their umbrella nationalism now means:

·         Support for Israel

·         Opposition to those opposing White Genocide

·         Anti-racism

·         Pro-gay positions

·         Strange jingoism that supports dumb bigotry yet condemns ‘racism’ (as to comments made on PFF page about a stupid bogan cow who hassled a White Spanish chick on a Sydney train for ‘not speaking English’)

·         Support for Syrians being given jobs ahead of Australian “dole bludgers”

·         Rhetoric mocking unemployed Australians disadvantaged by diversity protocols while trying to recruit those same disadvantaged Australians to being “anti-Islam”

·         Anti-Islam

·         Anti-Islam

·         Anti-Islam, AND

·         Anti-Islam.

As we revealed yesterday, Mike Holt keeps in regular contact with the mainstream media to out anyone in the movement that is not pro-Israel. On the day of Nick Folkes’ abortive Cronulla Commemoration John Safran, the Jewish leftist ABC troll, turned up at AFP headquarters in Sydney because Mike and his lot had informed them that the United Patriots Front were in attendance there. What's more, Nick Folkes dropped him off. No kidding, that’s what happened. Safran then “liked” the WLT Facebook page not long after Mike had dropped by to leave a comment and demonstrate how poor he is at using the English language last night. On Holt’s page today he makes an insinuation that UPF were at AFP headquarters on that day when no doubt a court room full of witnesses could attest to the whereabouts of all legitimate UPF members on Sat 12, December.

Crawford has even sunk to the level of dragging family members of political opponents into the fray. He has mocked the brother of an AFP member who is wheelchair-bound following a motorcycle accident. He made suggestive comments about that same member’s sister. Then, to top it off, he brought Dr Jim Saleam’s daughter – who is NOT a nationalist – into his degraded profiling. Furthermore, Crawford likes to build a ‘tough guy’ image around himself. With connections to a kickboxing school, he bragged about bringing in those students as soldiers in his White Power takeover of the Liberal party, which was a story he laid on S88 to lure them in. Being weak-minded, they swallowed it all hook, line and sinker. Furthermore, he made up some colossal bulldust about being shot by a Lebanese gangster over some business while he was sitting in the back of his car.

            We would like to upbraid that fictitious gangster right now for not being a better shot with his pretend bullets.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mike Holt takes aim at the UPF in the war on Aussie nationalism

Mike Holt, whose head only a baseball bat could truly love
Snakes aren’t all sweet and chewy like those lovable lollies made by Allens that we stuffed our faces with as kids — some of them are actually slimy, scaly, and not at all trustworthy; and that’s just the human variety.
Not to be confused with Mike Holt
One of these is Mike Holt, the CEO of Restore Australia, which is yet another buggering kosher micro party dedicated to putting the “u” into uselessness under the guise of ridding Australia of its only one social problem – Islam. Everything else about multiculturalism is you-beaut, according to these groups, except for Islam. But guys like Mike don’t really want to ban Islam they just want it to come to the barbie and, well, assimilate. In other words, they’re cunts.

Mike was behind a post that went up today on Reclaim Australia’s Brisbane page, on which he recently had admin status. This “Andy Fleming” propaganda tries to retardedly draw comparisons between the United Patriot Front’s logo, and Nazi runes. Oy vey. Yep, we’ve seen that one before but currently there are doings afoot, and it’s “target UPF” time. But we’ll tie it all together later.

The post was actually generated by a company Magenta River which Mike is said to have some involvement with. Magenta is a digital uploading service that, by all accounts, enables a client to spam their unwanted shit all over social media until people just give up in despair and become Amish. He uses this service to pump his anti-Islam posts about the place.

That's right, Mike, ban Islam now, but ban Nazis first -- and if you don't bang gooks then you're a Nazi

But who IS this Mike Holt twonk?

Well, he’s a bit of a renaissance man as it happens. He is an ex-Vietnman vet; opened a school in Thailand that obviously wasn’t about helping Aussie kiddies; set up an IT company; and was into real estate. His bio page on the crappy Restore Australia site says he then retired to enjoy the fruits of his many years in business. He has a book about an Aussie POW available online, along with some (snerk) songs. Yes, we have a bona fide minstrel in our midst. Oh, and he married a Thai bitch and has mixed-race mutant kids. All of this of course reads like a Liberal party members’ dossier, which is close because he was formerly the One Nation candidate for Fairfax. Yes, the picture is starting to evolve.

When Mike’s scheme was revealed by a post on RA/Brisbane page after that appalling crap about the UPF logo went up, Mike shot out of there like a ping-pong ball out of a Thai stripper’s twat. He also went to great lengths to block the person who had come upon his un-Australian little plot. Whitelaw Towers’ investigative team can now reveal that his Facebook page tells a pretty story that weaves together a plot by the same old cronies to bring down the UPF.

Mike has a “friend” in Howard Crawford, the fellow Asian-fetishist who used Squadron 88 as a tool against nationalism. He is currently pulling the strings for Nick Folkes, and is one of the most squalid Judas Goats on the scene. It was Crawford, a former One Nation and AFP member who swapped a few beers with a S88 associate for video footage of Jim Saleam and Alex Norwick that they hoped would end their tenures.
And so Howie and Mike are BFFs
It was Howard who ran a campaign on behalf of the Libs to misdirect the Penrith Action Group’s efforts to present a court challenge to the proposed mosques out that way just as Jim Saleam predicted would happen when he joined the dots. Howard was a poisonous entity when he was in AFP and it became clear, much later on, that Howard’s game was all along to upset the nationalist cause. He has been using Folkes and his bogus Party for Freedom to make inroads into the UPF managing to bring on board Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara, who are involved in the “Group Identity” fiasco currently playing out on FB (but not for long) which, yep, Mike has “liked” by the way.
Howard Crawford, the fat old cunt to the left of Squadron 88 bozos centre row
These are the people who were there when Pauline Hanson was brought down and it is the same old tactics being used by the Libs. Mike Holt and Howard Crawford cannot be underestimated in their villainy as they’ve demonstrated they will lie, misrepresent, and rat out anyone to get at the UPF, which is their goal. Mike Holt is the connection between the maggot freelance journalist Luke McMahon and the hit pieces on Reclaim Australia and UPF member Chris Shortis. Folkes likes to accuse others of snitching to the other side, while it’s one of his trademark tactics.

But we have outed them now and it is the responsibility of every serious nationalist, and patriot, to get the word around that these guys are sent to kill the movement and in particular the UPF. Therefore, know thy enemy. Holt's links are highlighted and available in the text above. And Crawford is a chicken farmer from Hawkesbury in Sydney’s north-west and can be found making seriously un-nationalist comments on PFF’s page and others. And there is this FB page dedicated to him. In fact, with Nick in the mix we have the whole Bangkok Bogan crew, who love to screw Asian women, and masquerade as patriots and nationalists in order to destroy this nationalism of ours. Anyone supporting these tapeworms must first ask how you can endorse anyone who breeds the Australian-identity out of their own family lines and then goes waving flags.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Violent Antifa Encouraged By State Based Protection.

Like it or not Antifa are the Red Guard of a sick and twisted all controlling State. Take it from us, we have been watching their growth and observing their tactics for over ten years.

A few things of note.

1. The king of the Antifa Mafia Andy Fleming, has been in his position as puppet master for as long as we have been monitoring him.

2. His involvement with Government intelligence agency's, State run media, Political figures from Labor, Greens and the defunct Australian Democrats is well known, yet ignored by his followers.

3. His use of Unions, in particular the CFMEU goes well back to 2005. It was back then they first issued threats on behalf of these thugs in Australian Trades Unions.

4. Antifa has been working openly with Islamic groups since 2005. Culminating in the creation of the original antifa group then called "Fight Dem Back" that was established after the Cronulla Uprising in 2005. 

Most importantly, the lack of action or collusion with the State, has seen his threats of violence and intimidation encourage them to violently confront Nationalists and average Australians. After 10 years of failing to carry out any actual violence, the tactic has now change.

Before Cronulla, 10 years ago, they simply did not exist. But after Australians stood up and said enough, the State sponsored left and its many Anti racism NGOs swung into action. Since then they have been steadily targeting any Australian who dares question the State and its policy of White Genocide and Nation wrecking. Since the Uprising 10 years ago, the State and its tentacles have created a mythical army of  Evil Nazi hordes and secret agents of the Gestapo. Burning crosses every night across this great Southern Land. Terrorizing innocent non whites, Muslims and Jews. They must be stopped at all cost, even if it means killing them.
Understand, since these groups were mobilized 10 years ago. They have been busy gathering information on anyone who has dared to speak openly against the destruction of this Nation. Thousands upon thousands of names, places of work, everything you need to know about a person to shame into silence or bankrupt them, has been filed for future reprisals. But now things have changed, we are now seeing the real reason for Andy Flemings army of intelligence gatherers. They want you dead, so do their allies, the Jihadists. 

Again the lack of action from the state back in 2014 has done more to encourage them, it is the trigger for a new tactic of outright violence. They are not wasting time and its just the start.

So on Friday when everyone was looking the other way, Antifa and its thugs from the CFMEU quietly celebrated another victory. No doubt you missed it, as the circus surrounding Cronulla was in full swing. You probably missed the fact that CFMEU thugs connected to Andy Fleming, supporting his Red Guard, got away with a crime that many of us would like to see avenged. It was this pivotal moment back in 2014 that sent the signal out to antifa. The message was clear, you have a free hand, put down the rebellion.

NEMESIS and the SCALES of JUSTICE - The Fight Goes On!

May 2nd last year, blood soaked the wattle, as our sacred Southern Cross was held defiantly in the hands of patriots whom are always prepared to die for the people and our most sacred struggle. Golden Dawn and Australia First Party marched in solidarity against the illegal imprisonment of duly elected members of Greek parliament, and a direct blatant breach of Article 62 of the Hellenic Constitution.

From kangaroo courts, to state approved violence on the streets of Athens, to assassination, and even bombings, ANTIFA anarchists and communists as the state approved street enforcers not only get away with their most depraved crimes, but they are funded and supported at the highest levels of "government".

Corruption runs deep, not only in Greece, but within the very halls of power here in Australia, the claimed "lucky country". From within the unions, to even the magistrates court. Today we were reminded why we stand. The message today was loud and clear. If a street enforcer of dictatorial state promulgated globalist dictated policy, then violence is not only okay, it has the states stamp of approval.

Once again, we saw a violent offender (Joe Myles) with a long history of violent stand over tactics as a union heavy, and known underworld career criminal, get handed a get out of jail free card, whilst video and photographic evidence was thrown out of court. Why? Apparently a technicality has seen to it that video evidence is considered not evidence at all, and that due to the delay in retrieving the video data, it is no longer valid and cannot be proven without a shadow of a doubt that the career criminal Joe Myles is on the video, even though his face is in full view of the camera engaging in a brutal attack that saw an elderly gentleman hospitalized in emergency, with complications due to the grievous injuries lingering even long after the attack. We have been kept in the dark from the outset. Constitutional law and victim protection and rights be damned. That fact that both witnesses ended up walking straight into the same location where the violent offender was celebrating his victory over his victims and law and justice over drinks, speaks volumes.

From extensive delays in session to secret meetings, multiple witnesses being dismissed, and not one of the two remaining victim witnesses even taking the stand. The whole state of affairs reeks of absolute corruption and collusion at the highest levels.

But, this fight is not over, not by a long shot! If these criminal elements, including those in positions of authority from government to judges, think they can get away with this travesty of justice, they are delusional. There will be recompense for their most grave crimes and collusion.

In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution, and Adrestia justice, 'she who cannot be escaped', the goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil. Adrestia's punishment is symmetric, while Nemesis's punishment is asymmetric, and that includes every individual whom consciously prevents the course of justice.

The disturbed order and balance will be harmonized and thus restored.
It may not come straight away, but the toll will be paid in full. Let this be a warning to all those whom stand in the way of righteousness and justice. The blood of the innocent, the wrongly incarcerated, the countless dead martyrs, from Athens to across the European world will be heard. Nemesis will ensure there is retribution, Adrestia will have her payment in full.

As a corrupt political Regime dies, so does its State Judiciary System.

Let it be remembered, one does not have to believe in balance or the divine to make it so, or for balance to be restored. Those whom fight to bring retribution, restore balance and justice are indeed the champions of Nemesis and Adrestia. You fight for Justice far more effectively, after you experience the pain of Injustice. Symbolically and morally and by direct action of the righteous, truly these champions are afforded the hands and authority of the divine.

"So we must fly a rebel flag
As others did before us.
And we must sing a rebel song,
And join a rebel chorus.
We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
O’those they would throttle.
They needn’t say the fault was ours
If blood should stain the wattle." ~Henry Lawson

"Morality and self-restraint can be achieved only through education in a civilized society, because man in the raw state of existence may become a savage when he is not self-sufficient. The negative influence in a society owes its allegiance to the modification of the instinct of self-preservance in to amour propre or huffiness of the uneducated, that leads him to compare himself with others, so as to fetch his pleasure through their pain and misery." - J. J. Rousseau (1712-1778), 'The Social Contract', 1762.

So it stops here. 

Remembering Faces.

You can just imagine WTF is going through the minds of these Surf Life Savers. There is one thing more hated than Islam in Cronulla at the moment, thats Antifa. According to early reports, the above 50 antifa was actually 2-300 strong. Yes well, counting isn't a strong point with Left Wing media.
"One middle-aged woman draped in an Australian flag caught in the crowd was surrounded by 20 to 30 Antifa members who shouted at her to "take that fascist flag off now".A man in the crowd yelled "burn that flag and burn that woman".
There were other chants of "police protect the fascist filth" and "Muslims are welcome, fascists are not."
Police had made two arrests at the protests by 2pm."
25-year-old man from Seaforth was arrested for breaching the peace

What a brave individual.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fairfax Media makes love to Antifa like an AIDS pimp

This video shows how tough Antifa are. You cannot see this woman's friend being bravely stomped by the university equivalent of Hells Angels
The crushing of our freedom of speech supposed to occur at the Cronulla commemorative rally thanks to Nick “the dick” Folkes must’ve got caught in the landing gear of Santa’s sleigh and flown south to numpty land. Not a single cop shut down the lamb chop patriots that misguidedly turned out to hear Aussie Danny Nalliah preach about the evils of multiculturalism minus his own browner-than-curried-turd arse, or Kim (I’ll never be Pauline no matter what) Vuga.

Freedom of speech made it to Cronulla
They did not round up the manic pussy brigade that is the state-sanctioned middle-class student subculture known as Antifa either. It was just Nick, and his four slashed tyres which failed to rate a look-in, and we must be thankful for small mercies if nothing else. From what we understand the dim blue line of the law failed to arrest Herr Folkes over contempt of court like so many of us wished, but at least he didn’t get to open his ugh gob, and wank on.
That is worth noting, since big brave Nucky, who pushed this whole Supreme Court thing further than it needed to go (since it had accommodated him all along) folded like an old woman’s hankie when it came to defying the law he made such a public spectacle of appearing to challenge. Nucky sure needs roasting like an eight-cent peanut, but he can go on the backburner for now: we’ll sauté his squishy arse in squid grease tomorrow. Tonight we want to say a little something about how the wimpiest pack of un-macho meerkats on the manor, Antifa, were allowed to hang tough for the media especially the adoring fan club of super-cucked homos at Fairfax media.

The very Jewish-looking leader of Antifa at Cronulla who bashed a woman, spat on our flag, and called for us to be killed. And you mean to say YOU couldn't put this guy in a wheelchair with one punch?
There are many reasons to want to bash Nick Folkes with a life-size Hannah Montana doll, but the most pressing at present is because he fucked the potential for a serious representation at Cronulla. Because of his bush-league antics only a skerrick of the numbers that might’ve turned out managed to. Because of him the whole ten-year commemoration got cucked and farted out the arse of the fairies at Fairfax that make gay seem like a macho idea because their degree of faggotry is yet to find a faggy enough comparison.
When The Sydney Morning Herald (which sucks) starts reporting on Antifa as bruisers, but fails to condemn them, and when the local authorities even provide a train for the pansy-soft dishcloths of this most bum-presenting of university-based social movements to make it safely home you know Nucky has held us back from dishing out the hardcore beating that these sensitive post-millennial wowsers so richly deserved. But, ah, we just mentioned Nucky again and we said we were not going to. So we’ll stop, because we have the intro we need.

Altogether these Antifa kids couldn't break a milk biscuit in half and this guy goes foetal?
The big disgrace of the Cronulla ten-year commemorative rally was that, beside there being no rally to speak of, and not one that echoed the right respectful tone, was that these work-shy, un-punched, un-hardened human Tampax got to posture for the oh-so-nonced Fairfax media. None of these Antifa kids has picked up a weight, or done a day's manual labour, in their privileged lives. We link here to the masturbatory text some faggot who pretends to write presented as copy in the name of this refugee-sodomising publication and “ooohhh” they not only exaggerate the numbers of these genital-deprived poseurs on the ground, but they ‘fierced up’ their presence just to show the “fash”.
Fairfax, which even mentions the “Andy” and acknowledges that’s just a bullshit made-up name of a scared kiddy fiddler who hides behind his dead grandmother’s pantyhose, is in cahoots with the likes of Luke McMahon who is a bottom feeder linked to Andy and writes lies about nationalists and escapes defamation cases.

Fairfax currently has defamation cases on the go and is less than anti-establishment about how they battle those, which should in a world not butt-plugged upset their adult-baby fetishist mates in Antifa. It mentioned, but not in any harsh terms, how the pack of gutless privileged children surrounded and toughly assaulted a patriot woman wearing an Aussie flag which these bum worms called a “fascist flag” and then called for both her and the flag to be burned (video above shows the aftermath). Yep, burned. And Fairfax, who should have all their journalists seriously stomped on the lunch cart out of that paedophile factory, pretty much smirked coyly while uploading the copy and probably wanked over it, too.

This is the toughest warrior that Antifa has. Grrrrrrrrrr. You BETTER be scared, fascist
The truth is that Antifa are weaker than nuns’ piss. A grain of decaffeinated coffee could knock fifty of them over by just blowing in their prissy faces. If nationalists had had their shit together, and realised how cucked the cops are despite this whole Supreme Court bullshit that played out in the media, they should have been waiting for Antifa's train at either end. En-route they could have done a bums’ rush from carriage to carriage and bludgeoned these pusstaphas as they sat slurping their vegan bees’ cum. They could have sent the fuckers cross-eyed with permanent and well-deserved brain-damage employing a flash attack the Dad’s Army who police the train would’ve gutlessly failed to prevent. And this is what we need.
This shit stops here. Next year we write a new script. Next year Antifa takes out health insurance en masse and so do the fags that spur them on in the name of the state. Fuck Fairfax, fuck the state, fuck the universities and fuck Antifa… Papa’s taking Antifa to the tool shed, and they ain’t walking out without leg braces. See you in the New Year, pedo fags!
These safety-zone seeking slaves of coloured pieces of shit mostly came from Melbourne courtesy of Slackbastard. It's a shame on Sydney they weren't sent back in traction.

They're at their evolutionary end.

Cronulla protests, the Supreme Court, and a dick called Nick

Nicholas is just about freedom of expression, not self-publicity or shit-stirring or nothing like that
The verdict by the NSW Supreme Court to disallow the commemorative rallies organised by Nick “the dick” Folkes has been resonating widely throughout patriot and nationalist circles. The UPF’s Blair Cottrell has taken it to be a challenge to the right of Australians to gather for lawful protest; the PFF are squealing like the incoherent inarticulate rabble they are; and nationalists (including initially this blog yesterday) were seeing this as the coming of the promised gulags.

But upon sober reflection a different picture emerges and one that squarely paints the villain of this piece out to be Nick Folkes.

But before we get down to brass tacks there, let’s quickly reappraise this “patriot” as some naïve sorts are still calling him – let us dip him in the solution and see if he undergoes the proper chemical reactions that determine once and for all whether or not he is truly in fact a blue blood like ourselves.

See, Nick is a self-confessed admirer of what the ABC described as “some factions of the Liberal party”, and in particular he says he has a “lot of respect” for Senator “Cory Bernadi”. Little wonder, as Nick’s acquaintances include Liberal party back room men Howard Crawford and Councillor Marcus Cornish from Penrith who presided over the wreckage of the local citizens’ action group against two proposed mosques in that suburb.

The point is that Nick brings with him all the things that spell the end of hopeful nationalist prospects and here he is trying to put his own party’s brand-stamp on the Cronulla civil uprisings.
Without getting into too much of that, let’s just say that Nick promoted the day as a commemoration of a “riot” all along. His fat little mate from Sydney’s western suburbs went around plastering up flyers on the windows of Socialist Alternative as a direct challenge to bring them down there on the day for a showdown (not that they would’ve needed much of a challenge, scum they are).
There's a boy who likes his tucker. A bit of a riot would help him trim down
Nick sold T-shirts bearing the legend “Sydney is fun, Cronulla is a riot”. Now, let’s stop being coy here — he wanted action, he was pushing for notoriety, he wanted publicity and he achieved his aims. But now we have a verdict from the Supreme Court, and not a well understood one, centring on NSW’s section 25c, which “does not prohibit the holding of a public assembly at all. Nor does the Act make it an offence to hold or participate in a public assembly or procession that has not been authorised. All the making of a prohibition order does is deprive the participants in the public assembly of the additional protection that is afforded by s 24 if the assembly is held substantially in accordance with the notice: Commissioner of Police v Rintoul at [6] per Simpson J; Commissioner of Police v Allen(1984) 14 A Crim R 244 at 244 – 245, per Hunt J.

So essentially, you can turn out, but the police won’t provide protection and if you do not move on when told to do so you may be arrested. In essence, it’s a statement that police would be stretched too thin to contain any outbreak and their officers may be placed in danger. Nick, on the other hand is subject to another order whereby he will forfeit property and freedom if he turns out to Cronulla (so our vague understanding has it) in the capacity of protesting. Instead, another mob he’s friends with are hosting a barbie and Nick, who had his car tyres slashed this morning, is heading along to that. Whether that is a breach and contempt of court, remains to be seen.

But now we have posted the definition of the 25c as per the case conclusion, we can better state that it’s probably unlikely to impact all future demonstrations, but in this instance, and reading through the judgement of the case here you will see that Nick’s presentation of the day pretty much encouraged all the ingredients for civil unrest.

More importantly, this great “patriot” had not – in his desire to reignite something he had no part of ten years ago – did not spare a thought who would, once him and his crew had packed up and left, have to deal with any retaliatory consequences like happened the first time around.

  1. On 6 November 2015 Superintendent O’Toole met with the General Manager of the Sutherland Shire Council (the Council), Scott Phillips; the defendant; his solicitor, Richard Black; and three community members: Brad Turner, who represented the local surf clubs, Ian Bourke (from the local RSL) and Annette Tasker (from the Chamber of Commerce). According to Superintendent O’Toole, the purpose of the meeting was to dissuade the defendant from holding the rally at Cronulla. The community representatives were particularly concerned that the rally could spark public unrest and damage local businesses. The meeting did not achieve this objective.
    21.              During the meeting, Superintendent O’Toole said words to the following effect: “The police and the community have concerns this rally will re-open old wounds and could result in violent clashes. As such, it would be best if it were held somewhere else. What about Kurnell, Captain Cook’s landing spot, or in a hall where it could take on a more of a ‘Q & A’ style where your views could be tested rather than just slogans shouted from a podium?”
    22.              According to Superintendent O’Toole, Mr Black apparently agreed to this proposal but the defendant said that he would have to “check” with his “people”. Mr Phillips said that he would be in touch with the defendant to discuss possible venues. During the course of the meeting, an exchange took place between Mr Turner and the defendant in which Mr Turner said: “There is fear amongst young members in the surf club and young members should not be scared to be on the beach. They should not have to be exposed to violence and this type of behaviour. You will fire this up and then leave and they will be targets for weeks to come.”
    23.              The defendant responded: “Well, that’s not our intention, we just want to celebrate that Aussies stood up for themselves 10 years ago.”
Nick was offered a hall to hold the rally, but turned this down. He was asked to start the rally earlier so that any booze-addled bruisers would not have had time to get on the turps, but he knocked that back. Nick wanted to go head-to-head with ‘the man’ and he did.

The result of Nick’s brinkmanship may possibly have ramifications for future demonstrations but it’s hard to tell. Not everyone is as stupid or self-seeking as Nick and they may well market the thing in a more tactful manner.

The patriot movement would be better served fucking Nick off altogether.
Maybe the Mardis Gras is more your thing, Nick