Monday, January 05, 2015

Accused Sex Offender and Antifa Hero, BEN DEBNEY


Here we have a veteran Anarchist and "Anti Racist" Ben Debney. A symptom of the Anarchist Rape Culture Debney was made persona non grata by the leadership at the MAC after a fall out with leadership and multiple accusations of rape/harassment of female members. He has been named and shamed on anarchist blogs alongside names like child molester Thomas Bernal (IWW) and a Melbourne Anarchist who goes by the name of Moo Kau online. 


Although his past has been checkered by these allegations of rape and harassment for over a decade he was heavily involved with the Melbourne Anarchist Club/Antifa activism and organizing and had a close working relationship with @ndy "Slackbastard" Fleming helping him with his blog and facebook page during the early times when @ndy was contemplating giving it up due to lack of interest. If it were not for the likes of Ben Debney, Slackbastard would not exist. Anarchy, no means yes. And so the plot thickens...

Nice work from the team at Anti Antifa. 

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