Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Andy Fleming" list of CFMEU thug/friends gets bigger by the day.

Boy what a week so far. Did anyone catch Andy Fleming on the State Run and owned ABC 730 Report last night? Complete with his face blacked out and Islamic Prayer Rug in the background. For an Anarchist he sure as hell likes to work with the state to promote his lies. We will delve into that issue and punch a few holes in his statements later this week.

But besides being outed this week by Reclaim Australia for using some rather unsavory methods to defame them, he has had a good run. So lets again link Andy Fleming, @ndy Slackbastard, @ndy, to another hired thug from the CFMEU. Did we mention how Andy Fleming bragged about his links with them? Even claimed that 700 of them counter demonstrated at the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane last year. Of course the 730 report didnt bother to check if any of his claims are true. But lies is what this guy is all about. Moving on.

Say hello to the brave Street Fighting Marxist and Heroic CFMEU member Hoani D. 

Brave Hoani posted this last night on his chum "Andy Flemings" Face Book page, Slackbastard. Obviously inspired by "Andy Flemings" claims on the 730 Report last night. Or maybe he was one of the CFMEU thugs that assaulted Golden Dawn Rally Organizers at the Red Brick Hotel in Brisbane last year? Either way the 730 Report didn't mention that Andy Fleming was responsible for organizing that also.They also forgot to mention that the guys Standing with Golden Dawn were members of various unions and were demonstrating against State Corruption in Greece. More later.

CFMEU Maxist Street Fighter Hoani D, with his hard core pussy cat cover on his phone taking a selfie. Such the hipster. Look at those cold as steel street fighting eyes. All class.

Here is a better pic of Haoni D for future reference.

So what does Haoni D get up to when not posting on Slackbastard or stomping people in the streets with his working class boots? Well Violence, Violence, Violence of course. Oh and getting caught by the looks of it. Self confessed Marxist Street Fighter, CFMEU thug and all round wanker Haoni D. Please feel free to jump on the first flight out of this country. Please feel free to take your Marxist mates with you. You have no future here.


Stanley said...

Yes, I watched that brave man Andy get the media equivalent of a suck job from that wrinkled face ABC hack. Of course, they could have mentioned how those involved in the violence at Brisbane are also involved in serious criminal thuggery, but hey. Note, too, that what WAS visible of this bravely anonymous 'cyber detective' was his pusillanimous physique. If the guy was put in a cage with a poodle he'd be stretchered out. But having got that out of my system, I think the most concerning thing about that report was that it simply did not address the social and justice implications of allowing ideological warriors to wreak havoc through cyber space. That was the true glaring subtext of the story I would have thought. That creatures like Andy undermine the law.

Anonymous said...

Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police is how they silence anyone who dares to speak out against the destruction of the white race. /

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than an anti-white Thug emboldened with the support and encouragement of the anti-white system.