Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Andy Fleming", Just another WTF moment.

Well we are at a loss. Seems someone is better at keeping an eye on these deranged Anarchist than us. We tip our hat.

A reader stumbled across the following video on a Face Book page set up by Civic Nationalists in response to the Orwellian War on Terror. Apparently there is one thing Andy Flemming and his alias @ndy Slackbastard hate more than the evil fash, its these guys. 
The below video was removed by Blogger, so please watch the new one at the bottom of the page.

Now this video along with Sherman Burgess claims, rang a bell with us. It also reminded us of the attempted stitch up on Reclaim and Australia First on Andy Flemming's Anarchist Blog Slackbastard. Below is screen shot from his article on January 16 this year.

As we all know Andy Flemming is a pro at making shit stick. But if you watched the video above you will notice how "The Great Aussie Patriot" also claims to have "moles" passing info onto him and the Reclaim Group. If this is true, again we tip our hat.  

Spy versus Spy as it would appear.  Both groups like working with ASIO and the Federal Police to fight their enemy.  One group is pro Islam, destroy the state at any cost, the other not. 

That may come as shock to some of these Civic Patriots/Nationalists but its true. Good old Andy Flemming and his friends have often bragged about handing over so called intel concerning White or Right wing groups in Australia to the same people Reclaim does, Here

On January 10 this year, Andy Flemming's Face Book page Slackbastard, made the following warning to his Anarchists and Antifa friends " Fake Nazi account treat accordingly". So it certainly was with a huge smile on our face when we read the following screenshots today on the Reclaim Newcastle FB page. 

I dont think it could be anymore clearer, do you?

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Mark W said...

It is all very patriotic what you are doing, but Australians being Australians I think you are unfortunately wasting your time, they have never read a book & educated themselves about anything let alone critical thinking as to who is manipulating the whole scenario, it is the Judiciary, the major political party puppets as well as the Prime Puppet of Australia, the bureaucracy which is all corporate for profit at any price like the Child Support Agency manipulating Australian woman to turn against their men folk, a divide and conquer strategum that is working nicely for their aims [maybe Sharia Law has something to teach us -lol, I really gave up caring]. I too am being financially destroyed by the corrupt system, worked for 29 yrs to poverty with wife and 2 yr old child; where will this end, quiet possible blood shed. As Moa stated, law comes from the barrel of a gun, this is not going to end nicely for Australians, but you get the government & bull crap democratic ideology you continually vote for, if indeed your vote actually accounts for anything - you have no legal status unless your one of them OFFICIALLY. I am about to stop work, hand the keys for house to bank and walk away, Australia is a country of brain dead zombies, watch how the government departments such as Police etc turn on the people; when it is all said and done there may very well be summary arbitrary judgments against all of them if the people win [unlikely as you are too divided - another of their strategum is individualism], the people may think no excuses for treason, I would think the people will declare capital punishment back in vogue, eager destitute peoples will be keen to supply the rope! We are not the peoples of our ancestry, but if you believe the OFFICIAL version of history, you believe the lies of the very people you identify as your opposition at this point in time, they are the liars that certified you at birth, educated you whilst your mother went back to work as your father had to pay servitute/slavery and tribute/taxes to sustain their corruption of excess, they live like kings whilst you perish. And if you think it will end there, when the last bullet flies they will be the ones that negotiate a peace & start a new law/lore, but guess who is going to control it and lead us right back to where we are, you guessed it, the very perpetrators doing the same thing now. By any other means it is called a revolution & any physicist/engineer can tell you that a wheel revolves around an axis, the earth revolves around an axis, get the point, your going to come right back to what is now, so someone needs to start thinking about an e-volution and get off this one way ideology to constant inevitable disaster due to leaders of corruption.