Monday, January 12, 2015

Are we all having fun yet? Part Three of the Pussy Cat Empire.

Yes I know there is some serious stuff going on in the world, but you have to have some fun. They are a pathetic bunch, the more I learn about them the more I wonder why I bother. 
Paul Daniele, Dave Fregon, David Saxton.


Anonymous said...

The depressing part of this is most appear to be white gentiles. These Ephialtes of 2015 are the biggest threat to our race and country; left wing white liberals. The hordes can't get through the gates unless these cunts show them the way around.

Moo Kau said...

Oh come on! You have to finish this train wreck of a series! I have to see who is at teh end of this and running the show!

I mean, fuck days of our lifes, fuck walking dead, fuck what ever is happening in the WWE, this.... THIS.... is the drama of the decade!