Thursday, January 08, 2015

Paris Terrorist Attack.

Proud moment for Australian Antifa and Anarchists, as the terrorists they so love and support gun down State Agents, Racist Oppressors and filthy Capitalist Dogs. They will no doubt lament the accidental murder of the anti racists and pacifists durring the same attack.  That will no doubt infuriate them. But other wise expect to see Australian Antifa out there supporting Islam at the next demo

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So how is that Multiculturalism working out for you in Australia? 

ISIL, just a bunch of blokes with a cause. 


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Anonymous said...

It is fitting that the event started in the office of a leftist magazine that continually undermines the French National Front and ended in a Kosher supermarket. Both can reap the benefits of the multiculturalism they promote, and in regards to the Kosher supermarket, it is only after Jews start being killed that maybe they'll realise that a white dominated society is not so bad after all. However, they'll always have criminal Israel to flee to, while leaving Europeans with the mess they created.